Interview: Behind The Scenes With Celebrity Stylist Pilar Scratch


I had the great opportunity to interview Celebrity Stylist, Pilar Scratch. The beautiful New Jersey native has taken the entertainment industry by storm. At the tender age of 26, Pilar has been able to make a name for herself in the game and she is very successful. This bright young woman is the Jill of all trades and believe me, she has it all mastered. She is what you can a Phenom, wise beyond her two and a half decades on this planet, she is an inspiration to many. Success and stardom is a road that many want to travel, but few want to pay the cost. Believe me, Pilar has paid her dues. To be successful, you  must have the ability to navigate through negativity, overcome obstacles and have the ability to bounce back from a setback. Resilience is key.


Things were not always great for Pilar. In 2012, single mom Pilar faced a temporary setback. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Unfortunately, Pilar temporarily moved into a shelter with her child River Mason. Tough times do not last, but tough people do. Pilar took the bull by the horns and made it happen, She used her situation to motivate her and propel her to greatness. She created a fashion blog. Her hard work, dedication and tenacity put her in a position for the world to take notice. 


Pilar’s style, determination and fashion sense has pushed her to the forefront in this already overly saturated entertainment industry. Pilar is red hot.  She has carved out her own platform, created her own lane and has found her niche.  She is an accomplished celebrity stylist, socialite, fashion guru, and entrepreneur, manager, the titles go on and on.  Pilar also owns a magazine called Fashion GxD Magazine. She has a long impressive list of clienteles and has worked on many high-profile projects, Pilar currently manages her son River Mason’s career. He is very successful as well. River is constantly working, which in this industry is a blessing. River started in 2011 as the face Pampers on their distribution box. River also is the face of the Curly Kids Hair care brand.

Let’s chat with Pilar and see what she has been up to.

Cappucine: You are a New Jersey native, where did you grow up exactly?

Pilar:  Yes! i’m a new Jersey native. However the majority of my childhood was spent in Sebring Florida.  I moved back to new jersey when i was eleven. I’m from Newark.

Cappucine: Awesome! I am from New York, born and raised myself. .East Coast girls rock! So at what point did you decide to be a celebrity stylist?


Pilar:  I started my career as a fashion designer. I made all my material from “Scratch” hence the name. I actually found out i was pregnant with my son, River Mason Eromosele around the time of my first fashion show. Once my son was born designing clothes and caring for a newborn by myself became so time consuming. So i decided to stick with styling. My first client was my aunt, Rah Digga.

Cappucine: The rapper Rah Digga is your aunt? That is dope, I bet with her being your first client, gave you great exposure. What does being a celebrity stylist entail? Is there any specialized training need for this career?

Pilar:  Being a wardrobe stylist is enhancing ones personal style. Its not to dress someone how you desire. Its about the enhancement of individuality. I actually didn’t have any schooling. I interned with Patricia Field. The rest was history and branding.


Cappucine: So you were born to do this! Salute! How would you describe your style? What are your favorite pieces to wear?

Pilar:  I love the 70’s area with a modern twist. I’m just an old soul. My favorite pieces to wear would be Chanel. You can never go wrong with a Chanel bag on a off day.

Cappucine: Girl yes! Can’t go wrong with Chanel. Tell me about one of your memorable industry moments?

Pilar: My most memorable moments in the fashion industry was falling at the Mercedes Benz fashion week show. A few photographers took photos the most embarrassing moment of my life. . Thank God it didn’t go viral.

Cappucine: Amen to that! Lol. If you had a chance to dress any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Pilar : If i could dress any celebrity it would be Jhene Aiko.  shes my soul sister in my head. 

Cappucine: What are the staple pieces that all women need to have in their closet?

Pilar: Staple pieces all women need- Spanx no matter your size it enhances your shape.

Cappucine: True, spanx work wonders girl . You were recently on TMZ, tell me about that experience.

Pilar: Well I’ve actually been on TMZ about seven times now. They think i’m hilarious. I think i’m honest lol. Its actually a fun experience.  I never know what to expect or what random topic I’m going to speak on . Its very organic .  They’re actually very warm and good- hearted people.

Cappucine: What fashion trends do you wish would just go away?

Pilar: I just want really want  the jean-booty-shorts and netted tops to go away . Its not fashion – Its tacky .

Cappucine: Ok, I got you, no “Daisy Dukes” lol. What advice can you give to aspiring stylists? The do’s and don’ts?

Pilar: The advice i always give aspiring stylist is to make organic relationships . Your network truly determines your net worth . In this industry being yourself is vital . Being yourself is your contribution of creativity in the field . 


Cappucine: I know you are a very busy woman. What is a day in the life of Pilar like?

Pilar : A day in the life of “Pilar ” is completely liberating . My day commences at 5 am . I’m in the gym by 7 am . Dropping my son off by 9 am . My own office hours are fro 9:30 am  – 3:00 pm .  In that time I’m branding answering phone calls , emails , etc . Anything pertaining to my three brands (myself , Fashion Gxd Magazine and my son River Mason’s modeling career ) . If I’m not attending an event , I’m doing homework ,pulling brands for photo shoots , creating tear sheets , logging content   or being a soccer mom  Finding the perfect equilibrium is essential in my life .


Cappucine :What do you do to unwind? What are your favorite things?

Pilar: My favorite thing to do is to sit outside , drinking a glass of wine reading a great book  under a tree .  I’m such a tranquil spirit . I love being in nature . I am my most creative there

Cappucine: What is your favorite food? Congrats on your weight loss. You look amazing.

Pilar:  I’ve been vegan for nearly two months now . My favorite dish is fresh avocado on rice cake. Its my go-to meal .

Cappucine: Tell me about your upcoming products. What is coming down the pike?

Pilar: Fashion Gxd Magazine is actually dropping our “Celebrity Kids Takeover ” next week it will be in Barnes & Noble . I try my best to stay productive with speaking engagements and events .


Cappucine :Any closing thoughts?

Pilar: Weakness is purely choice ; You can never fail if you never give up .


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