Oh My… Wendy Williams’ Husband Involved In A Double Life Quagmire… Allegedly!


OMG! How you doin’?

If you have not heard the Queen of Daytime TV Wendy Williams is involved in a serious quagmire.  It is alleged that her husband and manager Kevin Hunter 46,  has been getting down and dirty, doing the horizontal mambo with  his massage therapist. it is sad that this is no one hitter quitter and this situation has been going on for some time. Seems like Mr. Hunter is living a double life , what do you guys think?  Kevin and Wendy have been married for 20 years. He runs the production company that they mutually own.


This is the alleged mistress… Sharina


 Sharina Hudson, 32, is the woman in question.  It is alleged that for over decade Mr. Hunter and Ms. Hudson have been involved for over a decade. 10 years people.. wow! It is also alleged that he purchased a home for his mistress only 9 miles away from the home that he shares with his son and Wendy.  Talk about too close for comfort! It is alleged that Kevin splits his time between the two women. His hands must be very full!


Home of the alleged mistress, purchased by Kevin Hunter for $765,000 … allegedly! Beautiful home indeed.



Happy times with the family.


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