Luke Perry Was Laid To Rest In Eco Friendly Mushroom Suit.

In an Instagram post. Luke Perry’s daughter Sophie 18, stated that her dad was buried in an environmental-friendly “mushroom burial suit,” fulfilling “one of his final wishes,” Sophie stated: “Any explanation i give will not do justice to the genius that is the mushroom burial suit, but it is essentially an eco friendly burial option via mushrooms,” “All i can say is that you should all look into them at or just by googling ‘mushroom burial suit’.” Sophie Perry’s Instagram post included a picture she took last year of a mushroom patch in the Redwood Forest in Northern California. She said “mushrooms hold an entirely new meaning for me,” after her dad’s passing.A Coeio, the company mentioned in her post, sells its “Infinity Burial Suit” for $1,500 on its website. The suit is a “breakthrough in eco-friendly, green funeral options,” according to its description, and “returns [the] body to the earth without harming the environment.” Sophie said her dad, after discovering the suit, was “more excited by this than I have ever seen him.” She added: “They are truly a beautiful thing for this beautiful planet, and I want to share it with all of you.” Luke Perry died in March at the age of 52 after having a stroke at his home in Sherman Oaks, California. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Riverdale” star was buried in Dickson, Tennessee. R.I.P Luke

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