Rappers Against Domestic Violence


Everyone wants to talk about Rappers when they are involved in something negative. Well we are going to talk about this postive stance against domestic violence serval Rappers are making.

Domestic violence is a problem so many women face and even former Love and Hip Hop Star Chrissy Monroe will not label herself a victim but she is a survivor. Monroe founded an organization for survivors of domestic violence calles Survive to Thrive Global. She was honored a fundraider for helping many victims of domestic violence.

In attendance were rappers Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Papoose and Rah Digga. Remy Ma and her husband Papoose both gave statements to long time WPIX11 reporter Magee Hickey, “I spent 6 and a half years in prison with many women in there were there for domestic violence cases where nothing was done” Remy Ma said and her husband Papoose had this to say “I don’t don’t think any man should put a hand on a woman. You should treat a woman like your mother”

The night included a female empowering fashion show. The wardrobe provided was designed by Layana Aguilar from reality television show Project Runway. Aguilar also spoke to WPIX11’s Hickey as well and was quoted saying “To me, women are superheros, my warriors” and “women need to be treated the same as men, equal pay for equal work.”

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