Remember Linda Evans “Krystle” From Dynasty? What Is She Up To?-

Linda Evans 2

If you were into night time soaps like I was, you remember Dynasty that premiered on ABC TV. That showed was suspenseful and action packed, and featured a host of celebrities.Linda Evans played the role of Krystle Carrington.

Linda Evans was arrested for driving under the influence three years ago.Evans, 74, was arrested near her Rainer, Washington State home one May 2014 morning, and has managed to keep it secret until now.An off-duty police officer noticed her swerving 1990s Jeep Cherokee and a second cop pulled her over sometime before 9.30am.They were worried she might kill herself or others.


The arresting officer asked her to do a standard sobriety test.When asked for her driving license, she presented him with a credit card. Clearly, she failed it..

Talk about messy!