Deadly Upstate NY Limo Crash: The Plot Thickens


The tragic limousine crash I took place on Saturday October 6th that killed 20 people has taken an unexpected twist

The owner of the troubled Prestige Limousine based in Gansevoort, N.Y. Shahed Hussain was a former F.B.I informant. Hussain testified in 2 different terrorism cases and was also participated in a sting to bring down a plot to bomb a Synagogue in The Bronx. The reason Hussain was working with The F.B.I was his arrest while he worked at NYS DMV fraudulently helping immigrants cheat on driving license test. Before this whole tragic situation is resolved there may be other suspicious activities uncovered by this shady organization.

Speaking more about this sketchy limousine company NY Governor Andrew Cuomo released this statement “The owner of the company had no business putting a failed vehicle on the road” the vehicle failed inspection last month and the driver did not have the proper license to operate the vehicle. Witnesses stated “the crash sounded more like an explosion” The 2001 stretched Ford Excursion was in terrible shape before the horrific crash.

Our hearts here at goes out to the families of victims of this tragedy.

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