Summer Wayans… 2nd Generation Wayans Has A Sit Down With Capp The GodMother –

A little Summer in the middle of winter…..
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Summer Wayans. If the her last name looks familiar, it is!   She is one the talented 2nd Generation Wayans family. Even though Summer has come from one of the most famous and talented Hollywood clans, she has definitely had a mark for herself and come into her own.
Summer Wayans is not just a pretty face. Not only is Summer the “It Girl” on the Plus Size Modeling scene, she carries herself with poise and grace.  Summer has work with notable names in the fashion industry Ashley Stewart, Sydney’s Closet, Wet Seal+ and SWAK Designs. In the glitz and glamour and sometimes emptiness of Hollywood, Summer has maintained a classy demeanor,she possesses substance and she is beautiful inside and out. Intelligence and beauty are just two attributes that describe this young woman on the steady rise to success. Summer holds many titles. She is a published model, entrepreneur, socialite, philanthropist and a PhD candidate. This beautiful young woman has set her goals, accomplished and smashed the hell out of them!  I am definitely excited to see what project she will be  involved in next. I am so very of this young woman and she is a positive role model.
Capp:  Let’s start from the beginning. How was it growing up being apart of the legendary Wayans family?
Summer: I guess growing up in the Wayans family was like growing up in any other family. We have a very big family, so there’s a lot of personalities, lot of love , and a lot of food. We tend to get together a lot for the holidays and for birthdays , which, with such a big family, is quite often.
Capp: Being that you are apart of the Wayans clan. what were your advantages and disadvantages growing up?
Summer: Some of the advantages were that there was a lot of love to go around and there was never a shortage of people to go to for guidance and advice. Some of the disadvantages come from the outside perception of being in my family. The outside world can be very cruel. As a kid growing up, I had the experience of being labeled and judged for what people wanted to believe I was like, what I had or what I didn’t have.
Capp: Tell me about one of your best childhood memories with your family?
Summer: My family wasn’t always famous or considered comedy royalty; A part of the blessing has been being able to witness and experience the growth and notoriety of my family. So, having that the first family Christmas where gifts were stacked taller than me or the first time eating at Mr. Chow’s. But it’s less about the material things than it is the experience of doing it together and making amazing memories.
Capp: Let’s talk about your modeling career. What designers have you modeled for? Do you feel there is a large enough lane for plus sized models?
Summer:I have worked with brands such as Ashley Stewart, Sydney’s Closet, Wet Seal+ and SWAK Designs. I think that plus modeling is gaining some momentum. With such a large population of plus sized individuals, I still look forward to the day of size inclusivity. We need fashion and representation, the same as everyone else.
Capp: When did you start modeling?
Summer :My first professional modeling experience was FFF Week in Los Angeles back in 2010.
Capp: Will  you be coming out with your own clothing line?
Summer;It’s possible! I have great ideas and I even sketch here and there… We’ll see where I go with it!
Capp:I know that you are a PhD candidate, which is a great accomplishment. How do you plan on utilizing that prestigious degree.
Summer:I will utilize my degree in everything that I do. Right now I’m working on building my non-profit foundation, publishing, and sharing what I know with the world.
Capp: Please tell me about the Boys and Girls club alliance and your affiliation.
Summer:I was honored to be offered a position on the Los Angeles County Alliance board. Our focus is to provide financial support for programming in the Boys and Girls Club within the Los Angeles County network. It has been awesome! My favorite part is engaging with the kids, inspiring and empowering them.
Capp: You are the Co Founder of The Wayans Girls Foundation, how does this organization help the community? What inspired you to create the foundation?
Summer: My mother and I started our foundation not too long ago. The organization is going to be a place where people can go to be connected to existing resources. One day, we hope to have a facility where we can also provide additional services.
Capp: Summer, what are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?
Summer:I am a homebody. I enjoy cooking, reading, and my new found love is for fitness. I’ve been pushing myself to try new things and go beyond my own personal limits. It’s a lot of fun and my dog can join in on some of the activity!
Capp: What is your favorite food
Summer: My mom’s food. Pretty much anything she makes. Especially her Mac and Cheese!!! Other than that, I am always good to eat Mexican food or pizza.
Capp: Where is your ideal vacation destination?
Summer: I love the  beach, so anywhere with a nice beach and good weather. I also enjoy seeing and learning new things; so places with a rich history and great sights to see are also on the list.
Capp: Where can someone donate to your foundation
Summer: People can donate to the foundation by going to our Go Fund Me page. They can also, find the link on
Capp: Any closing thoughts?
Summer:I hope everyone is having a beautiful day while reading this interview! Sending you all positive vibes and energy