Bran Nubian: Cappucine Catches Up With Lord Jamar



It is a brisk October day. Autumn is upon us. As I sit in my office,  I sip a cup of special brewed coffee with a hint of cinnamon and 2 splashes of half and half.. I ponder and I reflect. Evolution is inevitable, change is constant. One of the things that will always remain the same and is uncompromising is good music. You can never put a time stamp on great music. Unlike my half and half, there is no expiration date on dope music. Music defines us, music creates energy, music gives birth to great minds. Great minds grow great talent. So on and so forth. I am blessed and grateful to have grown up around hip hop. I am blessed to be amongst living legends and icons who still to this day have the ability to capture and captivate their fan base. Their fan base is ever growing and reaching out to a younger demographic.  These people that I call  pioneers have paved the yellow brick road to our culture of hip hop. Their names are forever etched into eternity.   I feel like a proud parent watching the growth of this genre. The rise the falls, the triumphs.  I have watched the hip hop culture grow through infancy, through adolescence and now,  full on adulthood, embracing new things and embarking on new endeavors. Hip hop has taken on various forms, it is almost like an enigma except for the great minds that understand it and its origins. I am a  hip hop aficionado. The hip hop culture enthuses me. I have a  never changing list of great hip hop artists. The list is about 20 deep and the group Bran Nubian that was created in 1989  is definitely on the roster. A few of my favorite songs were “”Wake Up” “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down”, and “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone” are just to name a few.




Bran Nubian was one the groups that solidified my love for hip hop. A love so deep , the love affair still continues and will be never- ending. Fast flashback. the year was 1990 in New York City and that is the first time Bran Nubian came on to my radar. I watched as their video premiered on Video Music Box hosted by Ralph McDaniels. The single was called “Feels So Good”  I was immediately drawn in. They were 3 good looking , talented young men that captivated me. The beat dropped and I was open. They played off each other’s lyrical styles and was very successful.  The trio consisted of  Lord Jamar, Sadat x (Derek X) and Grand Puba.


Take a walk with me as I catch up with Lord Jamar.

Let’s give Lord Jamar a “once over” shall we? Father time has been good to this gentleman. Maybe he has been drinking from the fountain of youth? The man has aged like a fine wine, you know the one that you only open for a  special occasion.  He is well preserved. His face has character, full of wisdom and knowledge but is still youthfully handsome. He has traded in his signature locs for a sexy bald look. His body is in great shape.  Can we say good living?


Lorenzo Dechalus b.k.a Lord Jamar was born on September 17th, 1968. Lord Jamar is a rapper , actor, producer , entrepreneur and truth speaker. His personality is refreshing. In an industry full of “people pleasers” and “yes men”. Lord Jamar is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Lord Jamar says what most are feeling, but are afraid to say. He is well respected throughout the industry. Lord Jamar boasts a very impressive catalog. He is well known for his role in the TV series OZ as Supreme Allah. He has also appeared  on Law & Order :SVU, The Sopranos, and Third Watch.

Lord Jamar has kept very busy and not only is he a hip hop artist. He is a well-known producer. He has done production for Buckshot, Dead Prez and a host of others.

Speaking to Lord Jamar was a great experience. His personality is very inviting. I felt comfortable having dialogue with him, it was reminiscent of speaking to an old friend. Lord Jamal is a cross between a no nonsense thoroughbred and a scholar. I was ready to go to school and Lord Jamal was the Professor.  I gained knowledge as we shared a few laughs. Lord Jamar is an alpha male that speaks truth to power. His delivery is deliberate and insightful.


Thank you for interviewing with

Cappucine: You just came back from Japan, tell me about that.

Lord Jamar: Yes, I performed at SoulJam2017. It is something that is held every year. Some of the people that performed are Bran Nubian, Erykah Badu, Black Sheep, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Faith Evans and De La Soul.

Cappucine: Wow, that is truly a dope line up, wish I could have been there.


Cappucine:How was Japan?

Lord Jamar: Japan was great! It was my second time going there. It’s a different culture but at the same time, there are similarities. you will be walking then all of a sudden you would see a TGIFriday’s. It is like oh shit, they got that out here?

Cappucine: One thing I notice about Japan and other places such as Europe, the hip hop culture is very appreciated, like no other. What is your take on that?

Lord Jamar: Absolutely, They like what comes out now but they definitely have a love for old school hip hop, that real shit.

Cappucine: Lord Jamar what is new with you? What projects have you been working on?

Lord Jamar: right my main focus has been managing and artist named Aaron Cooks. I got him signed with my man Busta Rhymes on his label Conglomerate entertainment. Right now we are developing him.


Cappucine: That is great that you are managing and mentoring Aaron Cooks. Much success to him.  Lord Jamar do you have any up and coming tour dates?

Lord Jamar: We just do spot dates. We always get shows. We don’t necessarily have a “tour”. We just do shows you know what I mean? People contact us and we just do shows. We do a nice amount of shows.


Cappucine : That is awesome. I see Bran Nubian always working and that is a blessing. You guys rock. Bran Nubian is definitely one of the groups that have maintained longevity for the past 20 something years and counting.  Let’s talk about your newest endeavor, your garment line called Yanadameen. Where can it be purchased? What is the web site?


Lord Jamar: Yes, it is called Yanadameen. Well basically, for me, it’s like a scientific experiment. I want to put out my own movement. People always say “Why do you always have to do it on Vlad?” and yadaa, yadaa, yadaa. Well alright, check it out, it cost money to do that type of shit. So if you really want that level of truth, that you are used to, that I give… I don’t want to be fucking around with these corporately sponsored situations. They are going to try to tell me say and what not to say.  I am the type that would walk away from something like that. If you really want it, it needs to be people funded you know what I mean? Now instead of doing a funding campaign, to me kind of seems like begging. So I’m like,  give me something and I will give you something in return. If you buy a hoodie off of me, I am going to take that money and put it towards making my shit. Each one teach one, all of that.

Cappucine: You know what? I freaking love your concept. When you do it that way, you have full creative control. No one can say Lord Jamar, “why are you saying that? why are you saying this?”

Lord Jamar: Exactly! like “We are going to need you to back off this, because such and such is mad.” I don’t give a fuck. I don’t care, you know what I mean? You are coming to the wrong one then. The only way I can do it with a corporate sponsor is they would need to have a disclaimer” The views expressed on the such and such show does not reflect…”

So, let the people sponsor it.  I want to see what the people do. Right now it is moving a little slow, I got to say, I am a bit disappointed, but I believe in my people. I believe it will definitely happen. Right now, we need this type of information and truth.  Someone has to be the voice of rationale and sanity, we are living in an insane world. Especially America, this country is suffering from mental illness as a whole. All the things you see is a symptom of mental illness. So, until you treat the illness and know what sanity is, because you need to know what good is to know what bad is and vice versa. You have got to feel the frequencies. Once I start speaking the frequencies of sanity and truth, they are like “Ohhh that is what that sounds like. ”

Cappucine: Well, I can’t wait. I am definitely ready. I know it is going to be off the hook because I love the level of truth and controversy that you bring. It creates dialogue, it creates great discussions. Some folks do not like that or agree.

Lord Jamar: I don’t need everyone to agree. I am not one of those people that speak and need you to agree, that is up to you. What I need you to do is hear me and you can take it from there. Whether you agree or disagree, you are thinking about it. I am not here trying to convert every person nor do I feel that you hate me if you do not agree with me. This generation feels if you disagree with them, you hate them. I do not hate any of these young rappers, I do not know them. But, if your shit is wack, I am going to say it is wack. I am not hating on you, your shit is just wack. Somebody has got to set the standard.  We are living in a time where they say there should be no “first place” trophies. That is bullshit. Everybody does not win and everybody does not good, some shit is wack and some is dope. Grow up, toughen up.

Cappucine: That is an excellent example. Everyone will not agree, but that is ok. Now, I know  that you are a Jack Of All trades in the industry and you have it all mastered. What profession do you prefer Entrepreneur ,Rapper, Actor or Producer? And why?


Lord Jamar: I would say creating is first. Creating something from nothing. You can do that with all those things. Taking something that is in your mind and making it real. You know what I mean? That is what God does, that shows and proves your Godliness. You can take something from one dimension and bring it into another dimension. I am a team player. When you originally rapped back in the day, you had to work with the DJ, then when you get to the studio, you have to work with the engineer. When you are filming you have to work with the other rappers. Then there is the camera people, the lighting, the sound people. Everyone is working together to make something happen.

Cappucine: Absolutely! You are breathing life into an idea. Creativity is key. Talk to me about landing your role on Oz.

Lord Jamar: For a long time I wanted to get into acting since I was young. I was always on some alpha male shit. When I was coming up, all the guys that were into acting were not like me, so that was what kept dudes like me away. I was on the baseball team, the football team but I watched movies an TV a lot so that is what made me interested.

I started seeing mad rappers getting roles and I said hey, I can do a better job.  Like Mf’er acts like he can’t even read. I was like what kind of shit is this. I was the kid that was proud to read in school. I would raise my hand like pick me, I will read it! Ican read like a MF’er. MF’ers can’t even read and getting acting roles. I finally said it, I wanted to act. I call up my manager at the time and told him to get me into movies or some shit. The people from Oz were interested in meeting us, just as we were interested meeting them. Long story short, I got cool with Dean Winters that played Ryan O’Reilly on Oz. Periodically  we would call each other. He would invite me to shit, I would invite him to shit. One day he called me out of the blue and said would you ever want to be on the show? One day he invites me, Sadat X and Alamo. We go up there and watch them film. They said do you guys want to be in the scene? Just put on the orange jumpsuits and you guys can be extras in the background. Sadat and Alamo was ready to do it, I was like no. If I am going to be in a scene, I am really going to be on the show. I am not starting my acting career as an extra.


Tom Fontana, the creator of Oz met me and started talking to me as if I was already on the show. They just need to find out who I was and I how I got in there. My character was created. I did not have to audition or anything.

Cappucine: That is amazing, your talent definitely shined through. I loved you on Oz. What made you take the path of Hip Hop?  What artist influenced you?

Lord Jamar: The greatest ones. It all starts from Spoonie Gee, Furious 5. the three artist that propelled hip hop was Kool Moe Dee, Melle Mel, Grand Master Flash. With these three, it was more that “yes, yes, y’all” they were creating stories. then you have LL Cool J, Run DMC, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Public Enemy Just- Ice, KRS-One. Who ever is dope, I am messing with you. I am an amalgamation of all of them. contemporaries, the same time Bran Nubian was out, such as NWA, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest all are dope.

Cappucine: You have listed some of the greats. Tell me about yourself? Where are you from? Wife? Children?

Lord Jamar: I was born The Bronx, I was raised in New Rochelle, New York.  I am married  and have 2 children, one of which is from a previous relationship. I have 1 boy and 1 girl


Cappucine: That is wonderful, Blessings to your family. Family is a beautiful thing. Talk to me about the state of hip hop?

Lord Jamar: No, hip hop is not dead. There are some dope underground artist, you juts have to look for them. It is not just going to be on the radio. There are artist out there that can give you that great feeling.

Cappucine:Agreed.  If you were able to do a collaboration with any 5 artists living or dead.

Lord Jamar: Hmmmm… I would say Me, Rakim, Tupac, Sean Price, Tragedy Khadafi

Cappucine: Great selection indeed Lord Jamar, you look like you are in optimal shape, what is your food and exercise regimen?

Lord Jamar: No swine, no red meat, around 1994, I went straight pescatarian Around 7 or 8 years ago, I started eating chicken again. And when I do eat, I do not eat like a pig. It is all about portion control. As far as exercise, I have always been is shape. I get a lot of movement. I do 45 minute walks with my 80 pound pitbull. Nothing specialized.



Cappucine: Sounds like great cardio to me, You are going to make me but an 80 pound dog for that sole purpose lol. Give me snapshot of the day in the life of Lord Jamar. What does it entail?

Lord Jamar:  I get up, I meditate, walk the dog, handle business, do my music. There is really no set routine. depending on the day, it fluctuates. Never the same everyday.

Cappucine: I can dig it , a day in the life of an entrepreneur and artist. Good shit!  I always like to throw in a couple of wild card question.   What is your favorite food ?

Lord Jamar: That’s a good one, I am going to say salmon, but it must be wild caught. No, farm raised. Farm raised is a “Franken-Fish” it is damn near like swine. Tilapia is not good fish, stay away from that.

Cappucine: Well you just dropped a gem, no farm raised salmon and say no to tilapia. Now, if you could live any place in the world, where would it be and why?

Lord Jamar: New York, NY. Been around the world, but New York is where I call home.

Cappucine: New York is the place to be. I am a NYC girl myself so I can relate. When you go to record a song in the studio, are the lyrics pre written or do you just go to the flow of the beat and let the words just come naturally?

Lord Jamar: Man, it is always prewritten. That is that new school nonsense. Everyone is saying that it’s off the dome. Biggie was not writing, then Jay Z was not writing, now Lil Wayne does not write, then this one and that one does not write. Now they all just go in the studio and do that, everyone is just not that talented to do that. In order to say the shit that Bran Nubian used to say, ain’t no at you pulling that out of your ass. You got to connect with the ancestors and all kind of shit to say certain things which comes from a certain train of consciousness.

Cappucine: Great answer! Connecting to the ancestors, very profound.What advice would give to anyone trying to enter the industry?

Lord Jamar: Be yourself, be creative.

Cappucine: Superb! Clear and concise. Any closing thoughts?

Lord Jamar: Go to, cop yourself a hoodie or tee shirts. Designs available for both men and women. Let’s get this GodCast popping.


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