Cappucine Catches Up With Hollywood Actress Cherie Johnson

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Cherie Johnson was born on November 21st,1975 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Cherie is a  Scorpio just like myself so you what that means.. she is fiery, fierce, tenacious, driven, ambitious , resilient, and loving. Cherie wears many different hats, she is a Jill of all trades and she has it all mastered. The mother of two is an actress, an author, film producer, director and an entrepreneur. Cherie is best known as a child actress that was featured on a few popular sitcoms. We invited her into our homes every week via the magic of television.  She made our childhood years awesome. We all remember Cherie from the 80s NBC sitcom Punky Brewster, she played the role of Punky Brewster’s best friend Cherie. We also remember her from the hit 90s ABC sitcom Family Matters, she played the role of Maxine, Laura Winslow’s friend for 8 seasons.
























As you can easily tell, the years have been very kind to Ms. Johnson. Even though she has entered her early 40s, the caramel bombshell has a body that most 20 year olds would envy. Beautiful face, nice shape. I am eager to talk to her about her secret to a youthful appearance. I think that it is a combination of good genes and good living. Cherie is beautiful inside and out. Talking to her, I quickly realized she has a beautiful spirit and that is truly something you can’t put a price on.



Cherie is much more than a pretty face. She is what you would call a young veteran in the game. Her resume boasts a number of great endeavors. Cherie has followed her dreams and remains to be a very successful woman.  She is an accomplished author that has published many books.  The books are titled : Around the World Twice,   Two Different Walks of Life :”A Celebrity and Average Housewife, Peaches & Cream and “Stupid Guys Diary”. The book titles seem very interesting, don’t they?

It seems that writing is her passion. Being a writer and author myself, I understand that it’s almost like putting a dream into words between the paper’s lines, creating magic with a pen. Writing is a profession that she has truly excelled in. Cherie is the  Executive Director for Dimez magazine, and a contributing writer for Temptation magazine and Glam Couture magazine, where she does a monthly article titled “Cherie Picking”. In 2016, she accepted a position at Fever magazine and will be writing the “Pulse” article. Talk about making major moves, this woman has what it takes and she is winning.


Thank you for taking the time out to interview with

Cappucine: We all know you have been in the industry since the 1980s, tell me what projects that you are currently working on?

Cherie: I am one of the host, writers and producers on a talk show titled “Girlfriend’s & Champagne” that I am proud of we have been picked up for a second season. I also have a natural hair products line which of course are all Cherry based. Cherry is a natural growth agent. Wild Cherry hair fresheners can be found at

Cappucine: Awesome, I must try it out. I am very interested in natural hair care product. I think that that it is dope that all of the products ae cherry based, sweet! Now, tell me about your career as a writer. What prompted you to write books? Talk to me about your project write a book in 30 days.

Cherie: My mom told me when I was 5 years old the best way to live forever is to write a book. So it was always a goal. In fact the goal is to publish at least 12 books. I started teaching a course for people who dream of authorship after I signed a bad publishing deal. I call it “How to Write a Book in 30 Days” because most people don’t know where to start so I give them questions to answer and once they answer the questions and they go back and look at their notes the book is formatted. I also teach them how to get published or self publish for cheap and. How to handle the public relations for there new book.

Cappucine: I totally relate and agree with what you are saying, your books will live forever. It is an awesome legacy. Well  girl, I see that you are about your business, You are an Executive director for Dimez magazine, how did that opportunity come about?

Cherie: After joining the Dimez team as a contributing writer I was given the responsibility to produce a few photoshoots and my shoots became covers. From there I started securing famous interviews and naturally my position and responsibilities just grew I naturally got promoted. I am blessed with an amazing boss and work with some of the most beautiful women in the industry.

Cappucine: Very nice and it’s always great to work for an amazing boss that is willing to help you grow. Now Cherie, I know you are a producer, can we look forward to any reality shows, TV series in the future?

Cherie: I have been ducking reality show offers for the past 10 years. They are disrespectful to the craft I love so much. I never wanted to be famous I just liked the work. Reality has turned TV into something I no longer recognize. Girlfriends & Champagne is a TV show….where I am myself. We are not catty or ugly acting. I love playing characters, I never sought out for the world to know me as a person. I will not be catty and put other black women down for the chump change they make on those reality shows for the sake of trying to stay relevant.

Cappucine: I can definitely appreciate your stance on reality TV. I agree with you, sometimes black women are portrayed in an unsavory way. I appreciate your positivity. You are a class act. Would you consider returning TV? Or is sitcom life over for you?

Cherie: Yes I would love to do another real sitcom or episodic.

Cappucine: How do you balance being a working woman, entrepreneur and a mother?

Cherie: I am blessed at this point in my career where I have choices. I have the choice to bring my children with me.

Cappucine: Awesome! Tell me about a typical day in the life for you, What is your itinerary like?

Cherie: Well honestly no day is typical they are all different but my day started at 6:30am radio interview

7:30am my baby woke up.

Everyone got showered and dressed.

9:30am breakfast

10am dishes

10:15am homeschooling started

1pm Lunch (yes I cook 3 times a day)

While my mini me ate I made some business calls.

Then it was off to a producers meeting at 2:30pm-3:30pm

4pm baby has Tae Kwon Do

5:15pm home to start dinner

6:30pm dinner

7:30pm brush teeth, bath and story time.

8:30pm ME TIME so I am doing this interview lol. Some days my mornings are filled watching the babies take Tap and ballet or guitar lessons. I make fresh bread once a week and bake a treat of some sort.

I try hard to keep them on a schedule as much as I can when I don’t have to be on set. It makes my life easier. Now tomorrow I have a photoshoot so….lol

Cappucine: Ok, you are a busy women but you stay grounded and well grounded. Fresh baked bread sounds amazing. Yummy. Cherie, I see you are in great shape, what is your diet and exercise regimen like?


Cherie: Growing up my mother owned a gym. She had me take a work studies class in high school where I became a certified nutritionist she thought it was important for me to have another career choice to fall back on. I have kept it up and I have clients that I make meal plans for I hate the word diet because diets are a billion dollar a year industry for one reason they don’t work. So people get stuck on yo-yo diets going from one to the next praying one with be life changing but what they are missing is the simple education on food. Which I offer for $10! Loose 10 pound in 10 days for $10 and u will have the tools for life. I also keep a few clients I actually work out but my main work out routine is picking up my baby hahahaha.

Cappucine: Ok now.. I’m gonna check out your program $10 pounds in 10 days! I can’t wait and your program is super affordable. Girl, I’m screaming.. “Cherie…Fix my eating habits!” LOL .. What is your favorite comfort food?

Cherie: Oooh I am a huge foodie but something about Rice and Gravy some smothered beef and string beans or mac &cheese fried chicken and greens and pizza I will NEVER turn down!

Cappucine:  Baby, you are speaking my language. I am a foodie and comfort food is my fave as well.  All this food talk is making me hungry. Let me switch gears lol! Tell me one of your most memorable experiences in the industry?

Cherie: Mmmm Cicely Tyson played my mother in a film. When we wrapped she gave me a pair of pearl and diamond earrings and told me I never had to play a maid a slave or any role that would set a black woman back because she had already done that for me. I needed to play positive characters that I would be proud of and never do anything Id be embarrassed for my grandmother to see. Best advice ever in a industry where you are disposable and nobody give a shit about you. She was telling me to care about myself!

Cappucine: Cicely Tyson? OMG that is super huge! I truly admire here. She gave you genuine and valuable advice. I love it!! So on that note, what advice can you give to anyone that would like to enter the business?

Cherie: Learn about the business not just the craft! Remember statistically actors get 1 job out of 100 auditions so people only see the success not the effort if you really want it don’t give up.

Cappucine: You truly ‘dropped a gem’ .. great advice. What is your website? Where can people find you on social media? or social media @CherieJohnson75



Cappucine: Any closing thoughts?

Cherie: I really appreciate your time and I am honored you reached out.

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