Hollywood’s Top Star Will Smith Has Fun Down Under!


Hey there Mr.Smith!

Celebrated actor and former rapper  Will Smith 49,  took a trip “down under” to Sydney, Australian it looks like he had an awesome time. Yesterday, Will Smith was at Allianz Stadium in the while fans patiently waited to catch a glimpse of the world renown actor.


Will Smith also tantalized his palate as he dined at a trendy spot called Porch and Parlour. The debonair actor feasted on a unique breakfast that consisted of green pea pancakes. Will to Instagram to “big up” his meal. His plate consisted of a generously-sized green pea pancake, served with avocado, snow peas, a poached egg, feta, zucchini and a mint salad.

Will Smith wrote on Instagram:

‘Okay…I ABSOLUTELY HATE when people post pictures of food! BUT…this damn Green Pea Pancake at Porch & Parlour in Bondi Beach, Australia…It Broke Me, Y’all,’ he raved in the caption.

Hmmm , I must say the dish looks interesting Will , but I do not know if I will be trying that anytime soon.

Thanks for the pic share Will! You rock.




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