Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown Throws Furniture Off His Balcony… WHAT!?!



Yes you read the headline right, that is no misprint.   Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown who many believe is the best Wide Receiver in the NFLgot him self into some hot water after an apparent melt down.



Court documents released today shows that Antonio Brown is the subject of 3 lawsuits which steams an incident that occurred last April at a multi million dollar condo Brown was leasing in Miami.  Two of the lawsuits deal with damage that was done to the apartment and the grounds during Brown’s outburst.  The apartment was a wreck when police arrived, there were broken mirrors, tables, chairs and even magic marker marks on the walls.   There was also damage to the pool area more on that in a moment.  Damages are estimated around $100,000 dollars.

The most alarming part of this outburst arises from the damage done to the pool area.  Video footage shows large furniture and other objects being thrown yes thrown off his 14th floor balcony.  A 2 year was nearly hit the vases, ottoman and other objects that was recklessly thrown.  The child’s Grandfather filed a lawsuit again Antonio Brown because the child has been traumatized by this incident that nearly killed him.  Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl Winning Head coach Mike Tomlin stated he had no knowledge of the situation.  The team also as of now has not made an official comment.

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