STATE OF THE NATION: United States Of America Divided

dem2Conservative vs Liberals, Pro Choicers vs Pro Lifers, Republicans vs Democrats

The country currently is a mess.  The divisions deeper than ever before.  What can we do?  Is there something we can do? Where do we go now, change, complacency, civil war or worse.


Whether your on the Right or Left you have to admit the country as a whole is not in a good place.  Peaceful Protests or Deadly Riots some thing is not right.   What ever happened to respecting each other’s opinion.  That seems to have gone out the window.  This not good, people forgot that you can have different views and still want the same thing a strong nation.  All this division does nothing but make the country weaker.  I am not going to into which side is right or wrong,  because no one side is all wrong and no one side is all right.  What makes us strong is all the different views and opinions we have.  I really do hope that before its too late that we see what is truly wrong, and its not The President not the Government it is all of Us.  Thank about it for real.


Blogged by Peter Dubois




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