How To Get The Raise You Deserve


Asking your employer may cause you undue stress. It can be as fun as an impending root canal or finally cleaning out your garage after a year of putting it off, but it has to be done.


Compensation in the U.S.  is on the rise according to the Bureau of Labor statistics. There is money out there for the taking, go ahead and get your cut!

In order to speak up for what you want, you must muster up the confidence to speak to your boss.

How Often Should You Expect a Raise?

Most corporations grant raises once a year, dependent on the economy’s climate and the need and demand for employees in your particular industry.   (For instance, highly competitive fields like finance and tech are particularly raise-friendly.)


Timing Is Everything

The right rime is crucial,  it can determine whether or not you’re rewarded.

Take into consideration a few things: When are raises are generally granted at your company.? Is it at the end of the year? On the anniversary of your start date?

Check the employee handbook, talk to your colleagues (never discuss your salary with your colleagues) or just straight up ask management.


Get What You Want

Being that you know your manager, you know how he/she would like to be approached. Do not beat around the bush, be straight forward. Send a meeting invite with a clear objective. Management hate to have their time wasted. Go into the meeting prepared and highlight key points. Highlight your skills, accomplishments and contributions to the team. Do not be afraid to toot your own horn, you probably do a lot that your boss has no clue about. Give concise bullet points of exceeding departmental expectations.

Good Luck!



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