Death Row : Suge Knight Gets 28 Years


Death Row founder and former hip hop mogul Marion Suge Knight was handed a 28 year prison sentence. Suge pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter after injuring one man and  and another man losing his life four years ago when the got hit with a truck Suge was driving. The charge was downgraded from murder to attempted murder and hit-and-run charges that Knight was facing and which could have landed him in jail for life. Well actually, the sentence is basically a life sentence since he is 53 years old and his sentence is almost 30 years.

Knight injured Cle ‘Bone’ Sloan and killed Terry Carter with his Ford pickup outside a burger drive-thru in south Los Angeles in January 2015 after an argument on the set of a commercial for the film Straight Outta Compton turned violent.

According to reports at the time, Knight turned up to the set despite not being welcome due to a long-running feud with Dr Dre, who was there that day.

Knight was told to leave by Sloan, who was a consultant for the film, and the pair got into an argument before Knight left.

Terry Carter, a businessman and record producer, became involved and agreed to help smooth things over, before suggesting the men meet at a nearby burger joint for truce talks.

Carter and Knight were seen exchanging friendly words in the drive-thru parking lot before Sloan arrived and a fist fight broke out with Knight.

While trying to escape, Knight clipped Sloan with his car, knocking him to the ground, before running over Carter, killing him.

Knight, who co-founded Death Row Records with Dr Dre, has always denied intentionally hitting either man.

His plea came before jury selection was due to begin for his expected murder trial.

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