Jesse Williams Wife Says “Keep Your Partners Away From Our Kids”



Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams 36, was divorced from his wife Aryn back in April. Aryn states that Jesse is not cool calm and collected as her appears. The two share tow children Sadie 3 and Maceo 1.They are in the middle of a nasty custody battle. She went in on his parenting skills. She said that the actor has violent rages and he has a harem of women.   In court filings, Aryn claims the actor’s multiple girlfriends and fits of rage are affecting the emotional well-being of their children.



Aryn has a laundry list of reasons why  lists a slew she believes she should have sole custody of the children after their 14-year relationship ended. Aryn states she moved out of the family home on March 24  and told her he was staying with ‘friends’ for around a week, moved into an Air bnb for a month before finding a rental property.

As per court documents, Aryn wants a judge to order the actor to keep his romantic partners away from the children until he hits the six-month dating mark.

When the former couple’s divorce first hit the headlines, it was reported that Williams cheated on Drake-Lee with multiple women while they were married and he’s been linked with his one-time co-worker, actress Minka Kelly.

Williams has denied the cheating claims saying he always ‘loved’ Drake-Lee during their marriage.

The plot continues to thicken.

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