Dj Sparkx, Cardi B’s Official DJ Is Here For The Win

Dj_sparkx_rwb1 (1).jpgDj Sparkx is the H.D.I.C (  acronym for Head DJ In Charge) right know.  This man is lit! This young man who hails from NYC by way of Elmont N.Y. is taking the world by storm.  He has become a household name,The young DJ has taken DJ’ing to a different level, he has masterfully honed his craft and he has made it into an art form. Listening to him spin will give you a full on eargasm. DJ Sparkx’s stage presence is phenomenal, his confidence comes through at every performance, not to mention he is handsome, very easy on the eyes. Eye candy for sure ladies!

DJ Sparkx has what it takes to go far in this industry.  Work ethic,  professionalism  and a personable personality are the key ingredients in being successful in this industry. He is A-1 and believe me he will go far.  He has the ability to keep the crowd hyped and engaged, he offers a superb experience while spinning on the 1s and 2s. I definitely co-sign!

Dj_sparkx_rwb3 (1).jpg

The DJ Sparkx (Cardi B’s official DJ) is a popular disc jockey from Queens, New York. His
popularity blossomed after being invited to become a member of The College Club
Kings, a trendy New York City DJ crew. From there, doors started to open beyond he
can imagine.
From touring the nation with Cardi B to becoming a guest radio DJ on New York’s
world-famous HOT 97, Sparkx has blossomed into a well-rounded DJ with lots of club
experience. Sparkx is a first-generation American of Haitian descent. He came from
the have-nots, and those experiences taught him how to work hard. Queens was
problematic during his high school days. DJ Sparkx moved to Elmont, Long Island,
and finished high school there. That migration put him and his family in a better living
environment and kept him out of trouble. Also, having little-to-no distractions allowed
him to focus more.


DJ Sparkx DJing career jumped started during his college years. He was a
promoter/DJ. And the work he did in clubs resulted in college campus bookings and
ultimately made him very popular in his market. The first colleges he DJed for included
New York Institute of Technology, Long Island University, SUNY Old Westbury, and Adelphi University.

DJ Sparkx popularity at that time attracted huge crowds of people from different
campuses, and those people attended every event he was attached to. Campus
promoters, as well as club promoters, were guaranteed to have a sold-out event
when working with Sparkx.

As he continued to DJ in various places, his fan base grew. All of his progress was
way before the social media platforms we utilize today. His rise was organically
grown with an authentic foundation. During the height of Sparkx college popularity, he
became an invited member of The College Club Kings organization, a collective
network of talented DJs. This group was instrumental in making him an in-house
name to over 30 colleges located on the East Coast.
Even at this stage of DJ Sparkx career, he is still a student of his craft. Watching how
others succeed in this field provides him with new goals to look forward to. Sparkx
respects all those who came before him for making strides because they are opening
new possibilities for individuals like him, who are up next.


Traveling opened Sparkx’s mind and made him realize there’s a bigger goal. When
he started getting booked in Georgia, he realized he can be popular in New York as
well as Atlanta. Having a new environment, new people around him, and a new
beginning was a breath of fresh air. His goal of being hot in one city was a thing of
the past. One city wasn’t enough anymore. He wanted to be known in every state,
and eventually the world.
DJ Sparkx is currently building his Club DJ brand across the country and pursuing a
career in radio. Also, the next things on his agenda are production and mixtapes,
which you’ll get sooner than later. DJ Sparkx is able to bring his fans through an
unforgettable journey through music. This is a journey that one would not want to
miss, as his name is sure to echo in your conscious long after you leave his events.

I had of  pleasure interviewing DJ Sparkx, lets see what he is up to…


Cappucine:  Thank you for taking time of your very bust schedule to interview with me. I see you are doing big things out here,  As we all know, being a Dj is an integral part of hip hop. A great DJ is just as important as being an emcee.  I see you have your art mastered. Very impressive. What made you want to be a DJ?

DJ Sparkx: I had an interest in music since a young age.  During high school, I even experimented with rapping but I never really went all in.  Dj-ing was always my thing.  When you’re the DJ you’re in full control of the audience and there are no limits to it.

Cappucine:  I totally agree, being a DJ, you are in full control of the audience. And let me find out that you used to rap, I would love to hear a hot 16 from you. I know your schedule is hectic, being Cardi B’s official DJ, what is your itinerary like? How often do you travel?
DJ Sparkx: Being Cardi’s DJ is a full-time job.  With her being in high demand we’re literally always busy.  We live on the road.  We rarely spend more than 24 hrs in one city.  Our days start early and end late.  We’ll land in a city by 10 am, do press or radio interviews by 1 pm, sound check by 4 pm, perform at a concert by 9 or 10 pm, then attend the after party.  There’s never a dull moment.
Cappucine: Sounds super exciting and rewarding. I see you really engage with the croed, what artists/DJs influenced you?
DJ Sparkx: They all do.  All the artists as a whole, making good music keep me consumed in the genre.  Sometimes I hear a new hot record and that motivates me to create a whole mix and sometimes I hear great production on a record and that gives me ideas for another concept.  Khaled himself is showing us there are no limits as a DJ in the industry.
Cappucine:  Absolutely, making great music is key!Where do you see yourself in 5 years, career wise?
DJ Sparkx: Skys the limit!  Potentially working permanent gig on TV (as a host) or Radio (as a host and DJ).  I’m sure Radio will come first, especially because I’m already in that lane.
Cappucine:  That is super dope. Great things are definitely on the horizon for you.  Let;s switch gears… Being a Haitian American, what are your favorite Haitian dishes?
DJ Sparkx: A nice plate of Chicken, Black rice, & Plantains always hits the spot.  Haitians definitely make the best rice.
Cappucine:  Omg! I love Haitian food. Djon Djon, Lambi, Griot.. my mouth is watering. Being that you are the “It” DJ right now, what advice can you give anyone trying to enter the industry?
DJ Sparkx: Proper preparation is everything.  Learn your crafts, practice your talents.  Meet people in the field you want to grow in.  Take chances and look for the right opportunities to progress.
DJ Sparkx can be found on social media on
Instagram: @djsparkx
Twitter: @djsparkx
Facebook: @djsparkx

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