Hip Hop Legend Kidd Creole Charged With Murder In NYC


Sad news…

Big trouble for the hip hop Rap Kidd Creole . The 57 year old whose government name is Nathaniel Glover was arrested in the Bronx last night. Kidd Creole is accused of fatatlly stabbing a homeless man by the name of John Jolly on Tuesday. It is said that the two got into a heated altercation . Kidd Creole allegedly stabbed him. The man was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where he was pronounced dead.



It is said that Kidd Creole thought convicted rapist John Jolly was trying to hit on him. Police said the victim was well known to authorities with 17 prior arrests to his name, including rape and sexual assault.

‘He turned, interpreting that the guy was making an advance toward him. One thing led to another, and he stabbed him twice in the chest,’ the source said.

Glover, who works as a security guard and handyman in the area, was tied to the stabbing via surveillance footage.



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