Over 40 And Dating? Here Are 6 Easy Tips


 The Right Type

Yeah, yeah, yeah… we may all have a “type”, you know tall dark and handsome, rich, super successful, athletic aka Mr.Perfect. But to find a quality partner, I implore yo to think outside of the box. Now, do not get me wrong, I am not in any way telling you to rescue Oscar the Grouch out of his garbage can. I am also not telling you to accept the unacceptable, but open up your horizons. “There are many potential partners out there that are diamonds in the rough.

s1Simeon Panda 1

Don’t Be Shy, Make The First Move

Increase your chances by initiating contact. Now, girl.. please do not misconstrue what I  am saying. I am not saying ask the man to marry you on the second date, I am simply saying it is OK to send a text or initiate a phone call, especially when you are dealing with a shy man. Believe me sis, you can have your pick, if you are willing to make the first move. Go for what you know!


Something In Common

I think that if there is a mutual meeting ground such as enjoying the same activities are ideal. Try to build a connection based upon your likes. Couples that have common core areas in life are pretty successful. If you both love football (even if it is for opposing teams) go tailgating together, If you two like wine, go to a vineyard and make a day of it. Cheers!


Meet His “People”

A very good indicator of how someone”gets down”  is by observing them in their natural habitat. See how he interacts with his friends and family. Believe me, this will give you a clue of who he is. People pretend well, bayyybeee keep your eyes open. A few of these interactions will hopefully “spill the beans” on who you are dealing with.


Leave A Little To The Imagination

We live in a world of social media and we are glued to our smart phones. “Likes” on social media do not define you. Yassss Sis! You go to the gym 5 times a week, your body is tight and you want to show it off. There is a time and a place a social media isn’t it especially when you want to be taken seriously by a potential suitor. They make take a few innocent thong pics the wrong way and may addresses you in a oversexed manner. Like I said you are the cat’s meow, but over exposure may not get you taken seriously. Save it for the boudoir boo.


Let The First Date Be Stress Free

The first date can be as simple as going to a coffee house, having a small bite to eat. What should matter is that you are getting to know him, consider it a first interview… but casual. You can meet in a mutual location, no strings attached. He should not have to worry about breaking the bank on date number 1…. that is what date #2 is for, just kidding. Just keep it light, see if he has eye contact, see how he presents himself. This is the time where you can “peep game” and literally walk away without any reservations if he is not your “cup of tea’ Put your best foot forward, don’t give him too much personal information and play it cool. Good Luck Ladies!


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