Nicki Sends Tongues Wagging With Nipple Pasties!


Nicki, Nicki, Nicki! The 35 year old rapper took to Instagram  and shared a topless image of herself . Our course the musical diva covered her nipples with silver tasseled nipple pasties to protect her from the picture sharing app’s community rules. Nicki is far from shy as we can all see. Her fans went into a frenzy. 


Nicki had fun using a mouse filter.  She was very playful at one point she stuck her  tongue out at the camera.

Nicki included a caption included a message:

Attention: I need 20-25 bad bitches for #PrettyGang’ she started, ‘can’t tell you why. Criteria to be gang are as follows: INTELLIGENT, INTERESTING, TALENTED, BAD AF, BOUT DAT PAPER. I think some of the girls I follow on here would be perfect. I need your help. Who should be gang?’

Seems interesting… Let’s stay tuned


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