Business Moves: Kanye West Bounces On Tidal.


Soooo… after Kanye got called out by his former buddy Jay-Z on hi new album 4:44 by implying that he gave Kanye a super duper loan, Kanye left Tidal. Kanye helped launch Tidal long with Rihanna and Calvin Harris in 2015.  Kanye West 40,  is said to be ‘owed more more than $3 million’ from the music streaming site – with his lawyers sending a letter to the company telling them they were ‘in breach and the contact was terminated.’





It is said that  Kanye’s lawyers sent another letter two weeks after the first one after the conflict failed to be resolved. This all started when Kanye’s Saint Pablo album brought in more than 1 million new subscribers to Tidal – which he was supposed to receive a bonus for. The company allegedly reneged and failed to reimburse for music videos.

Hmmmm.. let’s just see how this plays out.

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