$1.6 Billion Dollars, Is The New Mega Millions Jackpot


Alot of people are waking up on mad on Saturday October 20th because they are not Billionaires. Some people see the bigger picture because of the bigger jackpot.

When no one wins the Mega Million Jackpot one thing happens, The Jackpot grows and grow it did. The Jackpot current stands at $1.6 Billion (yes thats Billion with a B) dollars. The next drawing is on Tuesday October 23rd and of course by then it will be even bigger. But if Tuesday is too long of a wait to hit it big and you don’t mind settling for less there is a Powerball drawing on Saturday October 20th for $470 Million dollars which that bad when you consider that it is just a dollar and dream.


Former New York Mayor Multi Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Is Now A Democrat…..Again


When The 11th Richest Person in The World makes a move like this people notice, especially when he has done the same in the past and he was #winning.

Mega Multi-Billaire Michael was a life long Democrat then he became a Republican after a few years he became an Independent. Guess what he is a Democrat again. Why would he do that? I am glad you asked. Well another certain “Billionaire” used to be a Democrat and now is now a Republican and we all see how that worked out. Well for those of you that have been under a rock for the past few years that “Billionaire” is President Donald J. Trump (more on him a little later)

So what could this change in political parties mean for The Former Mayor of New York Ciety and possibly The United States of America. Alot Bloomberg looks to be gearing up for a potential Presidential Run in 2020. Like he did earlier in his political career the change in political alliances may be what he make need to help kick start is campaign. On October 10th Michael Bloomberg released this statement “Today, I have re-registered as a Democrat — I had been a member for most of my life — because we need Democrats to provide the checks and balance our nation so badly needs,“. On Saturday October 13th Bloomberg made an appearance as a get out and vote ralley in New Hampshire ahead of this years mid-term elections. So it seems that Bloomberg getting his name out there so he could be better known on a national level before 2020.

What’s better than one billionaire? Two” Jay-Z 2017, so 2020 could be the billionaires for Presidency. Well maybe or it could be a battle of a multi-billionaire and a multi-millionaire. No one questions The Former New York City Mayor’s Billionaire status but no so much The Current Commander and Chief. President Donald J Trump’s Billionaire status has been in question for several years. Either way Presidential race in 2020 will be very interesting. There are plenty of other characters left to start making their attentions known.

Category 4 Hurricane Michael Targets Florida



The Northwestern portion of Florida braces itself as Cat 4 Hurricane Matthew approaches.  The hurricane with potentially devastating winds of 145mph is expected to make landfall this afternoon.  Hopefully the damage done is at a minimum and the population took heed of all evacuation orders.

Deadly Upstate NY Limo Crash: The Plot Thickens


The tragic limousine crash I took place on Saturday October 6th that killed 20 people has taken an unexpected twist

The owner of the troubled Prestige Limousine based in Gansevoort, N.Y. Shahed Hussain was a former F.B.I informant. Hussain testified in 2 different terrorism cases and was also participated in a sting to bring down a plot to bomb a Synagogue in The Bronx. The reason Hussain was working with The F.B.I was his arrest while he worked at NYS DMV fraudulently helping immigrants cheat on driving license test. Before this whole tragic situation is resolved there may be other suspicious activities uncovered by this shady organization.

Speaking more about this sketchy limousine company NY Governor Andrew Cuomo released this statement “The owner of the company had no business putting a failed vehicle on the road” the vehicle failed inspection last month and the driver did not have the proper license to operate the vehicle. Witnesses stated “the crash sounded more like an explosion” The 2001 stretched Ford Excursion was in terrible shape before the horrific crash.

Our hearts here at thecelebritystatus.com goes out to the families of victims of this tragedy.

16-Year-Old Is Fatally Shot While Playing Basketball in Brooklyn



Tragedy strikes again. A 16-year-old boy murdered by senseless gunfire in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The Friday afternoon shooting happened a at playground.

NYPD Officers found the Oluwadurotimi Joseph Oyebola, known as Timi, with a gunshot wound to his head shortly before 4 p.m. It is said the child had been playing basketball after school with three friends at Chester Playground, which is next to Public School 396, when at least one or two people fired shots from the southern end of the park, Assistant Chief Jeffrey Maddrey told reporters.

Two males were seen fleeing south on Chester Street, the police said.


The child was rushed to Brookdale Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The police believe that the boy was not the target of the shooting .

Timi resided in Jamaica, Queens, but atteneded a charter school near the playground, Deputy Chief Michael Kemper said. The shots were fired more than 100 feet away from the boys, Chief Kemper said.

“He was a really, really good kid,” he said. “There’s a strong possibility that he was the unintended target of this bullet.”

Oluwadurotimi was in 11th grade at Brooklyn Ascend High School in Brownsville, said Steven F. Wilson, the chief executive of the Ascend charter school network. Oluwadurotimi’s school is about a half-mile west of the playground where he was shot.

Oluwadurotimi moved to New York with his parents and sister from Lagos, Nigeria, in 2013, said his father, David Oyebola.

“He was a good boy. He was my strength,” Mr. Oyebola said. “It’s a big loss that I can never recover from.”