Capp The GodMother Interviews Todd Feurtado, Co Founder Of King of Kings Foundation Inc

I have the pleasure of speaking with Mr Todd Feurtado Queens native, motivational speaker and co founder the King of Kings organization.  Thank you for taking the time out to interview with me.



Capp The GodMother: You are known to many, for those that don’t know… please tell us about yourself..

Todd Feurtado: Grace & Peace Family; I’m Todd Feurtado A Person Who Made Many Mistakes In Life To Which Lead Me To Federal Prison & while Serving My Time I Turned My Life Over To Christ As I Am Seeking My Ordination!

Capp The GodMother: What motivated you to create the King of Kings organization ? What year did it start?

Todd Feurtado: The King of Kings Foundation Inc Was Co/Founded In 2004 & 501c3 2005 By My Brother Lance & Myself; The Reasoning For The Foundation Was To Educate The young Adults To The Dangers & Consequences Being Involved With Drugs, Guns, Gang Violence & Succumbing To Peer Pressure Because We Realized Each Above Mentioned Is A Gateway To Incarceration.



CappThe GodMother: What is the purpose of your organization ?  

Todd Fuertado: Educate All 8years Old- 80 To the dangers and consequences of living non Productive Life And Creating Closest Safer Communities To Which Lance & I Are Very Passionate About.

Capp The GodMother: Have you a seen a positive change in your community directly stemming from the King of Kings organization.


Todd Feurtado:Yes There Has Been A Drop In Crime Rate & The Youth Are More Interested In Getting An Education Beyond What’s Given To Them.

Capp The GodMother:  Do you have any ideas or examples of how we can be socially empowered and financially sufficient in our community?  Building businesses, educating our children? etc?

Todd Feurtado:Yes, Education, Being A Productive Citizen and Proactive In Your Community, and Instead Of Sitting On A Dream But Act On It and Then It Becomes Your Reality.

Capp The GodMother:  I always like to throw a wild card question in? What would be your ideal vacation spot and why?

Todd Feurtado: There Are Many Places That I Would Like To Go But I Guess As Long As My Love One Is With Me, Anywhere Is Great!

Capp The GodMother: Where do you see your organization within the next 5 years?

Todd Feurtado:Lance & I Are Looking At Being In Every School In Ny As We Continue To  Branch Out Into Other States.


Capp The GodMother: Where can people donate, volunteer  and or help with your movement? What is your website?

Todd Feurtado: KingofkingsFoundation.Org & Anyone Could Donate through the website or send a check or money order to 137-58 Thurston Street Springfield Gardens New York 11413.

Capp The GodMother:  Are there any other organizations that you are affiliated with that you would like to mention?

Todd Feurtado:Yes to every Organization and or Grass Root Foundation that’s Implementing The Cure violence movement!

On Behalf Of The Feurtado Brothers / Kingofkings Foundation Inc, Much Love Always!