NYC: Dad Of Beaten Twins Jumps To His Death



Death, especially murder is horrible, especially when it involves children. NYPD was look for  Mohammad Reza Torabi in regards to the heartless, savage beating of his 1-year-old twins jumped . Instead of facing the music, he decided to take the cowards way out.  Mohammad Reza Torabi leaped to his death Saturday from the top the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 on E. 57th St. around 1:30 p.m., crashing onto a third-floor landing, sources said. His death came three days after cops arrived at his wife’s Queens home to find their daughter Elaina mortally injured and her tiny sibling Kian fighting for his life with fractured ribs, a broken tibia and internal bleeding.


Mohammad Reza Torabi was seperated from his wife after allegations of domestic violence and a restraining order issued earlier this year. Three years ago in Texas, he pleaded guilty to choking his spouse Tina, according to court documents.

Sources indicated no suicide note left was found on Torabi, and it was unclear if he left any sort of message before taking his own life. He jumped before cops were able to track him down to discuss the death of his daughter and the cruel attack on his helpless son.

Sources say Torabi had introduced his wife Tina to drug use, sending her life into a tailpspin. The two battered babies were born in August 2017 with opioids in their systems — and the kids were taken away from their mother for the first six months of their lives.

Tina Torabi, 30, was charged with assault and is being held without bail held for beating their still-hospitalized son within an inch of his life in the basement apartment that she shared with her five kids. The mom may be charged with little Elaina’s death once the city Medical Examiner concludes its autopsy.

Torabi’s three other kids — ages 2, 4 and 5 years old — showed signs of malnourishment when found by first responders.

Tina Torabi made a frantic call to 911 on Wednesday night when Elaina wouldn’t wake up at their Auburndale home, and was quickly grabbed by cops for questioning.

A source with knowledge of the case said that the surviving children claimed they spent time with their father — unsupervised — in recent months, but it was not immediately clear exactly when this happened.

Prayers go out to the children


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