NFL Player Tre’Davious White’s Mom Charged With Domestic Violence


Talk about Moms Gone Wild. Buffalo Bills football player Tre’Davious White’s ​mother La’Shawnita Ruffins was arrested back on September 29th for stabbing a man in the chest. We all know the season is not all of that and leaves a lot to be desired for the Buffalo Bills and here goes Tre’Davious’s mom getting involved in this criminal quagmire.  You just cannot go around stabbing people, smh!


Northern Louisiana cops arrested Ms. Ruffins 44, and smacked her with a domestic violence and aggravated battery charge.

Ruffins’ bail was set at $75,000, and she was released on Sept. 30.

Tre’Davious has shown and proven that he is the man with the plan. He is one the Bills’ top players, especially on the defensive side of the ball. In his rookie season last year, He recorded 69 total tackles, 18 passes defensed, four interceptions, and one forced fumble through 16 games.

Hopefully all of this can be sorted out and does not affect the NFL players season.

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