The Next King Of NY, Rapper King Bo Is Coming For The Crown –


I had the awesome opportunity to interview the man, the myth, the phenom King Bo. King Bo has acquired a massive fan base of loyal listeners and followers. In 2017, where quality rap artists are few and far between, King Bo has secured and maintained  a foothold in this industry. He is steadily climbing the gold ladder to success. King Bo has of recent been dominating the airwaves, his music is heavy rotation. His music has been featured on the top NYC radio stations 105.1 FM and Hot 97 FM. King Bo has been featured on several shows which includes , Static Selektah, Shade 45 ,Sirius Radio including  DJ Kay Slay’s show, the list goes on and on. These are coveted spots in the radio and media world  that most rappers dream of, but only few have the ability to attain.King Bo has this lane on lock down . Not only is King Bo talented, he has a strong team behind him. His team BackDoor Movements is headed by his manager Smit, and he is making big things happen. Well Connected and Always Connected, with a team like that, trust me you can only win.


King Bo is a Queens native. He is from a part of Queens where one may find beautiful Cape, Tudor and Colonial homes, one and two family homes with manicured lawns but what may take you by surprise, everything is not what it my appear to be. On the main strips, you may find certain activities going down.Those Queens turn boys into men, fresh off the stoop.  But watch out for the “back blocks” In the back blocks everything and anything could happen. In the section of Queens that King Bo is from you must learn how to move gingerly, grow up fast, eat or be eaten.


In my opinion, King Bo is truly talented. His flows are impeccable, he has the ability to flip, tumble and somersault his lyrics, his punch lines keep you enthralled and wanting more. His rhymes are enticing, even though King Bo has a style of his own, in my opinion he has the ability of Biggie, the big boy swag and confidence of Rick Ross and enough appeal to engage and captivate the Generation X, Generation Y and various other audiences.

Take a walk with me to find out about this larger than life artist.


Capp The GodMother: King Bo your are definitely well known in the industry. For those that are not familiar.. Tell us about yourself.. Where are you from? Your nationality?

King Bo:I’m from Cambria Heights born & raised that’s located on the NorthSide Of Jamaica Queens NY.  Linden Blvd To Be exact !!! I’m a grinder I specialize in turning nothing into something and not just something but something nice if I may say so myself I’m a Black/African American but to go further into debt I’m part Jamaican/Bajan/American 

Capp The GodMother: Who were your biggest music influences? What Genres of music have influenced you?

King Bo: Even though I have had many musical influences in my life the list is way too long to name but i will say my favorite artist of all time is Biggie even tho I have never got the opportunity to me him thru his music it was just like he was speaking for me on a personal note and as far as genre to me that never mattered music is music to me I listen to everything as long as it’s hot that’s all that matters to me 

Capp The GodMother: What do you bring to hip hop that you feel is lacking?

King Bo: I think I’m gonna bring back the authentic feeling no need for frontin be YASELF bcuz people are gonna find away to love u or hate u anyway so it’s best to not focus on that and just do u and be u the real will roll wit da rush bcuz y’all have a common goal at interest The Real Just want to be them and live life in peace 

Capp The GodMother :What are the most memorable experiences that you have had in hip hop thus far?

King Bo: My 1st show I ever did I was opening up for #RIP Stack Bundlez in Newark NJ I was about 19 maybe 20 years old then and it was about me and 4 of my guys we was in another city in another state keep in mind it was my 1st show and nobody knew who I was but by the time I was done everybody was showing tons of love and and actual brawl broke out and shit got crazy that was the first time I saw the energy from my music running through fans veins to the point where it got physical all while bout 10 dudes rushed me to the bar slapping $100 bills on the counter repeatedly telling the bar tender give big man whatever he wants to drink I fucks with Jersey. 


Capp The Godmother :Name 5 artist that would would like to have a collaboration with,

King Bo :1st song I would need a unreleased Biggie Verse And Big Pun Verse , so  we could just mobb on our super heavy weight shit. 2nd Kool G Rap Nas and My self  as I believe we represent 3 different eras of legends from Queens NY because when it’s all said and done I will be on the legends of rap list I think me and Tech N9ne would be dope collaboration and I look fwd to meeting the Indie King in person 1 day in the near future A Boogie wit the hoodie he has the youth in a frenzy right now I think that would be dope The Weeknd & Jerimih  to me has 1 of the best sounds out right now and last but not least I’m gonna say Rihanna her sound is unique and as I stated earlier I am Jamaican/Bajan ((I KNOW U SAID 5))

Capp The GodMother: If I took a look at your music playlist, what songs/artists are in heavy rotation?

King Bo :MY FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW honestly is  Alicia Keys “In Common” Usher & Future “Rivals” Ariana Grande Nicky Minaj “Side To Side”Drake “Fake Love” Kevin Gates “Pride” & “Perfect Imperfection” Ayo Jay “Your Number”

Capp The GodMother: I like to throw in a wild card question- What is your favorite food?

King Bo: My favorite food is a dish called Rasta Pasta 


Capp The GodMother: Musically, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

King Bo: Should be on my 4th or 5th album by that time & God willing I will be in a space to make the road to the promise land a little more easy for those who believe in working hard and perfecting their craft because I believe with music your best foot goes forward and the hardest working and most dedicated should be rewarded for taking they craft seriously not just getting out on as a favor because we family or I know your sisters brothers baby daddies cousins Lil nephew or some shit spots should earned no hand outs on my side of the fence and we will be breaking winners 

Capp The GodMother: Where can the fans find you on social media?

King Bo:  I just finally launched my website now, so finally to keep it all simple, all my fans can just go and log on to and join the Kartel Gang forever mailing list to get down with the movement for all updates on music etc.

Capp The GodMother: Any concluding thoughts?

King Bo: I just wanna take the time out to thank god my family and all my supporters out there all the love is appreciated and if u counting on me I wont let u down and last but not least the DJs That still believe in Breaking New Artist and New Records such as DJ Funk Flex & DJ KaySlay THOSE MY BIG BROTHERS 4REAL AND MY MANAGER SMITTY AND RIP TO MR BOTHER RUSSBLADE  #BDM #ESM #KartelGang #RussCity #NYUnity 

Capp The GodMother: Thank you so much for the interview, good luck on your endeavors, keep rising to the top. One Love!