Big Legal Win For Fif!

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson came out on top in regards to a legal battle involving Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood personality Teairra Marí . Teairra sued the Jamaica, Queens rapper for posting for a revenge porn sex tape that was originally leaked by her estranged boyfriend.

Teairra, 31, and her lawyer Lisa Bloom spoke at a press conference back on  on May 17 to announce their intention to file lawsuits against Marí’s ex, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, and 50 Cent, 43, for posting a “sex tape and an obscene photo” of her to social media as a form of revenge porn intended “clearly to humiliate” her.

In court documents that were obtained last Friday, a Los Angeles judge dismissed all claims made against 50 cent and ordered Teairra to pay him more than $30,000 to cover a portion of his legal fees, which is reported to come up to a total of $161,660.15.

This all went down back in May when Teairra broke up with Abdul-Ahad after coming to believe that he was cheating on her. She claimed that Abdul-Ahad posted the explicit images in retaliation for the split.

“He had my Instagram password, so he posted them on my Instagram to make me look terrible,” Marí said at the conference. “Of course, I was horrified.”
Teairra said that 50 Cent, a friend of Abdul-Ahad, had posted one of the offending images to his own Instagram page, which currently has over 21 million followers. The image was ultimately removed from the social media platform, but according to her the damage had already been done.

Word to the wise, be careful who you share your risque pictures with!

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