Will Naomi Campbell Be A First Time Mommy At 48?



The internet has been  buzzing with the rumor that supermodel Naomi Campbell, 48 may be with child.  Things have been hot and heavy between Naomi and well known British rapper Skepta, 35 whose real name is Joseph Junior Adenuga. Seems like the pair is taking their relationship to another level.

If Naomi is pregnant, that means that she would be a first time mommy at almost 50 years old. She would be following in the footsteps of Janet Jackson (50) and Brigitte Nielson (55). Having children later in life seems to be a trend that is being followed by celebrities and regular folks alike.

Skepta has everyone talking after he posted a picture of a sonogram on Instagram. This picture has us all wondering like baby or no baby?


He posted a black-and-white sonogram image is clearly labeled “Baby Adenuga” and includes the date July 30, 2018.

Skepta kept the caption simple, with just a rose emoji.

Stay Tuned!

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