Cappucine aka The “Jill Of All Trades” Makes Her Mark In The Industry


Cappucine aka Capp the GodMother and known affectionately as “Capp” is taking the industry by storm. She is an all around businesswoman. CEO, Finance manager, Celebrity Blogger, Motivational Speaker and Author are just a few of the titles this woman holds. Cappucine can report the news and celebrity gossip in an upbeat and positive tone, all while giving you the “celebrity dish”. Cappucine boasts a plethora of skills and she “brags different”.

The best selling book that she penned is call “The Dark Skinned Win” The book captures life in the early 1990’s and depicts the life of the main character Simone “Cocoa” Asare. The book walks the reader through Cocoa’s journey from bad girl to great woman. The story takes place in Queens, NY, The character faces her demons while conquering the demons of others. The book highlights the bond between adolescent females and their blossoming relationships. The main character experiences love, betrayal, loss, heartache and triumph. This short story will pull at your heart strings.


Cappucine is the “Jill Of All Trades” and she has mastered them all. Cappucine has always been a go getter, by the age of 21 she owned a fully function hair salon and barber shop on Jamaica Avenue in Queens.  She also owned a barber shop in Long Island. Cappucine owned a successful catering business that catered in West African and West Indian cuisine. The business was headquartered in Queens N.Y  She is no stranger to hard work, perseverance and expansion. Her literary techniques are superb; she has written bios and reviews for scores of music artists and businesses public and private. Cappucine has been able to pique interest in artists’ to create dialogue and broaden their fan base. Cappucine has worked in different areas of media.  She has been on the front-lines and behind the scenes.  Cappucine is a true MVP!


With strong, royal lineage from Ghana, West Africa Cappucine was born in Far Rockaway the late 1970’s to successful parents.  Queens native Cappucine grew up as an adolescent in the 1990’s. She split her time between two family homes located in South Jamaica and Laurelton Queens NY. Growing up in the crack era in New York City proved to be challenging. Even though drugs were rampant at time, so was rap music. Cappucine fell in love with hip hop and she still has a love affair with it.  Music, especially hip hop was a great escape for her. The lifestyle, the words, the beats, it felt like hip hop was the ultimate hierarchy, the royal kingdom and she was proud to be a royal subject.


Cappucine was able to avert certain negative situations had the ability to rise above the perils of her environment. Cappucine attended Hillcrest high school in Queens NY and attended St. John’s University in Queens, NY, she was a Communication Arts major. While at St. John’s she worked at the radio station WSJU in between classes. Her fellow college alumni were “Ron Artest “aka MettaWorld Peace” NBA players Felipe Lopez and Tarik Turner. While in college Cappucine spearheaded a female rap group that consisted of herself and another female.  Cappucine later went solo and took her rap career underground and was a ghost writer for various artists.

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Fast forward to 2017, Cappucine works in healthcare management, she the CEO of the popular blog called, she is the CEO of GodMother Management Group.  Cappucine is also the author of the best selling book book called “The Dark Skinned Win” which is currently available on Amazon and Kindle.

In Cappucine’s spare time, she likes to read, go on outings with friends and family and she also an avid cook.

Cappucine can be found on Instagram: @thecelebritystatus.com__   and on Twitter: @cappdagodmother

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