Rachael Malonson Accused Of Being Too Light Skinned To Wear Miss Black University Crown


Rachael Malonson 22, won the coveted crown of Miss Black University Of Texas. The pageant is specifically for black women. The winner of a University of Texas beauty contest is biracial and is being accused of being to light skinned.  Rachael receive heat from people on social media over her complexion. Rachael’s father is black and her mother is white. She said that she feels insecure over her skin color.  Rachael said she has dealt with this issue her whole life.


Rachael said “It’s a pageant for black women and empowerment. We had to express ourselves through a monologue in the beginning and had to keep up with the news daily. It’s all about black men in a community coming together to empower black women ,they want to show that we are more than just a pretty face.”The pageant is open to black women and includes entrants who are mixed-race.

Very interesting. What is your take on this?



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