Is Rapper Tupac Shakur Allegedly Alive Living In Malaysia?


I know we have heard this question over and over for the past 20 plus years.. “Is Tupac alive?” .. Well is he? Can it be true?


As per Suge Knight’s son, Tupac Shakur is still alive. The son of former music mogul Suge Knight went to Instagram with a bunch of posts raising the idea that the fatal  Las Vegas shooting  of Tupac on September 7, 1996 was a fake, and that the beloved  rapper is alive and kicking in Malaysia.

He posted pics with artists such as 50 Cent and Beyoncé who are in pictures with Tupac, Are these photos real? You be the judge.



Suge Jr. posted a quote that read, ‘Tupac is alive,’ followed by an exchange of texts in which someone wrote to him, ‘You said [too] much. Time for you to go.’  Baby Suge Knight also added pics of a man that looked like an older Pac.  Suge J. Knight made  references to the Illuminati with the alleged cover-up, he also asserted that he was not under the influence of drugs .

He stated : ‘Beware of fake accounts. Their job is to distract you. The Illuminati are all about power. This is why you see powerful names getting locked up.’ ‘Don’t be fooled. We can do it. They will say I’m on drugs and etc. I’m not.’

Well. if nothing else, this is a great conversation starter. Is Pac Alive?

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