Rising Star: Meet Actor Angelo Diaz!

I had the pleasure of chopping it up with the break out star Angelo Diaz, he is currently starring on the show ATL Homicide. The show is slated for a second season on TVOne and I am super excited, I cannot wait! ATL Homicide is a TV series that takes place in Atlanta. The show follows the professional life of Detective Vince Velazquez and Detective David Quinn as
they solve real crimes that occurred in the greater Atlanta area. It is a true crime show and it is shot documentary style. The first episode will get you hooked.  The realness of the show is phenomenal. 

Muy Caliente! 

When you think of Cuba, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Soft winds caressing your face, untapped beauty, gorgeous people and an overall oasis. This Afro-Cuban actor embodies that feeling. There is something special about this guy, I promise you… he will go really far in this industry. .  Cuban by way of Miami, Florida. Angelo Diaz is sooo hot, he is cold! Angelo brings any character that he portrays to life. Not only is the young man handsome, he is talented. Mr. Diaz is definitely what the ladies would consider “official” standing at 6’3 , his deep set eyes, dark Cuban features and charismatic yet humble charm allows him to breakthrough the “4th wall” and reach the heart and soul of the audience.
This young man has so many layers, not only is Angelo a great actor, he is a Navy veteran.  I look forward to watching more of his projects.

Take a walk with me as we find out more about Angelo…..

1)Thank you for interviewing with me. Let’s talk about ATL Homicide. You are a great fit as Det. Quinn. How did you land that role?

The role really found me. I was cast in it about a week before we had to be on set. It all moves a lot quicker than people probably think. This isn’t La La Land or Entourage where we are seeing Actors have a big buildup before they leave for a role and they get to kiss all their family good bye and what not. In real life, you’re wiping the tears of joy from your eyes so that you can read the script that you literally just got and you’re filming the next day. But once I got cast I dove all the way in. At that point, all I needed was a new bando to trap out of, something to obsess over. It was right on time. So I was on Det. Quinn like white on rice, studying his mannerisms, his vernacular. And if you know Quinn, you know that is a lot to take in.

2) What projects are you currently working on? Tell me about your role on MacGyver.

MacGyver was a lot of fun. I played a Tactical Agent and I was able to tap into my Combat Medic experience. Staying low, crouching to the ground, handling the weapon intelligently the way you would in real combat. I wanted it to be real and grounded. I also have an insane role in the Zola movie coming this summer. Like… insane. Also, been giving most of my attention to my own projects I’m pitching. An Entourage reboot that I can’t speak currently too much on. But just know the cookup is intense over here

3) How long have you been acting?

On paper, I have been acting for 3 years. But technically I’ve been applying the craft my whole life. Bouncing around Miami at a young age helped me develop the ability to adapt to chaos. I learned how to dig into me and find out what part of me you needed for us to connect. But it wasn’t about faking or lying, it had to be authentic. It’s been my #1 asset through my entire life. Period.

4) As humans, we all face adversity. Tell me about any challenges you have faced and how you were able to overcome them? 

As a Father, I sacrifice a lot of my time with my 7 year old Daughter to pursue and manifest this dream. I miss a lot of moments to build this Kingdom that will provide for not just my Daughter but for her family and their children and their grandchildren. I was able to overcome that by making sure my presence is felt no matter what. I don’t care if I have to Facetime for a Parent-Teacher conference or if I have to drive 4 hours to her after wrapping up a 10 hour day on set, whatever I have to do to make it work I will. But it also helps that I’m at a point where we can see the rainbow, and the Kingdom is becoming a lot clearer.

5) What is your fondest childhood memory?

My Mother was a writer and a journalist. And she taught both on a collegiate level. She was on me from the jump. By Middle School I had written essays about Marcus Garvey, the Spanish Inquisitions, Pablo Picasso, countless book reports and reviews of Art Galleries and Operas and Plays. That constant state of learning is still something I take with me. It shapes me, defines me.

6)If you can choose three of your favorite actors to star in a movie with you, who would it be?

Will Smith, Lena Waithe, Al Pacino

7) What is your best attribute?

My tenacity, my obsessive trap tempo work ethic. But on the flip side it can also be one of my darkest attributes. That’s how that works. There is a balance to it like a coin. The same characteristics that are your strengths are also your weaknesses on the flip-side. So sometimes when networks and Producers and platforms aren’t ready to keep up with what I’m presenting, I have to take a breathe and remember that I work with a tenacity that everyone isn’t blessed with, and that’s OK.  That doesn’t mean we can’t work together, it just means they gotta catch up. [laughs]”

8)Walk me through a day in the life of Angelo Diaz. What is your itinerary like?

Sheesh. Everyday is different. There’s a cardio workout in the AM, followed by either rehearsals or auditions or filming, and production meetings about projects I’m working on, and pitch meetings, writers meet-ups and then another workout that night. With a whole lot of emailing and texting and phone hustling all in between that.

9) What makes you happy?

Inspiring and motivating people. Leaving a positive impact everywhere I am. In 2016, I was in a viral online campaign for Lyft featuring Shaq dressed up in a bunch of disguises. It was my biggest exposure at the time and I had so many folks reach out to me from different walks of life: my military experience, college football, Jacksonville, Miami childhood friends, etc. They were all so excited about me working with Shaq that they wanted to share their Shaq story. No rap cap, I received a 100+ first hand stories of positive interactions with Shaq. “I was in the airport and Shaq asked me where the bathroom was and ended up talking to me for over an hour.” “I was in a restaurant and saw Shaq and asked him for a pic, he said No because he wanted some privacy with his family. But right before he left, he spent 30 minutes taking pics and signing autographs.”“Shaq volunteered with us at the Special Olympics. Spent 3 more hours than he was asked to, and motivated everyone around us to do more.”…and much much more. It really moved me. What a high accomplishment considering the fact that he is a human being, who has terrible days, and all types of things on his mind that might distract him at any given time. But he still pushed through all of that. I knew that was the kind of legacy I wanted to leave behind. To leave a positive impact no matter what I’m going through.

10) What is your favorite meal? Are you a good cook?

I love me some good Cuban food. And breakfast is another fave of mine. I can def throw down in the kitchen when I put my mind to it, but these days I just don’t have much time for that.

11) Tell us something about you that people would not know by just looking at you. Any special talents?

I’m ill with the pen. Surgical with words. Blame Mama Chína, for sure. 

12) Where can the fans find you on social media?

@CubaGawd on all the little social medias. IG is my fav social media so that’s what me and my team focus on the most. I’m also on FB as Angelo Diaz. Thank ya’ll in advance for the support and the energy. Much love.


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