NYC Explosion In Chelsea That Injured 29 was ‘Intentional Act,’ Mayor says


An explosion went off NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood and at least 29 people have been injured, one of whom is in critical condition.Panicked bystanders running from the scene seconds after the tremendous blast. Authorities confirmed the explosion on 23rd street and 6th avenue , which is thought to have come from a dumpster  was ‘deliberate’. Just as the chaos began to settle, a second explosive device was found just four blocks away. NYPD special operations were brought in to carry out a controlled explosion of a pressure cooker  which was wrapped in plastic and connected to a cellphone with wires. Witnesses at a nearby restaurant told of how the explosion shook the building as they enjoyed their Saturday night out. Despite confirming the explosion was an ‘intentional act’, Mayor Bill de Blasio has claimed it has no connection to terrorism.