Queensbridge Finest: Nature Chops it Up With Cappucine



Jermain Baxter who goes by the stage name of Nature is a talented Sagittarius is best known for being a member of “The Firm” with consisted of Nas,(Nasir Jones)  AZ, (Antonio Cruz ) and Foxy Brown (Inga Marchand).

The Firm: The Album, went platinum which was huge at that time and still is. Going Platinum definitely gives you bragging rights within this very competitive music industry.


In 1997, “The Firm” decided to go their separate ways and follow their own creative endeavors. Nature’s album dropped in 2000 and was titled “For All Seasons”.

Before the long awaited album officially dropped, Nature was still working and making major moves, Nature was featured on fellow Queens rapper Noreaga’s single “Banned From TV’  amongst a host of other projects. In 2002, Nature released “Wild Gremlins”. In 2008 his third album dropped titled ” Pain Killer’  to pursue various solo projects. Nature is still putting out great music and I look forward to more.. In 2013, Nature’s long awaited and anticipated EP dropped. It was an EP series that was constructive in a very creative way. It was called “Seasons Changed”  The EP was split up into 4 pieces which consisted of an ep each season. The artwork was broken up to 4 pieces with the background being the cover of his album. A very ingenious concept indeed.


In 2016, Nature dropped Target Practice as his 5th studio album. The album dropped on Prodigy’s Infamous Records. There was supposed to be a second album with Prodigy being more involved in the executive production. Unfortunately Prodigy passed away before the project could be completed.

It’s like a bad dream, And I can’t wake up, Mouth caked up, Knowing these cats is fake fucks, And it ain’t right…With no love, them hugs ain’t tight..

Please understand those bars spoke to a generation. The fake love, the fake hugs., but Nature remained true to the game, a real general and a stand up dude. Sounds cliché, but this was the era of real hip hop. Thank you Nature for your contribution to our hip hop culture. The song makes me reminisce fondly of yester year. The Bug eyed Benz’s, platinum chains, Cesar’s with the half moons, The New York City night life, the army fatigue and timberland boots were the apparel. Making moves to places such as The Q Club, Mercedes, The Tunnel, The Palladium and Speed. Popping Cristal, Belvedere and Moet. Those times were synonymous with my youth. Sometimes I just zone out and listen to the greats, I’m ecstatic to see my favorites such as Nature is still giving us great music. Let’s take it back a bit.

“I’m leaving” is on of my favorite joints off the album. 20 years in and the song still is in rotation on my Ipod. How can you put an expiration date on excellent music.

I love the back and forth on the track between Nature and Noreaga.  Nature exhibits his stereotypical Queens, New York accent, I love it. His delivery is smooth and deliberate. Nature somersaults, bounces and rocks to the beat. You quickly get a full on “eargasm”. You feel every word when he is on the mic

Nature looks good, handsome black man in the prime of his life, looks like he is still “6’1 a buck seventy”  20 years later and he seems agile, he has the ability to keep up with and surpass the new cats in the music arena. Trust me that is no easy task.

Omg! This track “Fly Away” is dope.  This song put me in a deep zone. I have sped through the Van Wyck Expressway , made my way through traffic with ease. I rocked, rolled and bounced to this song. Bobbed and weaved in traffic. Nature’s voice is smooth like Hennessey on the rocks but equally intoxicating. The beat is so soulful, reminds me of a tight 1970s ballad that the producer sped up for uniqueness. This track leaves left me feeling very satisfied. Musical high! On repeat..


Thank you for interviewing with thecelebritystatus.com

Cappucine: Tell me about yourself? Were you born and raised in Queensbridge?

Nature: Yes, I was born and raised in Queensbridge, NY. 10th Street, 4106. “Dime Block”


Cappucine: Ok, Queens Gets The Money. I am a Southside Jamaica Queens girl myself.  Let’s talk about your new single called “500 pounds of gas”  ft Curren$y produced by Alchemist. I am really feeling the track,  Sounds new and fresh. Your voice and delivery is dope as always. The beat has a sweet bounce to it. It almost sounds a little futuristic. How did you select the beat?


Nature: I was talking to Curren$y about doing a record together and one day he told me I had mail… he already laid his verse over some dope shit by my man Alchemist.. I didn’t hesitate to lay my verse and it came out pretty dope glad you like it.

Cappucine: Absolutely, it is a certified banger. So, tell me when is your new album dropping?

Nature: It’s an EP made up of a few records I did with the homies   I made it for the fans who love to see me collaborate with other artists

Cappucine: I know your fans will be excited to hear the great news. Collaborations are like painters getting together to create a masterful work of art. Dope!


Cappucine: Any tour dates?

Nature : No tour dates but a few tri state area shows are coming up. Some west coast interest too we trying to lock down.

Cappucine : Please keep me posted on your local shows, I would love to support. I know your West Coast fans are patiently waiting for your arrival. Will your album be released through a label or independent?

Nature: Everything for the last 10 years has been independent ,my home team Deep Concepts handles all of it.


Cappucine: That is awesome. Independent is the way to go, you have more creative control. Shout out to Deep Concepts. Tell me your most memorable moment in the industry.

Nature: I remember having to perform at Lollapalooza in front of 50,000 people. What was crazy though is I was slotted right behind Wyclef and he had such a dope performance I didn’t know if I should go out after him.   But I came out and rocked it and the crowd went bananas also I remember recording the firm album at Dr. Dre studio and he made the phone tap beat right in front of me  he felt he needed some bass guitar  he pressed one button told someone he needed a bass player and within 15 minutes a bass guitar player was plucking the tune you hear today… classical



Cappucine: Classic is right! That is definitely a story you have to tell your children. That “Phone Tap” beat was fire, I loved it. Kudos to Dr. Dre. So, What is your itinerary? What is your daily routine like?

Nature: I’m very much a family man I take my two daughters to school and pick them up everyday.  At night I hit the studio for the most part.  On the weekends it’s all about the family spending time with the wife and kids

Cappucine: That is awesome. Family is important indeed and it is great they are your first priority. Shout out to your two Princesses and your Queen. Just curious, will there ever be a Firm reunion?

Nature: I honestly don’t think so

Cappucine: Ok, I guess that reunion was wishful thinking on my part lol. I was ready to see you all on stage together again. Tell me, how would you define your rhyming style?

Nature: I got my name Nature from being Natural in my flow and they way I deliver the verses.  I can’t really define it I just know God blessed me with a Natural ability to speak rhyme and record it

Cappucine: Your name fits you perfectly. If you can live anywhere in the world. where would it be?

Nature: Beverly Hills with the stars

Cappucine: I can relate to that. I want to hit Rodeo Drive. Here is a “wild card” for you. What is your favorite food?

Nature: I would say either Halal or Sushi (American dream roll)
Cappucine: I’m not that adventurous with sushi, the most I would do is a California Roll.  So, here is the million dollar question.
Is hip hop dead?
Nature: Nah it’s not dead at all you just have to look for it a little harder and know where to find it. There is a lot of dope shit out there I would still call traditional hip hop.

Cappucine: Great answer. Agreed.What advice can you give to up and coming artist trying to break into the industry?

Nature: Make sure you know how to use social media be consistent and never stop working

Cappucine: Good, sound advice. Where can we find you on social media? @therealnature on all my social media  Nature – The Firm on FB

Cappucine: Any closing thoughts?

Nature:  I would like to thank you for reaching out.  Keep doing what you doing I respect that…  to the fans.  Go cop all my albums twice Peace!  Nature Queensbridge Finest


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