R.I.P Freaky Tah …. 20 Years Later

March 28th, 1999 the world stopped. The hands on the clock stood still, we lost our breath, we were frozen. We lost Raymond Rogers b.k.a Freaky Tah. The soundtrack of a generation was forever changed.
The South Jamaica Queens rapper and hype man extraordinaire met an untimely death. The hood and the hip hop world mourned. Freaky Tah made his debut in the rap game as part of the group Lost Boyz originating from South Jamaica, Queens, The rap group consisted of Mr. Cheeks, Pretty Lou and Spigg-Nice. Their hood anthem “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Shameless,” was a certified banger. The album “Legal Drug Money” dropped in 1996 and was number 6 on the Billboard Hot 200.
At the peak of their success, Freaky Tah’s young life was snuffed out by a bullet. He was only 27 years old. Freaky Tah has been gone for 20 years but the love remains the same, maybe even more.
Shout out to Mr. Cheeks, Pretty Lou, Spigg Nice and all the friends and family affected by the untimely loss of Freaky Tah.

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