Swizz, Alicia & Mashonda Find Peace In A Blended Family


Well ladies, could you be part of a “blended family”? This concept is not new and this type of situation has been going on forever, would you be down for this?

The blended family has been brought to the forefront by Alicia Keys, her husband Swizz Beatz  and his ex wife Mashonda. The trio opened up about their relationship during an interview.


Alicia 37, and Swizz got married back in 2010. Their union produced  two children Eygypt 7, and Genesis 3 years of age.

Swizz also has other children previously to his relationship with Alicia with 3 different women, Prince, 17, with Nicole Pierce; Kasseem Dean Jr., 11, with his ex-wife Mashonda Tifrere, 40; and Nicole, 10, with Jahna Sebastian. Hmmm , Swizz ain’t playing around y’all… Be fruitful and multiply!

Swizz’;s ex wife Mashonda has written a book called “Blend” that documents her, Alicia’s, and Swizz’s path to finding balance together as ‘one big beautiful family.


‘We love each other. I mean, we hang out with each other. We go to dinner together,’ Alicia said.

She also added : ‘We’re doing Thanksgiving, we’re doing the holidays. It is a beautiful partnership. And that is really, really special. I’m very, very proud of that. It’s a real thing and it’s possible.’

Things have not always been peaches and cream for the trio.  Swizz and Mashonda got married back in 2004 and was divorced in 2010. The proceedings were finalized not long before Swizz married Alicia that same year. People speculated the Alicia was “the other woman” People definitely judged and and had a mouthful to say about Alicia.

Mashonda said that the break up affected their son Kasseem Jr.

‘He was, you know, acting out in his own little way,’ Mashonda said. ‘He had some issues in school… He wanted to know why I couldn’t go see him at his dad’s, and why can’t his dad come over and see his bedroom at our house.’

For Mashonda, that was a sign she and Swizz needed to ‘do better’ and build a better relationship together, so that their son wouldn’t be put in a difficult situation.

With her book, which includes a foreword by Alicia and a chapter by Swizz, Mashonda wanted to give an honest account of how the trio had to work together to form a successful partnership.

‘[People] see us here now, loving each other, co-existing and getting along, but there’s a whole middle that they didn’t see,’ she said.

How wonderful! Hopefully other blended family’s can follow your lead. Communication is key !

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