Beat The Heat: Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Fruit Infused Water

The Health Benefits of Infused Water

Clear skin! Weight loss! Detox! You see lots of claims about the health benefits of drinking water infused with all kinds of fruit, vegetables, and herbs. But let’s be honest. What are you really getting out of that admittedly gorgeous glass of infused water?

Infused water  is very popular. Nothing beats the taste of ice cold fruits infused water. Cold, crisp and just deeelish! Simply adding sliced lemon to plain water certainly elevates the taste as the water takes on a subtle citrus flavor. And over time you might see a bit of pulp floating around in there, too. But the small amount of juice and pulp that mixes with the water gives it only a slight nutritional boost.

To raise the amount of vitamin C, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients in your glass of  your infused water, you should actually squeeze the juice of the fruit into it.

Here are a few benefits of drinking infused water:

  • Great source of vitamins C and B, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and fiber
  • Helps relieve gas and bloating
  • Can ease inflammation in your joints
  • Weight loss, clear skin


Raspberry Lemon

Add half a cup of fresh raspberries, a thinly sliced lemon, and three mint leaves to a pitcher of water.


Lemon Cucumber

Thinly slice half a cucumber and one lemon. Then, add the slices to a pitcher of water. This is a great morning drink since it can help beat belly bloat and boost your energy!


Watermelon Mint

Cube one cup of fresh watermelon and add it to a pitcher of water. Then, stir in between four-six mint leaves. If you don’t want your water to have a powerful mint flavor then only use about four leaves (or even less if you prefer). Remember, you can always add more mint flavoring, but once the leaves have infused into the water you can’t take the taste away.


Apple Cinnamon

Add a thinly sliced apple (without the seeds) and one cinnamon stick to a pitcher of water. There’s really no right and wrong when it comes to measurements, so if you want a stronger flavor then add less water. On the flip side, if you simply want a hint of flavor then use more water.

This drink is often referred to as a flat belly drink. Plus, the apple in this recipe offers good-for-you nutrients that boost immunity and fight

Blueberry Kiwi

Add half a cup of fresh blueberries, two thinly sliced kiwis, and three mint leaves to a pitcher of water. Aside from the deliciousness, there are plenty of health benefits packed into this drink. The blueberries are a great “brain food” and the kiwis and mint leaves support digestive



Beauty & The Beach: 7 Sizzling Plus Size Bathingsuits..Just For You!


You do not have to be a size 2 to enjoy sexy form fitting bathing suits. Get ready to hit the boardwalk , frolic in the sun and splash in waves. Be bold, be daring, be you! Relax on, put your toes in the sand and soak in the sun, Queen.

You can rock a two piece, tankini, full coverage or barely there swimsuit, the choice is yours!

Confidence is size sexy!



Natural Beauty: Lemonade Braids, Are You Here For It?


Let’s talk about Lemonade braids. A beautiful cornrow style that was inspired by singer Beyonce. The look is very sexy and versatile. I love this style it can be worn up in a ponytail or hanging long and free. This is a style that many women are rocking this summer. It is low maintenance and also a protective style. Wit more and more women going natural, this is a wonderful go to style. It truly gives off a regal look. Let;s continue to embrace our roots.




African Pride: Bright, Beautiful Headwaps


Headwraps are not only beautiful, they represent more than fashion, it is a statement. Wearing the headwrap fives you the ability to represent your culture all while remaining beautiful and classy. African headwraps are much more than beautiful colors and fascinating style; there is a rich cultural history.


The headwrap originated in sub-Saharan Africa, the wraps to symbolize wealth and social status. Head wrapping is literally a way that African’s for centuries have been able to non-verbally communicate their place in life. The headwrap of a woman walking down the street will tell you if she’s a widow, a grandmother, or if she’s a married young woman. It’s an element in the daily living of an African woman. Headwraps protect your head from the sun.


Beauty: You Want Crazy Hair Growth? Use These 5 Things!






Aloe Vera:


Hair issues, such as hair loss, thinning, excessive dryness, itchiness around the scalp, dandruff, and so can make any one frustrated. To get rid of these hair problems people prefer to use all sorts of home remedies. Like many other home remedies for hair growth, Aloe Vera is also quite popular. In fact, it has been popularly used by many cultures as one of the top home remedies for hair growth and other hair related issues.



Honey is a natural ingredient made primarily of fructose and glucose, which has minerals and vitamins that can nourish the body. Due to its ability to retain water, honey is an effective hair moisturizer. Hair products that contain honey can help to moisturize the hair and prevent tangling and breakage of the hair.

Castor Oil:


Castor oil is  natural, it’s safe for internal consumption in the human body. It’s also perfectly safe for external application on hair, skin, and nails.Naturally such an oil that has lubricating and waxing properties can also benefit the hair. Castor oil provides many benefits, and can be used for a variety of bad hair conditions.Castor oil is suitable for moisturizing hair, promoting hair growth, and preventing hair loss. This product is suitable for both men and women to use. Even women can suffer from alopecia—hair loss—that is caused from a hormonal imbalance. As both sexes get older, they can experience a greater hair loss and the thinning of hair, which can be reduced by the application of castor oil to the hair.



Lemons are packed with nutrients such as citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and pectin A lot of people are hesitant about putting lemon in their hair because of myths that claim it turns your hair gray, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Here’s why you should be putting lemon in your hair: Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which improves the rate it which your hair grows by boosting the production of collagen.The acidic nature of lemon helps tighten the hair follicles, curbing hair fall. It helps clean the scalp and unclog hair follicles. Clogging of the follicles often leads to issues such as dandruff and hair fall. Lemon has anti-fungal properties that help maintain scalp health.It helps control the production of oil in your scalp.Lemon juice also helps stimulate re-growth from dormant hair follicles.

Rose Water:


Rosewater is very rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, and B3, as well as flavonoids.  It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and acts as an antioxidant.  Rosewater has a pH of between 4.5 and 5.5 – the same pH as healthy hair.  Rosewater has therapeutic, astringent, and hydrating properties. Use of rosewater helps to heal fungal infections that result in dandruff.  It also helps take better care of the scalp and hair, and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Rosewater is a natural moisturizer and an excellent conditioner for hair, both natural and non-.  It creates a natural barrier against heat – acting as a heat protectant.




Bold & Beautiful: Short Hair, Don’t Care. #TWA


Short hair, don’t care. TWA is an acronym for Teeny Weeny Afro. Some people call this look a wash and go. This style is fun, functional, sexy and stylish. This style makes a bold statement. It can be maintained easily and does not require a lot of products to look good. Gel, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil is basically all you need to achieve this stunning look.  This look can also be worn in a variety of colors. Do not be afraid to experiment. This hairstyle is versatile and very work friendly. I have rocked this hairstyle several times in my life and receive compliments. This style exudes confidence and flair.

Get ’em Sis!


Summertime Fine: Silky Dreads Are The Bomb!


Silky Dreads or as some people all the Faux Locs are in full effect. By either name, they are beautiful, sexy, stylish and best of all it is a protective style. Yes ladies, we can take a break from all the heat and chemicals take a break as we allow our own mane to grow freely. Silky Dreads give you the look of “real” locs without the commitment or waiting for your hair to actually grow that length. The Silky Dread style is created by the braider parting the client’s hair in sections and twisting extra hair around the extension. Creative and beautiful.

This style is lovely and versatile, you can rock it from the board room, to the beach, nightlife. In other words, this style is fine for corporate America. This style is also a dope summer style. Give it a try!