3’s Company: Usher Accused Of Spreading Herpes To 2 Women & A Man!


It’s getting hot out here for R&B crooner Usher and I am not talking about the August weather.


Ever since information dropped about Usher infecting a woman with herpes and settling out of court for $1.1 million .it seems like more alleged victims are coming out of the wood work. There are three people planning to sue Usher stated that he infected them with herpes as well. Here is the kicker, it’s not only 2 women it is a man also! Bayyybeee, let’s put the herpes part on the back burner. A man is suing Usher? Ok so that means Usher likes a bit of variety, not that anything is wrong with that. Ok, no back to the herpes issue. Usher has been out here in these streets with no raincoat and there are people allowing him to do so. It is 2017 people, do better!


Anyway Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom will be filing a suit in California on Monday and will also be hold a news conference. Before I continue with this quagmire, let me just add that well known shark of an attorney Gloria Allred is the mother of attorney Lisa Bloom. They are going to not only going to take Usher to the cleaners, they are going to eat him for lunch.


One of the alleged victims will be appearing at the press conference as well. The two remaining victims male and female will remain anonymous in the lawsuit and will be named as John Doe and Jane Doe.  Bloom, whose mother is high-powered attorney Gloria Allred, says that the three people claim they had sexual contact with the Grammy award-winning singer after 2012.

As far as Usher’s wife Grace Miguel, she is standing by her man. She is debunking the STD allegations. Ok Grace, does he have herpes or no? I know Sis, it is cheaper to keep him!


Stay Tuned!



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