Candid: Love & Hip Hop Star Amina Buddafly & Cappucine Talk Life



Aminata Schmahl-Pankey better known as Amina Buddafly, was born on April 18th, 1983 in Hamburg, Germany to a German mother and a Senegalese father. Being blessed with a multicultural parents produced a beautiful, unique individual.

Amina’s eyes opened up to a world of different opportunities which helped cultivate her values, culture and music tastes early in life.   Amina did not come into the world alone. Amina shared the womb with her twin sister Safietou also know as Jazz. Amina also has an older sibling by the name of Sophie. The trio formed the group Black Buddafly. The three sisters gained success and worldwide notoriety. Soulful ballads, magical voices and endless beauty were contributing factors to the group’s success.

Amina is no stranger to the bright lights, big city and of course music. Amina is an accomplished vocalist and she also plays different instruments. Amina decided to branch out on her own and go solo. Opportunity knocked and Amina opened the door. Amina reemerged like a butterfly out of a cocoon and spread her wings. Amina is still soaring by leaps and bounds. Beautiful and talented, nothing but success awaited her.

In 2013, Amina Buddafly, joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop New York created by mogul Mona Scott- Young.  While we all know Reality TV can bring aplethora of opportunity and stardom, it can also be emotionally challenging. Mrs. Pankey decided to roll with the punches.


Amina Buddafly entered the show as an artist/protege of rapper and fellow cast mate Peter Gunz,  For those who do not know, Peter Gunz was part of a rap group in the 90s (Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz) Peter gained street and hip hop notoriety for the song DejaVu (Uptown Baby). While on Love and Hip Hop, the ratings soared while we took a bird’s eye view, watched from the outside looking in at Amina’s life.  As many of the viewers may know, simple life situations can easily turn into a full-blown quagmire. Simple misunderstandings can turn into major fall outs.  So, while Amina and Peter worked on music, working in close proximity, they also fell in love.


As the audience, some of us sat and judged, questioning motives and decisions, but at the end of the day the heart wants, what the heart wants and if any of us were in that triangular situation, who knows how we would have handled it. Once a week on Love and Hip Hop New York, we watched this young woman wear her heart on her sleeve and bare her soul, how could you NOT love Amina !? Amina is here for the Win!


One of my favorite songs that I am assuming was produced during that pivotal time in her in Peter’s relationship was ” Don’t Wanna Be Right” We watched their relationship grow and blossom, then fail, wither, then come alive again in full bloom,  all from the comfort of our living room couches.   Needless to say, the couple loved each other, got married, had drama with Peter’s other kids’ mother, Peter going back and forth between Amina and Tara, that produced more children, with both women! It was a roller coaster ride, but Bayyyybeee, I was there for it! I felt Amina’s rise and falls, her triumph and heartbreak. I wanted to dry her tears and break open and bottle of wine with baby girl.  I wanted her to win!

The love, the lust, the infidelity, the torment. We can only imagine the trials and tribulations that Amina had to endure. Through it all, Amina, continued to put out great music. Life happens and continues after the cameras stopped rolling. Let’s take a walk with Amina, let’s see where this talented woman has been up to?


Hey Amina, thank you for the taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview. You look amazing as always. Let’s start from 2017 and work our way back shall we?

Cappucine- Ok darling, let’s talk abut your book “The Other Woman” that is currently available on Amazon. What prompted you to write a book?  Will there be any jaw dropping, juicy tidbits for the readers?


Amina- My book came about because of my emotional state, I was going through a time where I was too pained to create music but I needed an outlet and writing my thoughts and my story became my own therapy. It was a great experience and something that wasn’t planned. I am proud of the outcome. Proud of how honest and open I was. I cannot read the book back without getting emotional and that is when I know i wrote from my soul. There are a lot of things in the book which will make people understand my moves, my decisions better. That was all I ever wanted to be understood.


Cappucine- Baybeee,I can’t wait to read your book. I know it will be a real pager turner! So, I came across one of your songs off the Music In My Room album called “Our Song” .What inspired you write that song?

Amina-That particular song was about an ex of mine. He inspired me writing it. The feeling of being in love. It’s a positive song unlike a lot of my others, yet it’s very heartfelt and sentimental. 


Cappucine- Yeah, that song touched me, In my opinion, you make feel good music. Your voice is soulful. I truly feel  the authenticity. Your music gives me a 90’s feel good, soul, jazz, r-n-b  vibe with dopeness sprinkled all around the tracks, You know the type of music you feel from your head down to your toes. What and Who inspired you to be an artist?

Amina- Mariah Carey. Number one inspiration. I wanted to be nothing but like her when I was a teenager. Her vocals her arrangements and the delivery back in the 90s was just amazing to me. 

But besides that here are tons of other singers and groups and writers who made me wanna sing. Too many to name…


Cappucine- Yes, I agree. Mariah can blow. I do my best sunging in the shower! LOL. If you had a chance to do a collaboration with any artist in the world, who would it be.

Amina-Robin Thicke, Sara Bareilles and Linda Perry

Cappucine- Good choices Amina. I just love Robin Thicke! Not only do you sing, I see that you have other talents. What instruments to you play? Are you self taught?

Amina- A hundred percent self-taught , I play guitar and keys



Cappucine- You go boo! What advice would you give anyone trying to break into the entertainment industry?

Amina- Same advice I give myself everyday.. (and need to listen a little bit more to , lol) Get on your game! Perfect your craft, better your skill. Be the best you can be. Then put it out there. Get out there. Whatever way possible. Social media is huge. But also go out, attend events, open mica, whatever the case… present yourself. And if you are good you will connect to people and with people.

Cappucine-Great Advice. I know you are of German and Senegalese descent,  You grew up in Germany, have you visited Senegal?

Amina- I have never been to Senegal and it is on my bucket list. Tons of relatives I have never met!

Cappucine- I know when you finally go, it will be super cool.  The food, the culture, What is your favorite German food? What is your favorite African food? (being a Ghananian woman, I love Jollof rice lol)

Amina- I don’t know much about German food. But the food in general is better out there in my opinion. Things like milk, bread, pastrys, chocolate, ect…African food , hmmmm, my dad never used to cook so I don’t know

Cappucine- No worries, next time I make some African food, I will give you some. You will love it, LOL What languages do you speak?

Amina- I speak German and English 



Cappucine -Do you feel that being on Love and Hip Hop New York helped your career or hindered it in any way? What are the pros and cons of reality TV?

Amina- It helped.I have a much bigger fan base. Period. Nothing more needs to be said. People ask me this all the time. Yes the distraction was there with the tv show but like I said before when you’re good people will connect, no matter how you were introduced to the world. What matters is the real you.Cons would definitely be the judgement people pass on you every day. And dealing with that.

Cappucine- Will there be a Black Buddafly reunion? What are Jazz and Sofie up to?

Amina- We had a black Buddafly reunion not too long ago when we released our EP “we r” We will surely sing together again but right now they both are working on their solo projects just like me



Cappucine- Give me an example of a day in the life of Amina Buddafly?

Amina- Wake up. Feed my kids. Get them dressed. Head out to the park or school on school days, or to the gym (I take them with me)

Then make lunch, do my emails in between, do my endorsements for the day… clean up… sometimes do meetings/sometimes events… run errands.. take the kids out again…and at night I either try to work on music at home or sometimes go to the studio when I have a sitter it always depends there is not a typical day they’re always different. By my main focus is always to make sure my kids are having fun and everything they need. Then it’s me.

Cappucine-Talk to me about motherhood.  Cori and Bronx are so beautiful  How are you able to balance, motherhood, career and being a celebrity  efficiently? Any tips for the moms out there ? 


 Amina- It’s hard. Very hard. I barely get to do stuff for me but that is okay. I have accepted that I am moving at slower paste. I just try to make sure not to forget about me. I take time for me like 3 days a week. I call my Sitter to take them and I do whatever I feel like doing. Most of he time something productive.

I always tell moms as long as you don’t stop, you’re good. It doesn’t matter how fast you move. Just don’t stop

Cappucine- You always look fit and beautiful. What is your secret? What is your regimen?

Amina-I just love being active. And the kids make sure that I am. I don’t even have to try… although I do go to the gym but twice maybe 3 times a week. I love switching it up… I do yoga!

I’m just not someone to sit at home all day… we are always out and that keeps me in shape.

Cappucine- Let’s Talk about Mr Pankey….


Cappucine- What was your breaking point with Peter? What made you stay with him after the infidelity?

Amina-You can find out what made me stay after infidelity by reading my book. That’s an answer that cannot just be answered like that. That is why I wrote the book. Because I wanted to know myself. And I got my answers…

Breaking point was when he had a baby on me.

Cappucine- What is your current relationship with Peter like? Is there a possibility of reconciliation?

Amina- Right now we are still married but separated.

I’ve taken my own steps to moving on. And they were real steps. I mean moving across the country is one of the biggest steps toward letting someone go and I don’t care what anyone says. There is the emotional connection and then there is the physical one. Even if one of them takes longer. I’m in process… and I decided that I needed to make a change like that to move in another direction. I can say that a year later we still love each other but it is “different”.

Cappucine- For the men out there that want to know? Is Amina single? What qualities do you look for in a man?

Amina- I am. I just need to like the guy. And he has to be able to teach me something. He has to know things that I don’t. That is a must. He also has to have something special. Whatever that may be.

I don’t have a type. I am into connections. Not a look. 

Cappucine- Are you and Tara on good terms? Are you ladies successful at having a blended family?

Amina-We are on good terms and get together whenever we are in the same state!

 Cappucine-Where do you see your career in the next 5 years? What are your goals?

Amina- I see myself continuing to put out great music.. make money… and being a great mom.

Becoming happy. That is success to me.

Cappucine- Any tours? Show dates?

Amina-A few spot dates as of now and a few book dates as well.. I always post on social media @aminabuddafly

Cappucine-Any closing thoughts?

Amina-I love my fans





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