5.9 Earthquake Rocks Haiti




From The World seemingly against you, Political Unrest, Colonialism, Overwhelming poverty, Natrual Disasters in the form yearly Hurricanes and Unpredictable Earthquakes The People of Haiti remain STRONG.  L’Union Fait La Force

Saturday evening October 6th the North West Region of Haiti called Port-de-Paix wss hit by an Earth Quake the magnitude of 5.9 current estimates over 130 people injuried and 10 dead.  Haitian Prime Jean-Henry Ceant has mobilized a Crisis Cabinet to handle the emergencies that may occur in the aftermath of this latest Earth.

The island of Hispaniola which Haiti occupies the Western portion sits on 2 fault lines which was blamed for the devastating Earthquake of 2010 which killed over 200,000 people.  There were reports of 2  minor aftershocks afterwards.  So far no tsunami warnings where issued.  In the last 48 hours there have been reports of minor seismic activity in the Eastern portion of Hispaniola known as The Dominican Republic.

Other areas effected by Haiti’s October 6th Earthquake were Dominican Republic Bahamas and the islands Turks and Caicos.




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