Securing The Bag: Quantasia Sharpton vs Usher


Ready, Set and Go…

Enter stage left, Quantasia Sharpton. The 21 year old young woman is looking to secure the bag for being allegedly being exposed to herpes by Usher. There has been no dollar amount set by Linda Bloom, so you already now that number is going to be astronomical. Quantasia also asserts that is herpes free. Ok, I have a question, if you are herpes free, what exactly is the lawsuit for? You did not contact the disease.  Anyway…

Sidebar: This young woman coming out as one of the women that Usher took down set the internet ablaze. Some of the tweets were down right messy. People are definitely focusing on the young woman’s appearance. Who knows what to believe. Usher definitely like variety young, old, fat, men…. again this is all alleged! Moving on…

The lawsuit was filed today by attorney Lisa Bloom. The morning press conference  was held today in New York at the Midtown Hilton.  The alleged victim Quantasia said that she was definitely loss sleep ever since she found out about Usher’s diagnosis. It has been three years since the alleged contact between herself and the singer.


The alleged victim claims that she met Usher at a concert that she attended for 19th birthday. Quantasia said that she was picked from a crowd to meet Usher because of the birthday crown she was wearing. A security guard came up to her and asked for her number because Usher was ‘interested in her’.


Quantasia alleges she says she received a call from Usher that came through on a blocked number. He asked her for her hotel information, an hour later he came through and they did the horizontal mambo. She said after that encounter, she never heard from him again, Duh.. that is how one hitter quitters usually work. Girl Bye..

The plot thickens

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