Lil Wayne Fires Back At Frank Isola And Speaks To Eli





Sunday ESPN broadcasted an interview featuring NFL Superstar Odell Beckham Jr, which Multi-Platinum Artist Lil Wayne was present for.  NBA Reporter Frank Isola questioned Beckham’s decision for letting Lil Wayne tag along.  Also Lil tried to reach out to 2 Time Superbowl MVP Eli Manning.

As the fallout from Odell Beckham Jr’s interview with Josina Anderson on ESPN’s Sunday Countdown begins to settle Lil Wayne has something to say to Frank Isola and Eli Manning.  Wayne states that he has nothing but love for the long time NY Giants Quarterback.  This comes after Eli was quoted “I don’t watch Lil Wayne that much”.  Looks like Wayne expected a little more hometown love since they are both from New Orleans.  Lil Wayne said he always had Eli’s back when people talk bad about him and even made mention that he won 2 Superbowl Championships before is brother The Great Peyton Manning. Wayne finally said “You ain’t gotta watch much of me. But you can listen, if you could. You probably need to, the way you been playin’, You probably need to bang some ‘Carter V’ before a game. Just a consideration.”  Seems like Eli and the rest of The New York Giants  did take that into consideration while they blasted Lil Wayne’s newest album Carter V on the loud speakers during practice.  This part of the story may have a happy ending.



Lil Wayne was not to understand to reporter Frank Isola.   Lil Wayne took to instagram and said “I don’t know much about you though. Fact is, you don’t know much about me. With that said, keep my name out your mouth.” Seems like Lil Wayne eas not happy about being called a “puppet” by Isola.  Wayne even eluded that Isola may have been just mad that Josina was able to get the interview and he wasn’t and Odell may not have opened up to Frank like to did with Josina.  Wayne also states the interview was edited.  Lil Wayne also closed out his post by saying “And I was serious when I said keep my name out your mouth, Frank.”


Guess Who is Coming To The White House for Dinner, It’s Kanye!


Disclaimer we here at the will never let our personal opinions or political views get in the way of fair and responsible journalism. Plus we don’t want to be viewed as fake news, nope we don’t do that here. So we will take a neutral stance on all public figures that we report on.

White House Press Secretary Sanders Huckabee Sanders says entertainer Kanye West has been invited to The White for dinner with President Donald J Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. The dinner is scheduled to take Thursday October 11th.

Sanders states among the topics that will be tackled will be ways to curve gang violence in Kanye’s home town of Chicago, prison reform and surprisingly manufacturing. Kanye has not been shy to voice his support for President Trump since his days as President Elect. Kayne in a recent appearence on Saturday Night Live wore a Make America Great Again hat. The next morning The Presdent predictively praised Kanye in a tweet.

Hopefully this is a productive dinner. Kanye’s wife Super Star Kim Kardashian recently had a meeting with President Trump earlier this year about prison reform. The President proceeded to grant a Presidential Pardon to 63 year old Great Grandmother Alice Johnson, who was in prison since the mid 90s for drug trafficking charges. So this proves that changes could be made if you have an open dialogue with The President. Maybe Kanye could broker a meeting with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and President Trump, who has been a huge critic of Kaepernick because of his kneeling during The National Anthem.

One thing that Kanye does have to keep in mind while having dinner with President Trump, only he gets 2 scoops of ice cream and everyone else gets one. As long as Kanye is cool with that this should be a successful meeting.

Cougar Alert: Bethenny Frankel Has A New Beau



Someone is robbing the cradle. Real Housewives Of New York City personality Bethenny Frankel 47, has a new boo. The Real housewives of new York City star was seen sharing public displays of affection with the new man in her life, they were spotted  in Boston. The name of the mystery man is Ben Kosinski who happens to be is 29! It has only been 2 months since the death of her boyfriend Dennis Shields, talk about moving on!


Legendary Actor Robert De Niro Has Jokes On Newest Supreme Court Judge

rdLets take it back to the Tony Awards in June.  Robert De Niro famously said (and yes it will be censored) “I am going to say one thing **** Trump!  Its no longer down with Trump, its **** Trump“.  Well Robert that certainly was more than one thing.

Well fast forward to October during Barbara Davis’ Carousel of Hope Ball all eyes were on Robert De Niro when it was time for him to make a speech after accepting The 2018 Brass Ring Award. Sorry to disappoint you he kept it clean this time.  He started off by saying “Its very brave of you, Barbara for you to give me this opportunity.  I think everyone’s afraid that I will come out and say fuuh.  Don’t worry, I won’t do it. Not tonight anyway.”


Trump was not his target anyway NOPE not at the bullseye was on the newest Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Robert De Niro then threw his dart “One reminder the drinks wine and beer flowing, but be careful.  If you have too much, you may end up on the Supreme Court” A clear reminder of Kavanaguh’s alleged drinking problem.  Well Brett you now not only have a lifelong seat on the highest court in the land but everyone who has a problem alleged drunks and possible serial rapist will have something to say about your alleged past conducts.

Tatum O’Neal Speaks About Abuse That Started At Age 5



Actress Tatum O’Neal is being transparent about her past. The daughter of Ryan O’Neal came forward to tell her story. Tatum suffered sexual assault. the #meToo movement has really given women the strength to share their pain.

The former child star said that she “suffered years of abuse, both emotional and sexual.” O’Neal also told the outlet that two of her violators included a friend of her dad’s and another was a boyfriend of her mom’s who once attempted to rape her.

“I am a woman and i have been sexually assaulted more than once !! It was not my fault when i was 5, 6 12 , 13 , 15,” she began the lengthy caption alongside a photo of herself smoking a cigarette in a scene from Paper Moon. “All by older men who i thought were safe ! I rarely have known safety and was always blamed for for the assaults and,my loudness , and curiosity.



“It’s taken in me almost 55 years to know how to advocate for myself But I learn fast and here I go!! To see the president of US.Mock a woman, let alone a sexual assault victim. We’ve sunk to a depth of depravity that I never thought the president of the United States could ever sink to you,” she wrote. “With uproarious laughter for someone who was assaulted at 15 years old. Whether it was 35 years ago to a 75-year-old man at 15 I remember everything !! It’s time to band together.”

O’Neal concluded the post: “Let’s,lead with love and kindness and empathy Towards one another.But we , victims the victim of sexual Assault,or violence,must NOT put down our armor.It’s time to fight for one another and each other in this dark time ! America We can do better – we will be better!!”

Bronx Landlord Being Sued Over Nasty Apartment Building

bxTalk about house of horrors in The Bronx. It has almost been a year that tenants of  643 Southern Blvd. in the Longwood section of The Bronx has had no gas. The gas was cut to the building on October 30,2017. What also makes matters worse is, the electricity supplier Con Edison posted a notice in the building that electricity will be cut to the building on Oct. 16 because the landlord owes $12,466.49 in astronomical arrears.


Life has become increasingly difficult for the tenants that reside in the building. After nearly a year without gas, maggots in the ceiling and mold-induced asthma attacks, 22 tenants of a Bronx building have sued their lousy landlord.


Tenant Modesta Gonzalez, 41, has a hole the size of a basketball in the wall of a bedroom where she sleeps with two of her four kids. She worried rats might scurry into the room. When falling asleep, the family looks up at swollen ceilings that are moist from water. The apartment that rents for $958 per month has lead paint, the bathroom is moldy and the toilet doesn’t flush. Her youngest child is a 4-year-old daughter.

“This is very dangerous,” she said in Spanish. “It’s very difficult.”


Gonzalez uses an electric stove and griddle to cook, but that raises her electric bill. She spends $500 a week to feed her kids.

“I buy food and it’s a lot of money for me because I have four kids,” she said.

The Legal Aid Society filed a suit over conditions in the 44-unit, six-story building in Bronx Housing Court on Thursday. According to the lawsuit, the landlord, Sam David, agreed in July to give tenants at 30% rent credit so long as gas was not restored and correct 141 outstanding violations of the housing code.

“(The landlord) is very aggressive about collecting rent but not in the least proactive about doing any work in the building,” Legal Aid attorney Benjamin Seibel said. “People have families. They have young kids, there’s elderly people with special diets. It’s a tremendous hardship.”

Blanca Cruz is pictured next to her non-working stove in her apartment in the Bronx.

Blanca Cruz, 40, said her husband put tape on the ceiling of their moldy fourth-floor apartment to keep maggots from crawling in.

She estimated she spends $50 per day to feed her 7-year-old son and husband. Tenants in the building often have to get takeout, which costs more than cooking at home.

“We feel bad. We can’t even cook,” Cruz said. “One has to work double to buy food so we could eat. It’s not fair because the owner comes and demands we pay rent. He doesn’t care about fixing things.”

Both her and her son recently started experiencing asthma attacks.

“It’s because of the conditions here,” she said.

“Yesterday, he had a really bad cough,” she added, looking at her son.

She pays $1,000 per month to live in the toxic apartment.

The suit seeks the appointment of an administrator who will use rent money to address the sorry state of the building.

A call to an attorney for the landlord was not returned.

Migos’ Member Quavo Settles 14K Tax Debt

Good to hear that Quavious Marshall b.k.a Quavo from Migos is taking care of his business. Very good young man.

Quavo was hit with the tax lien from the Georgia Department of Revenue back in June. The lien has since been released due to payment in full.The lien accused Quavo of failing to pay up on a state tax bill totaling $14,055.06 he owed from 2016.

Stay on top of your taxes man.

5.9 Earthquake Rocks Haiti




From The World seemingly against you, Political Unrest, Colonialism, Overwhelming poverty, Natrual Disasters in the form yearly Hurricanes and Unpredictable Earthquakes The People of Haiti remain STRONG.  L’Union Fait La Force

Saturday evening October 6th the North West Region of Haiti called Port-de-Paix wss hit by an Earth Quake the magnitude of 5.9 current estimates over 130 people injuried and 10 dead.  Haitian Prime Jean-Henry Ceant has mobilized a Crisis Cabinet to handle the emergencies that may occur in the aftermath of this latest Earth.

The island of Hispaniola which Haiti occupies the Western portion sits on 2 fault lines which was blamed for the devastating Earthquake of 2010 which killed over 200,000 people.  There were reports of 2  minor aftershocks afterwards.  So far no tsunami warnings where issued.  In the last 48 hours there have been reports of minor seismic activity in the Eastern portion of Hispaniola known as The Dominican Republic.

Other areas effected by Haiti’s October 6th Earthquake were Dominican Republic Bahamas and the islands Turks and Caicos.




Baddie Alert: Blac Chyna Showcases Her Bodacious Bod!


Blac Chyna showed up and showed out at the 2018 BET Hip Hop awards. The 30 year old mother of 2 dazzled with her sexy frock. The gold and green ensemble left little to the imagination and hugged her ample curves. The style had floral stitching and reached the middle of her thigh. The dress showcased her beautiful tattoos.

Blac rocked her hair sleek in a blonde hue. Her make up was on point and she rocked a nude pink lip. Blac finished off the look with a dope pair of heels with gold roses over the toes.


NFL Player Tre’Davious White’s Mom Charged With Domestic Violence


Talk about Moms Gone Wild. Buffalo Bills football player Tre’Davious White’s ​mother La’Shawnita Ruffins was arrested back on September 29th for stabbing a man in the chest. We all know the season is not all of that and leaves a lot to be desired for the Buffalo Bills and here goes Tre’Davious’s mom getting involved in this criminal quagmire.  You just cannot go around stabbing people, smh!


Northern Louisiana cops arrested Ms. Ruffins 44, and smacked her with a domestic violence and aggravated battery charge.

Ruffins’ bail was set at $75,000, and she was released on Sept. 30.

Tre’Davious has shown and proven that he is the man with the plan. He is one the Bills’ top players, especially on the defensive side of the ball. In his rookie season last year, He recorded 69 total tackles, 18 passes defensed, four interceptions, and one forced fumble through 16 games.

Hopefully all of this can be sorted out and does not affect the NFL players season.