“Scandal” Creator Shonda Rhimes Lost Weight And Looks Phenomenal




Yassssss! You go girl!


Have you seen Shonda Rhimes lately? Shonda is the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. She looks amazing. She shed that weight and she looks like a new woman. With or without the weight, Shonda is a powerhouse!


I guess there are some ups and downs to losing a massive amount of weight.


Shonda talked about how people started dealing with her differently. Shonda was very candid. She recently shared that she felt like people dismissed her because of her weight. The 47 year old hitmaker said that people are now treating her differently because of her weight loss. She said ‘things got weird’.  Shonda lost around 150 pounds.  Shonda said after the weight loss, men finally spoke to her and when she was heavy, she did not feel as if she was treated as a person.  Shonda alwo added  that she felt uncomfortable. “All of a sudden people suddenly felt completely comfortable talking to me about my body. Telling me I looked “pretty” or that they were “proud of me” or that “wow, you are so hot now” or “you look amazing!”


Either way you rock baby girl! Keep up the great work!


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