Resurrection: Adina Howard & Cappucine Chop It Up!

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When you hear the name Adina Howard, what comes to your mind?  The words that fill my mind are soulful, R-n-B singer , sultry trendsetter and sex symbol. In the 90s, Adina stood heads above the competition and became a household name. She came through, put her best foot forward and went for hers ! Everyone knew all the words to “Freak Like Me” When you heard the beat drop on that track, it was on!
 In the 90s, Adina Howard’s whole aura was the benchmark for beauty, sexiness, independence and fashion. From the short shorts to the short cropped hairdo’ , she was winning from the beginning.  Adina had all the ladies stepping their confidence game up. Adina showed us how to be free in a sexy way. Adina made us comfortable in our skin.  In my mind, Adina was the cool cousin or fly home girl that had all the guys going crazy in the neighborhood but was still chill enough to hang with the girls. We all loved Adina, We all rooted for her.
Along with her beauty came talent and intellect. Beauty and brains are just two attributes that this woman possesses. Born November 14, 1973, The sensational Scorpio, Adina rose to the top quickly. Her claim to fame in the 90s was her debut album Do You Wanna Ride and the single Freak Like Me was released in 1995 and was certified Gold by the RIAA. Her follow-up singles included “My Up and Down” (#32 R&B, #68 Hot 100) and “It’s All About You” (#58 R&B).Adina worked with greats such as Jamie Foxx, Warren G , Cam’Ron , Charli Baltimore and Krayzie Bone.
With over 20 years in this industry, Adina is well seasoned she knows the game well.  Adina has always had the ingredients to becoming an R-n-B star.  Charm, beauty and vocals. Never shying away or backing down, Adina was that chick and she still is.  Adina is back like she never left, better than ever.
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I had the pleasure of chopping it up with the woman , the myth, the legend. Must I say that Ms. Howard looks absolutely fabulous. Her face is still soft and beautiful. Her hair is soft and natural with touches of gray at the temple. Her voice is strong but yielding. She gives off a natural light and a calming demeanor. A natural beauty in her own right, Adina has the ability to give the millennials are run for their money. She looks beautiful, healthy and strong. I am proud to say I was a part of the era that was around for the debut of her career. I am also proud to say that I’m still around to witness her reemergence and rebirth, the game been missing her. Adina is still very active in the music industry and she has an album out called “Resurrection”. Bayyybee, I have listened and let me tell y’all I have fell in love with this sister all over again. One of my favorite Adina songs is “It’s all about you” from 1996, I used to get butterflies whenever I heard it, I felt the same way when I heard the new single Love Jonez… full on eargasm.

Let’s take a walk with Adina and see what she is up to.

Cappucine: Fast forward to 2017, let’s talk about your new album Resurrection, what was your inspiration to write this album?

Adina: I just wanted to create an album that was/is a reflection of me and to give those who support me an album they could enjoy from beginning to end.

Cappucine:  That is great! So, off of your new album, what is your favorite song and why?

Adina: That is so hard because this whole album is my favorite body of work, however, if I had to choose one “Radiation” because Tech N9ne blessed me with a ridiculously sick verse.

Cappucine: Big Shout Out to Tech N9ne! And yes, “Radiation” is a dope track girl! The beats and production on your album are dope. Take a moment to shout out your production team.

Adina: Thank you, there was only one person that produced this album and his name is Tyler “King Gas” Gaston. That young king is everything to me. I will forever be grateful to him for sharing his gift with me.

Cappucine: Wow, that is dope and King Gas did his thing! Tell me about where you were born and raised? Where are you located now?

Adina: I was born and raised half my life in Grand Rapids, MI and the other half different parts of Arizona. I currently reside in AZ.

Cappucine:  Nice! And I heard Arizona is absolutely lovely to live. Tell me about an average day in the life of Adina Howard.


Adina: The average day in the life of Adina Howard is rather normal I think. I work from home when I’m not on the road. I sit in front of my laptop responding to emails, booking shows, paying bills, making phone calls, doing interviews etc. When my hubby comes home from work, I tend to him and make sure he’s good.

Cappucine:  Yes, I see that you are constantly moving and shaking, that is what’s up! Who inspired you to sing? How old were you when you started singing?

Adina: My mother was the catalyst. If it weren’t for her I don’t know that I would be singing, especially since I was shy as a child. I believe I started singing at the age of 7 at least that’s what I’ve been telling people, lol.

Cappucine: Ok, Shout out to “Mama Howard” You have always been trendsetting, sexy and stylish, what type of clothing make you feel the most comfortable and sexy in 2017?


Adina: Honestly, it’s not the clothes for me, it’s my mindset cause I can feel sexy in a potato sack if my mind is right, lol. However, I am most comfortable in active wear (e.g. leggings and a cute tee).

Cappucine:  Bayybbeeee, you can never go wrong with leggings, that is always a “go to” for me! Now, I am just curious, If you can do collaboration with and singer or rapper who would it be?

Adina: I’ve already done one and that was with Tech. The others would be Bruno Mars, Lil Kim, John Legend, and Adam Levine

Cappucine: What are your most memorable times in the music industry?


Adina: My first major tour in 95’, sitting and talking with Biggie in front of the La Montrose Hotel in L.A., racing through the streets of L.A. with Pac. Being presented with a gold plaque for “Do You Wanna Ride?” Performing at Wembley Arena on my 40 birth anniversary. The list can go on.

Cappucine: Girl, those are enough memories to last a lifetime. You hung out with the greats, Biggie and Pac.. wow! I just loved that era! The game has been missing you, where have you been?

Adina: In the background working on me, making sure my life was in order and in alignment with my divine purpose.

Cappucine: Adina, there were rumors at one time you were blackballed in the industry? Is there any truth to that? If so, what transpired to make that happen?

Adina: I was, I had a tendency to say what was in my head, not paying attention to what I was saying and/or who was listening and for that I put myself in a situation that put me on pause.

Cappucine:  True, we just never know who are ear hustling on conversations. But you are back and the fans are ecstatic. You are viewed as a pioneer in the industry giving women a platform to express themselves. What advice can you give any woman trying to enter the industry? Do’s and Don’ts?

Adina: Know the business because it is exactly that, a business. Talent and looks will only get you so far. Be comfortable in your own skin, love who you are. Do what is right for you. Don’t feel pressured to be someone you aren’t. Embrace change. Surround yourself with individuals that will help you do better and be better. People who are honest and trustworthy and will look out for you and not just themselves. Have a foundation that will keep you from becoming a casualty of the game. Do get an entertainment attorney when the time comes to sign paperwork. Pay your taxes and don’t ever give anyone power of attorney.

Cappucine: Great gems you just dropped, especially the tax paying part. Super important! What lessons have you learned from the industry past and present? Any regrets?

Adina: I’ve learned so much being in this industry. I’ve learned to be open to other people’s ideas, yet learned to stick to my guns when times call for it. I’ve learned to trust and distrust. I’ve learned to listen and take what some say with a grain of salt. I’ve learned how to become a better business woman and artist. I’ve learned to be less foolish. To be mindful and present in all of my dealings with others. Do I have any regrets, no? Everything I’ve gone through was written, from my trials and tribulations came my testimonies. It’s the journey, not the destination. I’ve learned to embrace all that life will bring my way because it has only made me a better and wiser.

Cappucine: Girl, everything you are mentioning right now are super facts! You are so positive. Do you have any upcoming tour dates?

Adina: I do, I will be at SOB’s in NYC, May 11th; Middletown, OH, May 27th; Cincinnati, OH, July 14th; Jacksonville, FL, August 12th. Dates continue to be added.

Cappucine: My fellow New Yorkers, y’all see that that Adina will be in the Big Apple at SOB’s .. make sure yo support our sister! You have an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts, will you be opening a restaurant anytime soon?

Adina: Not anytime soon, I am going back to school first to get my Bachelor’s degree in restaurant management before doing so. I believe in preparing myself for success.

Cappucine: Well education is always key, salute boo! Now, what is your favorite dish to prepare?

Adina: I don’t have a favorite dish I like to prepare, I just love to cook and feed people.

Cappucine: I know that is right!  Just send me a plate of whatever you make! You are Superwoman, How do you balance family, husband, career and “me” time?


Adina: Lol, I honestly don’t know, I just do and it helps that my husband isn’t needy. I’m blessed to have a man that gets me and helps make life easy for me when I’m home as well as when I’m away from home. It also helps that we are empty nesters.

Cappucine: Any closing thoughts?

Adina: Thank you for showing an interest in me and what I do. Thank you for that fabulous introduction at the beginning of this interview and to everyone that has been there from the beginning, thank you. To those who are just getting onboard, thank you. You all are truly appreciated. Love yourselves and respect yourselves because if you don’t know one else will. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @AdinaHoward; Facebook/AdinaHoward; Instagram/TheRealAdinaHoward; Snapchat/AdinaHoward; Youtube/AdinaHowardPage; and check me out on my website Love, Light and Blessings

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