Guess Who is Coming To The White House for Dinner, It’s Kanye!


Disclaimer we here at the will never let our personal opinions or political views get in the way of fair and responsible journalism. Plus we don’t want to be viewed as fake news, nope we don’t do that here. So we will take a neutral stance on all public figures that we report on.

White House Press Secretary Sanders Huckabee Sanders says entertainer Kanye West has been invited to The White for dinner with President Donald J Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. The dinner is scheduled to take Thursday October 11th.

Sanders states among the topics that will be tackled will be ways to curve gang violence in Kanye’s home town of Chicago, prison reform and surprisingly manufacturing. Kanye has not been shy to voice his support for President Trump since his days as President Elect. Kayne in a recent appearence on Saturday Night Live wore a Make America Great Again hat. The next morning The Presdent predictively praised Kanye in a tweet.

Hopefully this is a productive dinner. Kanye’s wife Super Star Kim Kardashian recently had a meeting with President Trump earlier this year about prison reform. The President proceeded to grant a Presidential Pardon to 63 year old Great Grandmother Alice Johnson, who was in prison since the mid 90s for drug trafficking charges. So this proves that changes could be made if you have an open dialogue with The President. Maybe Kanye could broker a meeting with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and President Trump, who has been a huge critic of Kaepernick because of his kneeling during The National Anthem.

One thing that Kanye does have to keep in mind while having dinner with President Trump, only he gets 2 scoops of ice cream and everyone else gets one. As long as Kanye is cool with that this should be a successful meeting.

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