Classical Hip Hop: Nas Rocks The Kennedy Center

n1When I think of Nasir Jones, I think of a voice of a generation. Nas has entertained us and enlightened us for over 2 decades. Nas is a living legend. I would also like to add that he looks amazing for a man in his almost mid forties.  I would assume it is good living and he has a great spirit.


It has been over 2 scores since Nas’  album critically acclaimed release. Nas  got together with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C, Nas traded in his jeans and timbs for a nice fitting tuxedo and believe me his performance  was not compromised. He brought that same energy to the stage per usual.  I felt the triumph and love of hip hop through his smoky voice. His delivery was as sharp as a dagger.



I relieved my youth while watching his stellar performance. I felt a great sense of pride to see hip hop evolve to it’s current level and it’s still growing.  Nas has a permanent spot on favorite rappers of all time. Nas’ album is literally one of the greatest rap albums produces. Believe me this is not my biased opinion because I am a huge Nas fan, the world feels the same. 20 plus years later, ‘Illmatic’ still can hold its own in the genre of rap and still is a fave of many.

‘Illmatic’ certified Gold in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on January 17, 1996 after shipping 500,000 copies; the RIAA later certified Illmatic Platinum on December 11, 2001, following shipments in excess of a million copies.


Nas grew up in the Queensbridge housing projects in Queens NY. Nas is the first born of jazz great Olu Dara and Postal Worker Fannie Ann Jones. Nas also has a brother Jabari Jones b.k.a Jungle who is also a rapper.

Hip hop is forever grateful for Nas’ contribution to the culture.


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