Cappucine Interviews ABC News Urban Entertainment Reporter & Vh1’s “The Gossip Game” Reality Star Ms Drama –


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing self made business woman Candice Williams bka as Ms Drama. Long Island born and Virginia raised,  Ms Drama  has made and continues to make a great name for herself within the entertainment industry and she is well respected. Ms Drama is not just a pretty face and a bubbly personality, she is well educated. Ms Drama received her B.A., in English – Magna Cum Laude from Spelman College and she received her M.A. Degree from New York University in Journalism and Mass Communications.



Ms Drama has a dynamic personality ,very professional and  she is a positive role model.. Her interviews has  the substance that a lot of interviewers are lacking. Ms Drama gets to the meat and potatoes  and has the ability to make her interviews informative and fun. Over the years, Ms Drama has interviewed a plethora of well known stars. She has the ability to secure interviews and has great relationships with A list celebrities. Ms Drama has secured a her spot in this industry, and maintains career longevity. Ms Drama was also  a reality star on VhI’s ” The Gossip Game” and  she currently works for ABC News and ABC Urban Affiliates

Capp The GodMother: Ms Drama, you were many hats Self made professional, Entertainment and Music reporter, blogger and so much more. Lets start with what you are currently doing. Right now you are a producer for ABC Radio which is huge. Tell me about what that job function entails.
Ms Drama: I am still very much a media personality and entertainment reporter. For ABC News, I cover Urban Entertainment and interview Urban Celebrities in Television and Film for our ABC Radio affiliates. I also do on air recaps and conduct interviews for ABC News’ live stream. I am basically the go to person for ABC Radio’s Urban affilates and syndicated shows.
Capp The GodMother: You have had a progressive career in this industry dating to before 2003. titles starting from Assistant, Co Host, Interviewer, Columnist, Reporter and Reality Star , what did you gain from each of these opportunities
Ms Drama: Generally speaking, I gained a better work ethic. I learned the importance of being persistent and consistent and setting goals – and working to accomplish them.
Capp The GodMother: In 2013 you premiered on Vh1’s “The Gossip” game. I watched faithfully. I will never forget that you coined the phrase “El Ratcheto” and “Hood to hood and Block to Block”  What were your biggest challenges on that show?
Ms Drama : As a positive-minded individual it was challenging dealing with ignorance and aggressive individuals. It was challenging to pretend that we were put in “real” situations, when the situations/scenes were more or less contrived by a producer to cause a reaction. It was a challenge to not just walk away or disassociate myself from the foolery, as I would do in real life. I would have never entertained some the conversations that I did – unless on that show. It was challenging to literally not read most of those women for filth.
Capp The GodMother: Do you feel being on “The Gossip Game” help expand your brand?
Ms Drama: Yes, because more people became aware of Ms. Drama. No, because it did not create and substantial career opportunities, I did that through hard work and dedication.
Capp The GodMother: Tell me about a memorable experience in your career
Ms Drama: Too many to name – and still the best is yet to come.
Capp The GodMother: Who and What inspires you?
Ms Drama: My Lord, my Savior, my faith. Hope for the future and what is next for me. President and Michelle Obama inspire and inspired me.
Capp The GodMother: What activities do you do to unwind?
Ms Drama: Travel when I can – preferably abroad. Shop. Hang out with friends. Exercise.
Capp The GodMother: You look amazing, is there any meal plan of exercise regimen that you follow?
Ms Drama: Thanks. Nothing new. I do my best to eat healthy, exercise, and take care of myself.
Capp The GodMother: Tell me about future projects that you will be working on?
Ms Drama: Nothing that I can disclose at this time. Stay Tuned
Capp The GodMother: Where can you be found on social media?
Ms. Drama :Twitter: @msdrama IG: @msdramatv
Capp The GodMother: Any closing thoughts?
Ms Drama: Stay encouraged and never give up – your blessing is right around the next bend.