Ludacris Surprises His Mom With A Home Makeover For Mother’s Day



Rapper Ludacris 39 is the best, he surprised his mother with a makeover for her home in Atlanta, Georgia.  This is a beautiful thing and the rapper truly shows his appreciation for his mother.  You can see the love and adoration for his mom in the video below. “This is the first house that I bought when I became commercially successful as the rapper and I never got rid of it,”  “I’ve been wanting to do these changes and help my mom out and make sure I make her proud.




Ludacris reached out to interior designer Rachel Oliver to help him give his mother’s living accommodations a major upgrade. “We need to make it light and bright and more ladylike,” Oliver tells the Grammy winner, who says he has total trust in her vision.“This will change the way my mom lives in this house because she’s just gonna wake up every day with a smile on her face, knowing that her house is complete. We all try to make our mothers proud and this is one step closer,” the “Stand Up” rapper says in the sneak peek, before joking, “If we get this wrong, she’s going to kill me!”

You are awesome Ludacris!



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