Bran Nubian: Cappucine Catches Up With Lord Jamar



It is a brisk October day. Autumn is upon us. As I sit in my office,  I sip a cup of special brewed coffee with a hint of cinnamon and 2 splashes of half and half.. I ponder and I reflect. Evolution is inevitable, change is constant. One of the things that will always remain the same and is uncompromising is good music. You can never put a time stamp on great music. Unlike my half and half, there is no expiration date on dope music. Music defines us, music creates energy, music gives birth to great minds. Great minds grow great talent. So on and so forth. I am blessed and grateful to have grown up around hip hop. I am blessed to be amongst living legends and icons who still to this day have the ability to capture and captivate their fan base. Their fan base is ever growing and reaching out to a younger demographic.  These people that I call  pioneers have paved the yellow brick road to our culture of hip hop. Their names are forever etched into eternity.   I feel like a proud parent watching the growth of this genre. The rise the falls, the triumphs.  I have watched the hip hop culture grow through infancy, through adolescence and now,  full on adulthood, embracing new things and embarking on new endeavors. Hip hop has taken on various forms, it is almost like an enigma except for the great minds that understand it and its origins. I am a  hip hop aficionado. The hip hop culture enthuses me. I have a  never changing list of great hip hop artists. The list is about 20 deep and the group Bran Nubian that was created in 1989  is definitely on the roster. A few of my favorite songs were “”Wake Up” “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down”, and “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone” are just to name a few.




Bran Nubian was one the groups that solidified my love for hip hop. A love so deep , the love affair still continues and will be never- ending. Fast flashback. the year was 1990 in New York City and that is the first time Bran Nubian came on to my radar. I watched as their video premiered on Video Music Box hosted by Ralph McDaniels. The single was called “Feels So Good”  I was immediately drawn in. They were 3 good looking , talented young men that captivated me. The beat dropped and I was open. They played off each other’s lyrical styles and was very successful.  The trio consisted of  Lord Jamar, Sadat x (Derek X) and Grand Puba.


Take a walk with me as I catch up with Lord Jamar.

Let’s give Lord Jamar a “once over” shall we? Father time has been good to this gentleman. Maybe he has been drinking from the fountain of youth? The man has aged like a fine wine, you know the one that you only open for a  special occasion.  He is well preserved. His face has character, full of wisdom and knowledge but is still youthfully handsome. He has traded in his signature locs for a sexy bald look. His body is in great shape.  Can we say good living?


Lorenzo Dechalus b.k.a Lord Jamar was born on September 17th, 1968. Lord Jamar is a rapper , actor, producer , entrepreneur and truth speaker. His personality is refreshing. In an industry full of “people pleasers” and “yes men”. Lord Jamar is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Lord Jamar says what most are feeling, but are afraid to say. He is well respected throughout the industry. Lord Jamar boasts a very impressive catalog. He is well known for his role in the TV series OZ as Supreme Allah. He has also appeared  on Law & Order :SVU, The Sopranos, and Third Watch.

Lord Jamar has kept very busy and not only is he a hip hop artist. He is a well-known producer. He has done production for Buckshot, Dead Prez and a host of others.

Speaking to Lord Jamar was a great experience. His personality is very inviting. I felt comfortable having dialogue with him, it was reminiscent of speaking to an old friend. Lord Jamal is a cross between a no nonsense thoroughbred and a scholar. I was ready to go to school and Lord Jamal was the Professor.  I gained knowledge as we shared a few laughs. Lord Jamar is an alpha male that speaks truth to power. His delivery is deliberate and insightful.


Thank you for interviewing with

Cappucine: You just came back from Japan, tell me about that.

Lord Jamar: Yes, I performed at SoulJam2017. It is something that is held every year. Some of the people that performed are Bran Nubian, Erykah Badu, Black Sheep, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Faith Evans and De La Soul.

Cappucine: Wow, that is truly a dope line up, wish I could have been there.


Cappucine:How was Japan?

Lord Jamar: Japan was great! It was my second time going there. It’s a different culture but at the same time, there are similarities. you will be walking then all of a sudden you would see a TGIFriday’s. It is like oh shit, they got that out here?

Cappucine: One thing I notice about Japan and other places such as Europe, the hip hop culture is very appreciated, like no other. What is your take on that?

Lord Jamar: Absolutely, They like what comes out now but they definitely have a love for old school hip hop, that real shit.

Cappucine: Lord Jamar what is new with you? What projects have you been working on?

Lord Jamar: right my main focus has been managing and artist named Aaron Cooks. I got him signed with my man Busta Rhymes on his label Conglomerate entertainment. Right now we are developing him.


Cappucine: That is great that you are managing and mentoring Aaron Cooks. Much success to him.  Lord Jamar do you have any up and coming tour dates?

Lord Jamar: We just do spot dates. We always get shows. We don’t necessarily have a “tour”. We just do shows you know what I mean? People contact us and we just do shows. We do a nice amount of shows.


Cappucine : That is awesome. I see Bran Nubian always working and that is a blessing. You guys rock. Bran Nubian is definitely one of the groups that have maintained longevity for the past 20 something years and counting.  Let’s talk about your newest endeavor, your garment line called Yanadameen. Where can it be purchased? What is the web site?


Lord Jamar: Yes, it is called Yanadameen. Well basically, for me, it’s like a scientific experiment. I want to put out my own movement. People always say “Why do you always have to do it on Vlad?” and yadaa, yadaa, yadaa. Well alright, check it out, it cost money to do that type of shit. So if you really want that level of truth, that you are used to, that I give… I don’t want to be fucking around with these corporately sponsored situations. They are going to try to tell me say and what not to say.  I am the type that would walk away from something like that. If you really want it, it needs to be people funded you know what I mean? Now instead of doing a funding campaign, to me kind of seems like begging. So I’m like,  give me something and I will give you something in return. If you buy a hoodie off of me, I am going to take that money and put it towards making my shit. Each one teach one, all of that.

Cappucine: You know what? I freaking love your concept. When you do it that way, you have full creative control. No one can say Lord Jamar, “why are you saying that? why are you saying this?”

Lord Jamar: Exactly! like “We are going to need you to back off this, because such and such is mad.” I don’t give a fuck. I don’t care, you know what I mean? You are coming to the wrong one then. The only way I can do it with a corporate sponsor is they would need to have a disclaimer” The views expressed on the such and such show does not reflect…”

So, let the people sponsor it.  I want to see what the people do. Right now it is moving a little slow, I got to say, I am a bit disappointed, but I believe in my people. I believe it will definitely happen. Right now, we need this type of information and truth.  Someone has to be the voice of rationale and sanity, we are living in an insane world. Especially America, this country is suffering from mental illness as a whole. All the things you see is a symptom of mental illness. So, until you treat the illness and know what sanity is, because you need to know what good is to know what bad is and vice versa. You have got to feel the frequencies. Once I start speaking the frequencies of sanity and truth, they are like “Ohhh that is what that sounds like. ”

Cappucine: Well, I can’t wait. I am definitely ready. I know it is going to be off the hook because I love the level of truth and controversy that you bring. It creates dialogue, it creates great discussions. Some folks do not like that or agree.

Lord Jamar: I don’t need everyone to agree. I am not one of those people that speak and need you to agree, that is up to you. What I need you to do is hear me and you can take it from there. Whether you agree or disagree, you are thinking about it. I am not here trying to convert every person nor do I feel that you hate me if you do not agree with me. This generation feels if you disagree with them, you hate them. I do not hate any of these young rappers, I do not know them. But, if your shit is wack, I am going to say it is wack. I am not hating on you, your shit is just wack. Somebody has got to set the standard.  We are living in a time where they say there should be no “first place” trophies. That is bullshit. Everybody does not win and everybody does not good, some shit is wack and some is dope. Grow up, toughen up.

Cappucine: That is an excellent example. Everyone will not agree, but that is ok. Now, I know  that you are a Jack Of All trades in the industry and you have it all mastered. What profession do you prefer Entrepreneur ,Rapper, Actor or Producer? And why?


Lord Jamar: I would say creating is first. Creating something from nothing. You can do that with all those things. Taking something that is in your mind and making it real. You know what I mean? That is what God does, that shows and proves your Godliness. You can take something from one dimension and bring it into another dimension. I am a team player. When you originally rapped back in the day, you had to work with the DJ, then when you get to the studio, you have to work with the engineer. When you are filming you have to work with the other rappers. Then there is the camera people, the lighting, the sound people. Everyone is working together to make something happen.

Cappucine: Absolutely! You are breathing life into an idea. Creativity is key. Talk to me about landing your role on Oz.

Lord Jamar: For a long time I wanted to get into acting since I was young. I was always on some alpha male shit. When I was coming up, all the guys that were into acting were not like me, so that was what kept dudes like me away. I was on the baseball team, the football team but I watched movies an TV a lot so that is what made me interested.

I started seeing mad rappers getting roles and I said hey, I can do a better job.  Like Mf’er acts like he can’t even read. I was like what kind of shit is this. I was the kid that was proud to read in school. I would raise my hand like pick me, I will read it! Ican read like a MF’er. MF’ers can’t even read and getting acting roles. I finally said it, I wanted to act. I call up my manager at the time and told him to get me into movies or some shit. The people from Oz were interested in meeting us, just as we were interested meeting them. Long story short, I got cool with Dean Winters that played Ryan O’Reilly on Oz. Periodically  we would call each other. He would invite me to shit, I would invite him to shit. One day he called me out of the blue and said would you ever want to be on the show? One day he invites me, Sadat X and Alamo. We go up there and watch them film. They said do you guys want to be in the scene? Just put on the orange jumpsuits and you guys can be extras in the background. Sadat and Alamo was ready to do it, I was like no. If I am going to be in a scene, I am really going to be on the show. I am not starting my acting career as an extra.


Tom Fontana, the creator of Oz met me and started talking to me as if I was already on the show. They just need to find out who I was and I how I got in there. My character was created. I did not have to audition or anything.

Cappucine: That is amazing, your talent definitely shined through. I loved you on Oz. What made you take the path of Hip Hop?  What artist influenced you?

Lord Jamar: The greatest ones. It all starts from Spoonie Gee, Furious 5. the three artist that propelled hip hop was Kool Moe Dee, Melle Mel, Grand Master Flash. With these three, it was more that “yes, yes, y’all” they were creating stories. then you have LL Cool J, Run DMC, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Public Enemy Just- Ice, KRS-One. Who ever is dope, I am messing with you. I am an amalgamation of all of them. contemporaries, the same time Bran Nubian was out, such as NWA, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest all are dope.

Cappucine: You have listed some of the greats. Tell me about yourself? Where are you from? Wife? Children?

Lord Jamar: I was born The Bronx, I was raised in New Rochelle, New York.  I am married  and have 2 children, one of which is from a previous relationship. I have 1 boy and 1 girl


Cappucine: That is wonderful, Blessings to your family. Family is a beautiful thing. Talk to me about the state of hip hop?

Lord Jamar: No, hip hop is not dead. There are some dope underground artist, you juts have to look for them. It is not just going to be on the radio. There are artist out there that can give you that great feeling.

Cappucine:Agreed.  If you were able to do a collaboration with any 5 artists living or dead.

Lord Jamar: Hmmmm… I would say Me, Rakim, Tupac, Sean Price, Tragedy Khadafi

Cappucine: Great selection indeed Lord Jamar, you look like you are in optimal shape, what is your food and exercise regimen?

Lord Jamar: No swine, no red meat, around 1994, I went straight pescatarian Around 7 or 8 years ago, I started eating chicken again. And when I do eat, I do not eat like a pig. It is all about portion control. As far as exercise, I have always been is shape. I get a lot of movement. I do 45 minute walks with my 80 pound pitbull. Nothing specialized.



Cappucine: Sounds like great cardio to me, You are going to make me but an 80 pound dog for that sole purpose lol. Give me snapshot of the day in the life of Lord Jamar. What does it entail?

Lord Jamar:  I get up, I meditate, walk the dog, handle business, do my music. There is really no set routine. depending on the day, it fluctuates. Never the same everyday.

Cappucine: I can dig it , a day in the life of an entrepreneur and artist. Good shit!  I always like to throw in a couple of wild card question.   What is your favorite food ?

Lord Jamar: That’s a good one, I am going to say salmon, but it must be wild caught. No, farm raised. Farm raised is a “Franken-Fish” it is damn near like swine. Tilapia is not good fish, stay away from that.

Cappucine: Well you just dropped a gem, no farm raised salmon and say no to tilapia. Now, if you could live any place in the world, where would it be and why?

Lord Jamar: New York, NY. Been around the world, but New York is where I call home.

Cappucine: New York is the place to be. I am a NYC girl myself so I can relate. When you go to record a song in the studio, are the lyrics pre written or do you just go to the flow of the beat and let the words just come naturally?

Lord Jamar: Man, it is always prewritten. That is that new school nonsense. Everyone is saying that it’s off the dome. Biggie was not writing, then Jay Z was not writing, now Lil Wayne does not write, then this one and that one does not write. Now they all just go in the studio and do that, everyone is just not that talented to do that. In order to say the shit that Bran Nubian used to say, ain’t no at you pulling that out of your ass. You got to connect with the ancestors and all kind of shit to say certain things which comes from a certain train of consciousness.

Cappucine: Great answer! Connecting to the ancestors, very profound.What advice would give to anyone trying to enter the industry?

Lord Jamar: Be yourself, be creative.

Cappucine: Superb! Clear and concise. Any closing thoughts?

Lord Jamar: Go to, cop yourself a hoodie or tee shirts. Designs available for both men and women. Let’s get this GodCast popping.


Queensbridge Finest: Nature Chops it Up With Cappucine



Jermain Baxter who goes by the stage name of Nature is a talented Sagittarius is best known for being a member of “The Firm” with consisted of Nas,(Nasir Jones)  AZ, (Antonio Cruz ) and Foxy Brown (Inga Marchand).

The Firm: The Album, went platinum which was huge at that time and still is. Going Platinum definitely gives you bragging rights within this very competitive music industry.


In 1997, “The Firm” decided to go their separate ways and follow their own creative endeavors. Nature’s album dropped in 2000 and was titled “For All Seasons”.

Before the long awaited album officially dropped, Nature was still working and making major moves, Nature was featured on fellow Queens rapper Noreaga’s single “Banned From TV’  amongst a host of other projects. In 2002, Nature released “Wild Gremlins”. In 2008 his third album dropped titled ” Pain Killer’  to pursue various solo projects. Nature is still putting out great music and I look forward to more.. In 2013, Nature’s long awaited and anticipated EP dropped. It was an EP series that was constructive in a very creative way. It was called “Seasons Changed”  The EP was split up into 4 pieces which consisted of an ep each season. The artwork was broken up to 4 pieces with the background being the cover of his album. A very ingenious concept indeed.


In 2016, Nature dropped Target Practice as his 5th studio album. The album dropped on Prodigy’s Infamous Records. There was supposed to be a second album with Prodigy being more involved in the executive production. Unfortunately Prodigy passed away before the project could be completed.

It’s like a bad dream, And I can’t wake up, Mouth caked up, Knowing these cats is fake fucks, And it ain’t right…With no love, them hugs ain’t tight..

Please understand those bars spoke to a generation. The fake love, the fake hugs., but Nature remained true to the game, a real general and a stand up dude. Sounds cliché, but this was the era of real hip hop. Thank you Nature for your contribution to our hip hop culture. The song makes me reminisce fondly of yester year. The Bug eyed Benz’s, platinum chains, Cesar’s with the half moons, The New York City night life, the army fatigue and timberland boots were the apparel. Making moves to places such as The Q Club, Mercedes, The Tunnel, The Palladium and Speed. Popping Cristal, Belvedere and Moet. Those times were synonymous with my youth. Sometimes I just zone out and listen to the greats, I’m ecstatic to see my favorites such as Nature is still giving us great music. Let’s take it back a bit.

“I’m leaving” is on of my favorite joints off the album. 20 years in and the song still is in rotation on my Ipod. How can you put an expiration date on excellent music.

I love the back and forth on the track between Nature and Noreaga.  Nature exhibits his stereotypical Queens, New York accent, I love it. His delivery is smooth and deliberate. Nature somersaults, bounces and rocks to the beat. You quickly get a full on “eargasm”. You feel every word when he is on the mic

Nature looks good, handsome black man in the prime of his life, looks like he is still “6’1 a buck seventy”  20 years later and he seems agile, he has the ability to keep up with and surpass the new cats in the music arena. Trust me that is no easy task.

Omg! This track “Fly Away” is dope.  This song put me in a deep zone. I have sped through the Van Wyck Expressway , made my way through traffic with ease. I rocked, rolled and bounced to this song. Bobbed and weaved in traffic. Nature’s voice is smooth like Hennessey on the rocks but equally intoxicating. The beat is so soulful, reminds me of a tight 1970s ballad that the producer sped up for uniqueness. This track leaves left me feeling very satisfied. Musical high! On repeat..


Thank you for interviewing with

Cappucine: Tell me about yourself? Were you born and raised in Queensbridge?

Nature: Yes, I was born and raised in Queensbridge, NY. 10th Street, 4106. “Dime Block”


Cappucine: Ok, Queens Gets The Money. I am a Southside Jamaica Queens girl myself.  Let’s talk about your new single called “500 pounds of gas”  ft Curren$y produced by Alchemist. I am really feeling the track,  Sounds new and fresh. Your voice and delivery is dope as always. The beat has a sweet bounce to it. It almost sounds a little futuristic. How did you select the beat?


Nature: I was talking to Curren$y about doing a record together and one day he told me I had mail… he already laid his verse over some dope shit by my man Alchemist.. I didn’t hesitate to lay my verse and it came out pretty dope glad you like it.

Cappucine: Absolutely, it is a certified banger. So, tell me when is your new album dropping?

Nature: It’s an EP made up of a few records I did with the homies   I made it for the fans who love to see me collaborate with other artists

Cappucine: I know your fans will be excited to hear the great news. Collaborations are like painters getting together to create a masterful work of art. Dope!


Cappucine: Any tour dates?

Nature : No tour dates but a few tri state area shows are coming up. Some west coast interest too we trying to lock down.

Cappucine : Please keep me posted on your local shows, I would love to support. I know your West Coast fans are patiently waiting for your arrival. Will your album be released through a label or independent?

Nature: Everything for the last 10 years has been independent ,my home team Deep Concepts handles all of it.


Cappucine: That is awesome. Independent is the way to go, you have more creative control. Shout out to Deep Concepts. Tell me your most memorable moment in the industry.

Nature: I remember having to perform at Lollapalooza in front of 50,000 people. What was crazy though is I was slotted right behind Wyclef and he had such a dope performance I didn’t know if I should go out after him.   But I came out and rocked it and the crowd went bananas also I remember recording the firm album at Dr. Dre studio and he made the phone tap beat right in front of me  he felt he needed some bass guitar  he pressed one button told someone he needed a bass player and within 15 minutes a bass guitar player was plucking the tune you hear today… classical



Cappucine: Classic is right! That is definitely a story you have to tell your children. That “Phone Tap” beat was fire, I loved it. Kudos to Dr. Dre. So, What is your itinerary? What is your daily routine like?

Nature: I’m very much a family man I take my two daughters to school and pick them up everyday.  At night I hit the studio for the most part.  On the weekends it’s all about the family spending time with the wife and kids

Cappucine: That is awesome. Family is important indeed and it is great they are your first priority. Shout out to your two Princesses and your Queen. Just curious, will there ever be a Firm reunion?

Nature: I honestly don’t think so

Cappucine: Ok, I guess that reunion was wishful thinking on my part lol. I was ready to see you all on stage together again. Tell me, how would you define your rhyming style?

Nature: I got my name Nature from being Natural in my flow and they way I deliver the verses.  I can’t really define it I just know God blessed me with a Natural ability to speak rhyme and record it

Cappucine: Your name fits you perfectly. If you can live anywhere in the world. where would it be?

Nature: Beverly Hills with the stars

Cappucine: I can relate to that. I want to hit Rodeo Drive. Here is a “wild card” for you. What is your favorite food?

Nature: I would say either Halal or Sushi (American dream roll)
Cappucine: I’m not that adventurous with sushi, the most I would do is a California Roll.  So, here is the million dollar question.
Is hip hop dead?
Nature: Nah it’s not dead at all you just have to look for it a little harder and know where to find it. There is a lot of dope shit out there I would still call traditional hip hop.

Cappucine: Great answer. Agreed.What advice can you give to up and coming artist trying to break into the industry?

Nature: Make sure you know how to use social media be consistent and never stop working

Cappucine: Good, sound advice. Where can we find you on social media? @therealnature on all my social media  Nature – The Firm on FB

Cappucine: Any closing thoughts?

Nature:  I would like to thank you for reaching out.  Keep doing what you doing I respect that…  to the fans.  Go cop all my albums twice Peace!  Nature Queensbridge Finest


Cappucine Catches Up With Hollywood Actress Cherie Johnson

CherieJ3 [1600x1200]smile

Cherie Johnson was born on November 21st,1975 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Cherie is a  Scorpio just like myself so you what that means.. she is fiery, fierce, tenacious, driven, ambitious , resilient, and loving. Cherie wears many different hats, she is a Jill of all trades and she has it all mastered. The mother of two is an actress, an author, film producer, director and an entrepreneur. Cherie is best known as a child actress that was featured on a few popular sitcoms. We invited her into our homes every week via the magic of television.  She made our childhood years awesome. We all remember Cherie from the 80s NBC sitcom Punky Brewster, she played the role of Punky Brewster’s best friend Cherie. We also remember her from the hit 90s ABC sitcom Family Matters, she played the role of Maxine, Laura Winslow’s friend for 8 seasons.
























As you can easily tell, the years have been very kind to Ms. Johnson. Even though she has entered her early 40s, the caramel bombshell has a body that most 20 year olds would envy. Beautiful face, nice shape. I am eager to talk to her about her secret to a youthful appearance. I think that it is a combination of good genes and good living. Cherie is beautiful inside and out. Talking to her, I quickly realized she has a beautiful spirit and that is truly something you can’t put a price on.



Cherie is much more than a pretty face. She is what you would call a young veteran in the game. Her resume boasts a number of great endeavors. Cherie has followed her dreams and remains to be a very successful woman.  She is an accomplished author that has published many books.  The books are titled : Around the World Twice,   Two Different Walks of Life :”A Celebrity and Average Housewife, Peaches & Cream and “Stupid Guys Diary”. The book titles seem very interesting, don’t they?

It seems that writing is her passion. Being a writer and author myself, I understand that it’s almost like putting a dream into words between the paper’s lines, creating magic with a pen. Writing is a profession that she has truly excelled in. Cherie is the  Executive Director for Dimez magazine, and a contributing writer for Temptation magazine and Glam Couture magazine, where she does a monthly article titled “Cherie Picking”. In 2016, she accepted a position at Fever magazine and will be writing the “Pulse” article. Talk about making major moves, this woman has what it takes and she is winning.


Thank you for taking the time out to interview with

Cappucine: We all know you have been in the industry since the 1980s, tell me what projects that you are currently working on?

Cherie: I am one of the host, writers and producers on a talk show titled “Girlfriend’s & Champagne” that I am proud of we have been picked up for a second season. I also have a natural hair products line which of course are all Cherry based. Cherry is a natural growth agent. Wild Cherry hair fresheners can be found at

Cappucine: Awesome, I must try it out. I am very interested in natural hair care product. I think that that it is dope that all of the products ae cherry based, sweet! Now, tell me about your career as a writer. What prompted you to write books? Talk to me about your project write a book in 30 days.

Cherie: My mom told me when I was 5 years old the best way to live forever is to write a book. So it was always a goal. In fact the goal is to publish at least 12 books. I started teaching a course for people who dream of authorship after I signed a bad publishing deal. I call it “How to Write a Book in 30 Days” because most people don’t know where to start so I give them questions to answer and once they answer the questions and they go back and look at their notes the book is formatted. I also teach them how to get published or self publish for cheap and. How to handle the public relations for there new book.

Cappucine: I totally relate and agree with what you are saying, your books will live forever. It is an awesome legacy. Well  girl, I see that you are about your business, You are an Executive director for Dimez magazine, how did that opportunity come about?

Cherie: After joining the Dimez team as a contributing writer I was given the responsibility to produce a few photoshoots and my shoots became covers. From there I started securing famous interviews and naturally my position and responsibilities just grew I naturally got promoted. I am blessed with an amazing boss and work with some of the most beautiful women in the industry.

Cappucine: Very nice and it’s always great to work for an amazing boss that is willing to help you grow. Now Cherie, I know you are a producer, can we look forward to any reality shows, TV series in the future?

Cherie: I have been ducking reality show offers for the past 10 years. They are disrespectful to the craft I love so much. I never wanted to be famous I just liked the work. Reality has turned TV into something I no longer recognize. Girlfriends & Champagne is a TV show….where I am myself. We are not catty or ugly acting. I love playing characters, I never sought out for the world to know me as a person. I will not be catty and put other black women down for the chump change they make on those reality shows for the sake of trying to stay relevant.

Cappucine: I can definitely appreciate your stance on reality TV. I agree with you, sometimes black women are portrayed in an unsavory way. I appreciate your positivity. You are a class act. Would you consider returning TV? Or is sitcom life over for you?

Cherie: Yes I would love to do another real sitcom or episodic.

Cappucine: How do you balance being a working woman, entrepreneur and a mother?

Cherie: I am blessed at this point in my career where I have choices. I have the choice to bring my children with me.

Cappucine: Awesome! Tell me about a typical day in the life for you, What is your itinerary like?

Cherie: Well honestly no day is typical they are all different but my day started at 6:30am radio interview

7:30am my baby woke up.

Everyone got showered and dressed.

9:30am breakfast

10am dishes

10:15am homeschooling started

1pm Lunch (yes I cook 3 times a day)

While my mini me ate I made some business calls.

Then it was off to a producers meeting at 2:30pm-3:30pm

4pm baby has Tae Kwon Do

5:15pm home to start dinner

6:30pm dinner

7:30pm brush teeth, bath and story time.

8:30pm ME TIME so I am doing this interview lol. Some days my mornings are filled watching the babies take Tap and ballet or guitar lessons. I make fresh bread once a week and bake a treat of some sort.

I try hard to keep them on a schedule as much as I can when I don’t have to be on set. It makes my life easier. Now tomorrow I have a photoshoot so….lol

Cappucine: Ok, you are a busy women but you stay grounded and well grounded. Fresh baked bread sounds amazing. Yummy. Cherie, I see you are in great shape, what is your diet and exercise regimen like?


Cherie: Growing up my mother owned a gym. She had me take a work studies class in high school where I became a certified nutritionist she thought it was important for me to have another career choice to fall back on. I have kept it up and I have clients that I make meal plans for I hate the word diet because diets are a billion dollar a year industry for one reason they don’t work. So people get stuck on yo-yo diets going from one to the next praying one with be life changing but what they are missing is the simple education on food. Which I offer for $10! Loose 10 pound in 10 days for $10 and u will have the tools for life. I also keep a few clients I actually work out but my main work out routine is picking up my baby hahahaha.

Cappucine: Ok now.. I’m gonna check out your program $10 pounds in 10 days! I can’t wait and your program is super affordable. Girl, I’m screaming.. “Cherie…Fix my eating habits!” LOL .. What is your favorite comfort food?

Cherie: Oooh I am a huge foodie but something about Rice and Gravy some smothered beef and string beans or mac &cheese fried chicken and greens and pizza I will NEVER turn down!

Cappucine:  Baby, you are speaking my language. I am a foodie and comfort food is my fave as well.  All this food talk is making me hungry. Let me switch gears lol! Tell me one of your most memorable experiences in the industry?

Cherie: Mmmm Cicely Tyson played my mother in a film. When we wrapped she gave me a pair of pearl and diamond earrings and told me I never had to play a maid a slave or any role that would set a black woman back because she had already done that for me. I needed to play positive characters that I would be proud of and never do anything Id be embarrassed for my grandmother to see. Best advice ever in a industry where you are disposable and nobody give a shit about you. She was telling me to care about myself!

Cappucine: Cicely Tyson? OMG that is super huge! I truly admire here. She gave you genuine and valuable advice. I love it!! So on that note, what advice can you give to anyone that would like to enter the business?

Cherie: Learn about the business not just the craft! Remember statistically actors get 1 job out of 100 auditions so people only see the success not the effort if you really want it don’t give up.

Cappucine: You truly ‘dropped a gem’ .. great advice. What is your website? Where can people find you on social media? or social media @CherieJohnson75



Cappucine: Any closing thoughts?

Cherie: I really appreciate your time and I am honored you reached out.

Interview: Behind The Scenes With Celebrity Stylist Pilar Scratch


I had the great opportunity to interview Celebrity Stylist, Pilar Scratch. The beautiful New Jersey native has taken the entertainment industry by storm. At the tender age of 26, Pilar has been able to make a name for herself in the game and she is very successful. This bright young woman is the Jill of all trades and believe me, she has it all mastered. She is what you can a Phenom, wise beyond her two and a half decades on this planet, she is an inspiration to many. Success and stardom is a road that many want to travel, but few want to pay the cost. Believe me, Pilar has paid her dues. To be successful, you  must have the ability to navigate through negativity, overcome obstacles and have the ability to bounce back from a setback. Resilience is key.


Things were not always great for Pilar. In 2012, single mom Pilar faced a temporary setback. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Unfortunately, Pilar temporarily moved into a shelter with her child River Mason. Tough times do not last, but tough people do. Pilar took the bull by the horns and made it happen, She used her situation to motivate her and propel her to greatness. She created a fashion blog. Her hard work, dedication and tenacity put her in a position for the world to take notice. 


Pilar’s style, determination and fashion sense has pushed her to the forefront in this already overly saturated entertainment industry. Pilar is red hot.  She has carved out her own platform, created her own lane and has found her niche.  She is an accomplished celebrity stylist, socialite, fashion guru, and entrepreneur, manager, the titles go on and on.  Pilar also owns a magazine called Fashion GxD Magazine. She has a long impressive list of clienteles and has worked on many high-profile projects, Pilar currently manages her son River Mason’s career. He is very successful as well. River is constantly working, which in this industry is a blessing. River started in 2011 as the face Pampers on their distribution box. River also is the face of the Curly Kids Hair care brand.

Let’s chat with Pilar and see what she has been up to.

Cappucine: You are a New Jersey native, where did you grow up exactly?

Pilar:  Yes! i’m a new Jersey native. However the majority of my childhood was spent in Sebring Florida.  I moved back to new jersey when i was eleven. I’m from Newark.

Cappucine: Awesome! I am from New York, born and raised myself. .East Coast girls rock! So at what point did you decide to be a celebrity stylist?


Pilar:  I started my career as a fashion designer. I made all my material from “Scratch” hence the name. I actually found out i was pregnant with my son, River Mason Eromosele around the time of my first fashion show. Once my son was born designing clothes and caring for a newborn by myself became so time consuming. So i decided to stick with styling. My first client was my aunt, Rah Digga.

Cappucine: The rapper Rah Digga is your aunt? That is dope, I bet with her being your first client, gave you great exposure. What does being a celebrity stylist entail? Is there any specialized training need for this career?

Pilar:  Being a wardrobe stylist is enhancing ones personal style. Its not to dress someone how you desire. Its about the enhancement of individuality. I actually didn’t have any schooling. I interned with Patricia Field. The rest was history and branding.


Cappucine: So you were born to do this! Salute! How would you describe your style? What are your favorite pieces to wear?

Pilar:  I love the 70’s area with a modern twist. I’m just an old soul. My favorite pieces to wear would be Chanel. You can never go wrong with a Chanel bag on a off day.

Cappucine: Girl yes! Can’t go wrong with Chanel. Tell me about one of your memorable industry moments?

Pilar: My most memorable moments in the fashion industry was falling at the Mercedes Benz fashion week show. A few photographers took photos the most embarrassing moment of my life. . Thank God it didn’t go viral.

Cappucine: Amen to that! Lol. If you had a chance to dress any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Pilar : If i could dress any celebrity it would be Jhene Aiko.  shes my soul sister in my head. 

Cappucine: What are the staple pieces that all women need to have in their closet?

Pilar: Staple pieces all women need- Spanx no matter your size it enhances your shape.

Cappucine: True, spanx work wonders girl . You were recently on TMZ, tell me about that experience.

Pilar: Well I’ve actually been on TMZ about seven times now. They think i’m hilarious. I think i’m honest lol. Its actually a fun experience.  I never know what to expect or what random topic I’m going to speak on . Its very organic .  They’re actually very warm and good- hearted people.

Cappucine: What fashion trends do you wish would just go away?

Pilar: I just want really want  the jean-booty-shorts and netted tops to go away . Its not fashion – Its tacky .

Cappucine: Ok, I got you, no “Daisy Dukes” lol. What advice can you give to aspiring stylists? The do’s and don’ts?

Pilar: The advice i always give aspiring stylist is to make organic relationships . Your network truly determines your net worth . In this industry being yourself is vital . Being yourself is your contribution of creativity in the field . 


Cappucine: I know you are a very busy woman. What is a day in the life of Pilar like?

Pilar : A day in the life of “Pilar ” is completely liberating . My day commences at 5 am . I’m in the gym by 7 am . Dropping my son off by 9 am . My own office hours are fro 9:30 am  – 3:00 pm .  In that time I’m branding answering phone calls , emails , etc . Anything pertaining to my three brands (myself , Fashion Gxd Magazine and my son River Mason’s modeling career ) . If I’m not attending an event , I’m doing homework ,pulling brands for photo shoots , creating tear sheets , logging content   or being a soccer mom  Finding the perfect equilibrium is essential in my life .


Cappucine :What do you do to unwind? What are your favorite things?

Pilar: My favorite thing to do is to sit outside , drinking a glass of wine reading a great book  under a tree .  I’m such a tranquil spirit . I love being in nature . I am my most creative there

Cappucine: What is your favorite food? Congrats on your weight loss. You look amazing.

Pilar:  I’ve been vegan for nearly two months now . My favorite dish is fresh avocado on rice cake. Its my go-to meal .

Cappucine: Tell me about your upcoming products. What is coming down the pike?

Pilar: Fashion Gxd Magazine is actually dropping our “Celebrity Kids Takeover ” next week it will be in Barnes & Noble . I try my best to stay productive with speaking engagements and events .


Cappucine :Any closing thoughts?

Pilar: Weakness is purely choice ; You can never fail if you never give up .


Candid: Love & Hip Hop Star Amina Buddafly & Cappucine Talk Life



Aminata Schmahl-Pankey better known as Amina Buddafly, was born on April 18th, 1983 in Hamburg, Germany to a German mother and a Senegalese father. Being blessed with a multicultural parents produced a beautiful, unique individual.

Amina’s eyes opened up to a world of different opportunities which helped cultivate her values, culture and music tastes early in life.   Amina did not come into the world alone. Amina shared the womb with her twin sister Safietou also know as Jazz. Amina also has an older sibling by the name of Sophie. The trio formed the group Black Buddafly. The three sisters gained success and worldwide notoriety. Soulful ballads, magical voices and endless beauty were contributing factors to the group’s success.

Amina is no stranger to the bright lights, big city and of course music. Amina is an accomplished vocalist and she also plays different instruments. Amina decided to branch out on her own and go solo. Opportunity knocked and Amina opened the door. Amina reemerged like a butterfly out of a cocoon and spread her wings. Amina is still soaring by leaps and bounds. Beautiful and talented, nothing but success awaited her.

In 2013, Amina Buddafly, joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop New York created by mogul Mona Scott- Young.  While we all know Reality TV can bring aplethora of opportunity and stardom, it can also be emotionally challenging. Mrs. Pankey decided to roll with the punches.


Amina Buddafly entered the show as an artist/protege of rapper and fellow cast mate Peter Gunz,  For those who do not know, Peter Gunz was part of a rap group in the 90s (Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz) Peter gained street and hip hop notoriety for the song DejaVu (Uptown Baby). While on Love and Hip Hop, the ratings soared while we took a bird’s eye view, watched from the outside looking in at Amina’s life.  As many of the viewers may know, simple life situations can easily turn into a full-blown quagmire. Simple misunderstandings can turn into major fall outs.  So, while Amina and Peter worked on music, working in close proximity, they also fell in love.


As the audience, some of us sat and judged, questioning motives and decisions, but at the end of the day the heart wants, what the heart wants and if any of us were in that triangular situation, who knows how we would have handled it. Once a week on Love and Hip Hop New York, we watched this young woman wear her heart on her sleeve and bare her soul, how could you NOT love Amina !? Amina is here for the Win!


One of my favorite songs that I am assuming was produced during that pivotal time in her in Peter’s relationship was ” Don’t Wanna Be Right” We watched their relationship grow and blossom, then fail, wither, then come alive again in full bloom,  all from the comfort of our living room couches.   Needless to say, the couple loved each other, got married, had drama with Peter’s other kids’ mother, Peter going back and forth between Amina and Tara, that produced more children, with both women! It was a roller coaster ride, but Bayyyybeee, I was there for it! I felt Amina’s rise and falls, her triumph and heartbreak. I wanted to dry her tears and break open and bottle of wine with baby girl.  I wanted her to win!

The love, the lust, the infidelity, the torment. We can only imagine the trials and tribulations that Amina had to endure. Through it all, Amina, continued to put out great music. Life happens and continues after the cameras stopped rolling. Let’s take a walk with Amina, let’s see where this talented woman has been up to?


Hey Amina, thank you for the taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview. You look amazing as always. Let’s start from 2017 and work our way back shall we?

Cappucine- Ok darling, let’s talk abut your book “The Other Woman” that is currently available on Amazon. What prompted you to write a book?  Will there be any jaw dropping, juicy tidbits for the readers?


Amina- My book came about because of my emotional state, I was going through a time where I was too pained to create music but I needed an outlet and writing my thoughts and my story became my own therapy. It was a great experience and something that wasn’t planned. I am proud of the outcome. Proud of how honest and open I was. I cannot read the book back without getting emotional and that is when I know i wrote from my soul. There are a lot of things in the book which will make people understand my moves, my decisions better. That was all I ever wanted to be understood.


Cappucine- Baybeee,I can’t wait to read your book. I know it will be a real pager turner! So, I came across one of your songs off the Music In My Room album called “Our Song” .What inspired you write that song?

Amina-That particular song was about an ex of mine. He inspired me writing it. The feeling of being in love. It’s a positive song unlike a lot of my others, yet it’s very heartfelt and sentimental. 


Cappucine- Yeah, that song touched me, In my opinion, you make feel good music. Your voice is soulful. I truly feel  the authenticity. Your music gives me a 90’s feel good, soul, jazz, r-n-b  vibe with dopeness sprinkled all around the tracks, You know the type of music you feel from your head down to your toes. What and Who inspired you to be an artist?

Amina- Mariah Carey. Number one inspiration. I wanted to be nothing but like her when I was a teenager. Her vocals her arrangements and the delivery back in the 90s was just amazing to me. 

But besides that here are tons of other singers and groups and writers who made me wanna sing. Too many to name…


Cappucine- Yes, I agree. Mariah can blow. I do my best sunging in the shower! LOL. If you had a chance to do a collaboration with any artist in the world, who would it be.

Amina-Robin Thicke, Sara Bareilles and Linda Perry

Cappucine- Good choices Amina. I just love Robin Thicke! Not only do you sing, I see that you have other talents. What instruments to you play? Are you self taught?

Amina- A hundred percent self-taught , I play guitar and keys



Cappucine- You go boo! What advice would you give anyone trying to break into the entertainment industry?

Amina- Same advice I give myself everyday.. (and need to listen a little bit more to , lol) Get on your game! Perfect your craft, better your skill. Be the best you can be. Then put it out there. Get out there. Whatever way possible. Social media is huge. But also go out, attend events, open mica, whatever the case… present yourself. And if you are good you will connect to people and with people.

Cappucine-Great Advice. I know you are of German and Senegalese descent,  You grew up in Germany, have you visited Senegal?

Amina- I have never been to Senegal and it is on my bucket list. Tons of relatives I have never met!

Cappucine- I know when you finally go, it will be super cool.  The food, the culture, What is your favorite German food? What is your favorite African food? (being a Ghananian woman, I love Jollof rice lol)

Amina- I don’t know much about German food. But the food in general is better out there in my opinion. Things like milk, bread, pastrys, chocolate, ect…African food , hmmmm, my dad never used to cook so I don’t know

Cappucine- No worries, next time I make some African food, I will give you some. You will love it, LOL What languages do you speak?

Amina- I speak German and English 



Cappucine -Do you feel that being on Love and Hip Hop New York helped your career or hindered it in any way? What are the pros and cons of reality TV?

Amina- It helped.I have a much bigger fan base. Period. Nothing more needs to be said. People ask me this all the time. Yes the distraction was there with the tv show but like I said before when you’re good people will connect, no matter how you were introduced to the world. What matters is the real you.Cons would definitely be the judgement people pass on you every day. And dealing with that.

Cappucine- Will there be a Black Buddafly reunion? What are Jazz and Sofie up to?

Amina- We had a black Buddafly reunion not too long ago when we released our EP “we r” We will surely sing together again but right now they both are working on their solo projects just like me



Cappucine- Give me an example of a day in the life of Amina Buddafly?

Amina- Wake up. Feed my kids. Get them dressed. Head out to the park or school on school days, or to the gym (I take them with me)

Then make lunch, do my emails in between, do my endorsements for the day… clean up… sometimes do meetings/sometimes events… run errands.. take the kids out again…and at night I either try to work on music at home or sometimes go to the studio when I have a sitter it always depends there is not a typical day they’re always different. By my main focus is always to make sure my kids are having fun and everything they need. Then it’s me.

Cappucine-Talk to me about motherhood.  Cori and Bronx are so beautiful  How are you able to balance, motherhood, career and being a celebrity  efficiently? Any tips for the moms out there ? 


 Amina- It’s hard. Very hard. I barely get to do stuff for me but that is okay. I have accepted that I am moving at slower paste. I just try to make sure not to forget about me. I take time for me like 3 days a week. I call my Sitter to take them and I do whatever I feel like doing. Most of he time something productive.

I always tell moms as long as you don’t stop, you’re good. It doesn’t matter how fast you move. Just don’t stop

Cappucine- You always look fit and beautiful. What is your secret? What is your regimen?

Amina-I just love being active. And the kids make sure that I am. I don’t even have to try… although I do go to the gym but twice maybe 3 times a week. I love switching it up… I do yoga!

I’m just not someone to sit at home all day… we are always out and that keeps me in shape.

Cappucine- Let’s Talk about Mr Pankey….


Cappucine- What was your breaking point with Peter? What made you stay with him after the infidelity?

Amina-You can find out what made me stay after infidelity by reading my book. That’s an answer that cannot just be answered like that. That is why I wrote the book. Because I wanted to know myself. And I got my answers…

Breaking point was when he had a baby on me.

Cappucine- What is your current relationship with Peter like? Is there a possibility of reconciliation?

Amina- Right now we are still married but separated.

I’ve taken my own steps to moving on. And they were real steps. I mean moving across the country is one of the biggest steps toward letting someone go and I don’t care what anyone says. There is the emotional connection and then there is the physical one. Even if one of them takes longer. I’m in process… and I decided that I needed to make a change like that to move in another direction. I can say that a year later we still love each other but it is “different”.

Cappucine- For the men out there that want to know? Is Amina single? What qualities do you look for in a man?

Amina- I am. I just need to like the guy. And he has to be able to teach me something. He has to know things that I don’t. That is a must. He also has to have something special. Whatever that may be.

I don’t have a type. I am into connections. Not a look. 

Cappucine- Are you and Tara on good terms? Are you ladies successful at having a blended family?

Amina-We are on good terms and get together whenever we are in the same state!

 Cappucine-Where do you see your career in the next 5 years? What are your goals?

Amina- I see myself continuing to put out great music.. make money… and being a great mom.

Becoming happy. That is success to me.

Cappucine- Any tours? Show dates?

Amina-A few spot dates as of now and a few book dates as well.. I always post on social media @aminabuddafly

Cappucine-Any closing thoughts?

Amina-I love my fans





Resurrection: Adina Howard & Cappucine Chop It Up!

Adina Look 2 (30 of 54)-2

Adina Look 1 (8 of 64)-Edit.jpg
When you hear the name Adina Howard, what comes to your mind?  The words that fill my mind are soulful, R-n-B singer , sultry trendsetter and sex symbol. In the 90s, Adina stood heads above the competition and became a household name. She came through, put her best foot forward and went for hers ! Everyone knew all the words to “Freak Like Me” When you heard the beat drop on that track, it was on!
 In the 90s, Adina Howard’s whole aura was the benchmark for beauty, sexiness, independence and fashion. From the short shorts to the short cropped hairdo’ , she was winning from the beginning.  Adina had all the ladies stepping their confidence game up. Adina showed us how to be free in a sexy way. Adina made us comfortable in our skin.  In my mind, Adina was the cool cousin or fly home girl that had all the guys going crazy in the neighborhood but was still chill enough to hang with the girls. We all loved Adina, We all rooted for her.
Along with her beauty came talent and intellect. Beauty and brains are just two attributes that this woman possesses. Born November 14, 1973, The sensational Scorpio, Adina rose to the top quickly. Her claim to fame in the 90s was her debut album Do You Wanna Ride and the single Freak Like Me was released in 1995 and was certified Gold by the RIAA. Her follow-up singles included “My Up and Down” (#32 R&B, #68 Hot 100) and “It’s All About You” (#58 R&B).Adina worked with greats such as Jamie Foxx, Warren G , Cam’Ron , Charli Baltimore and Krayzie Bone.
With over 20 years in this industry, Adina is well seasoned she knows the game well.  Adina has always had the ingredients to becoming an R-n-B star.  Charm, beauty and vocals. Never shying away or backing down, Adina was that chick and she still is.  Adina is back like she never left, better than ever.
Adina_Howard Resurrection Album cover (2).jpg
I had the pleasure of chopping it up with the woman , the myth, the legend. Must I say that Ms. Howard looks absolutely fabulous. Her face is still soft and beautiful. Her hair is soft and natural with touches of gray at the temple. Her voice is strong but yielding. She gives off a natural light and a calming demeanor. A natural beauty in her own right, Adina has the ability to give the millennials are run for their money. She looks beautiful, healthy and strong. I am proud to say I was a part of the era that was around for the debut of her career. I am also proud to say that I’m still around to witness her reemergence and rebirth, the game been missing her. Adina is still very active in the music industry and she has an album out called “Resurrection”. Bayyybee, I have listened and let me tell y’all I have fell in love with this sister all over again. One of my favorite Adina songs is “It’s all about you” from 1996, I used to get butterflies whenever I heard it, I felt the same way when I heard the new single Love Jonez… full on eargasm.

Let’s take a walk with Adina and see what she is up to.

Cappucine: Fast forward to 2017, let’s talk about your new album Resurrection, what was your inspiration to write this album?

Adina: I just wanted to create an album that was/is a reflection of me and to give those who support me an album they could enjoy from beginning to end.

Cappucine:  That is great! So, off of your new album, what is your favorite song and why?

Adina: That is so hard because this whole album is my favorite body of work, however, if I had to choose one “Radiation” because Tech N9ne blessed me with a ridiculously sick verse.

Cappucine: Big Shout Out to Tech N9ne! And yes, “Radiation” is a dope track girl! The beats and production on your album are dope. Take a moment to shout out your production team.

Adina: Thank you, there was only one person that produced this album and his name is Tyler “King Gas” Gaston. That young king is everything to me. I will forever be grateful to him for sharing his gift with me.

Cappucine: Wow, that is dope and King Gas did his thing! Tell me about where you were born and raised? Where are you located now?

Adina: I was born and raised half my life in Grand Rapids, MI and the other half different parts of Arizona. I currently reside in AZ.

Cappucine:  Nice! And I heard Arizona is absolutely lovely to live. Tell me about an average day in the life of Adina Howard.


Adina: The average day in the life of Adina Howard is rather normal I think. I work from home when I’m not on the road. I sit in front of my laptop responding to emails, booking shows, paying bills, making phone calls, doing interviews etc. When my hubby comes home from work, I tend to him and make sure he’s good.

Cappucine:  Yes, I see that you are constantly moving and shaking, that is what’s up! Who inspired you to sing? How old were you when you started singing?

Adina: My mother was the catalyst. If it weren’t for her I don’t know that I would be singing, especially since I was shy as a child. I believe I started singing at the age of 7 at least that’s what I’ve been telling people, lol.

Cappucine: Ok, Shout out to “Mama Howard” You have always been trendsetting, sexy and stylish, what type of clothing make you feel the most comfortable and sexy in 2017?


Adina: Honestly, it’s not the clothes for me, it’s my mindset cause I can feel sexy in a potato sack if my mind is right, lol. However, I am most comfortable in active wear (e.g. leggings and a cute tee).

Cappucine:  Bayybbeeee, you can never go wrong with leggings, that is always a “go to” for me! Now, I am just curious, If you can do collaboration with and singer or rapper who would it be?

Adina: I’ve already done one and that was with Tech. The others would be Bruno Mars, Lil Kim, John Legend, and Adam Levine

Cappucine: What are your most memorable times in the music industry?


Adina: My first major tour in 95’, sitting and talking with Biggie in front of the La Montrose Hotel in L.A., racing through the streets of L.A. with Pac. Being presented with a gold plaque for “Do You Wanna Ride?” Performing at Wembley Arena on my 40 birth anniversary. The list can go on.

Cappucine: Girl, those are enough memories to last a lifetime. You hung out with the greats, Biggie and Pac.. wow! I just loved that era! The game has been missing you, where have you been?

Adina: In the background working on me, making sure my life was in order and in alignment with my divine purpose.

Cappucine: Adina, there were rumors at one time you were blackballed in the industry? Is there any truth to that? If so, what transpired to make that happen?

Adina: I was, I had a tendency to say what was in my head, not paying attention to what I was saying and/or who was listening and for that I put myself in a situation that put me on pause.

Cappucine:  True, we just never know who are ear hustling on conversations. But you are back and the fans are ecstatic. You are viewed as a pioneer in the industry giving women a platform to express themselves. What advice can you give any woman trying to enter the industry? Do’s and Don’ts?

Adina: Know the business because it is exactly that, a business. Talent and looks will only get you so far. Be comfortable in your own skin, love who you are. Do what is right for you. Don’t feel pressured to be someone you aren’t. Embrace change. Surround yourself with individuals that will help you do better and be better. People who are honest and trustworthy and will look out for you and not just themselves. Have a foundation that will keep you from becoming a casualty of the game. Do get an entertainment attorney when the time comes to sign paperwork. Pay your taxes and don’t ever give anyone power of attorney.

Cappucine: Great gems you just dropped, especially the tax paying part. Super important! What lessons have you learned from the industry past and present? Any regrets?

Adina: I’ve learned so much being in this industry. I’ve learned to be open to other people’s ideas, yet learned to stick to my guns when times call for it. I’ve learned to trust and distrust. I’ve learned to listen and take what some say with a grain of salt. I’ve learned how to become a better business woman and artist. I’ve learned to be less foolish. To be mindful and present in all of my dealings with others. Do I have any regrets, no? Everything I’ve gone through was written, from my trials and tribulations came my testimonies. It’s the journey, not the destination. I’ve learned to embrace all that life will bring my way because it has only made me a better and wiser.

Cappucine: Girl, everything you are mentioning right now are super facts! You are so positive. Do you have any upcoming tour dates?

Adina: I do, I will be at SOB’s in NYC, May 11th; Middletown, OH, May 27th; Cincinnati, OH, July 14th; Jacksonville, FL, August 12th. Dates continue to be added.

Cappucine: My fellow New Yorkers, y’all see that that Adina will be in the Big Apple at SOB’s .. make sure yo support our sister! You have an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts, will you be opening a restaurant anytime soon?

Adina: Not anytime soon, I am going back to school first to get my Bachelor’s degree in restaurant management before doing so. I believe in preparing myself for success.

Cappucine: Well education is always key, salute boo! Now, what is your favorite dish to prepare?

Adina: I don’t have a favorite dish I like to prepare, I just love to cook and feed people.

Cappucine: I know that is right!  Just send me a plate of whatever you make! You are Superwoman, How do you balance family, husband, career and “me” time?


Adina: Lol, I honestly don’t know, I just do and it helps that my husband isn’t needy. I’m blessed to have a man that gets me and helps make life easy for me when I’m home as well as when I’m away from home. It also helps that we are empty nesters.

Cappucine: Any closing thoughts?

Adina: Thank you for showing an interest in me and what I do. Thank you for that fabulous introduction at the beginning of this interview and to everyone that has been there from the beginning, thank you. To those who are just getting onboard, thank you. You all are truly appreciated. Love yourselves and respect yourselves because if you don’t know one else will. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @AdinaHoward; Facebook/AdinaHoward; Instagram/TheRealAdinaHoward; Snapchat/AdinaHoward; Youtube/AdinaHowardPage; and check me out on my website Love, Light and Blessings

Summer Wayans… 2nd Generation Wayans Has A Sit Down With Capp The GodMother –

A little Summer in the middle of winter…..
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Summer Wayans. If the her last name looks familiar, it is!   She is one the talented 2nd Generation Wayans family. Even though Summer has come from one of the most famous and talented Hollywood clans, she has definitely had a mark for herself and come into her own.
Summer Wayans is not just a pretty face. Not only is Summer the “It Girl” on the Plus Size Modeling scene, she carries herself with poise and grace.  Summer has work with notable names in the fashion industry Ashley Stewart, Sydney’s Closet, Wet Seal+ and SWAK Designs. In the glitz and glamour and sometimes emptiness of Hollywood, Summer has maintained a classy demeanor,she possesses substance and she is beautiful inside and out. Intelligence and beauty are just two attributes that describe this young woman on the steady rise to success. Summer holds many titles. She is a published model, entrepreneur, socialite, philanthropist and a PhD candidate. This beautiful young woman has set her goals, accomplished and smashed the hell out of them!  I am definitely excited to see what project she will be  involved in next. I am so very of this young woman and she is a positive role model.
Capp:  Let’s start from the beginning. How was it growing up being apart of the legendary Wayans family?
Summer: I guess growing up in the Wayans family was like growing up in any other family. We have a very big family, so there’s a lot of personalities, lot of love , and a lot of food. We tend to get together a lot for the holidays and for birthdays , which, with such a big family, is quite often.
Capp: Being that you are apart of the Wayans clan. what were your advantages and disadvantages growing up?
Summer: Some of the advantages were that there was a lot of love to go around and there was never a shortage of people to go to for guidance and advice. Some of the disadvantages come from the outside perception of being in my family. The outside world can be very cruel. As a kid growing up, I had the experience of being labeled and judged for what people wanted to believe I was like, what I had or what I didn’t have.
Capp: Tell me about one of your best childhood memories with your family?
Summer: My family wasn’t always famous or considered comedy royalty; A part of the blessing has been being able to witness and experience the growth and notoriety of my family. So, having that the first family Christmas where gifts were stacked taller than me or the first time eating at Mr. Chow’s. But it’s less about the material things than it is the experience of doing it together and making amazing memories.
Capp: Let’s talk about your modeling career. What designers have you modeled for? Do you feel there is a large enough lane for plus sized models?
Summer:I have worked with brands such as Ashley Stewart, Sydney’s Closet, Wet Seal+ and SWAK Designs. I think that plus modeling is gaining some momentum. With such a large population of plus sized individuals, I still look forward to the day of size inclusivity. We need fashion and representation, the same as everyone else.
Capp: When did you start modeling?
Summer :My first professional modeling experience was FFF Week in Los Angeles back in 2010.
Capp: Will  you be coming out with your own clothing line?
Summer;It’s possible! I have great ideas and I even sketch here and there… We’ll see where I go with it!
Capp:I know that you are a PhD candidate, which is a great accomplishment. How do you plan on utilizing that prestigious degree.
Summer:I will utilize my degree in everything that I do. Right now I’m working on building my non-profit foundation, publishing, and sharing what I know with the world.
Capp: Please tell me about the Boys and Girls club alliance and your affiliation.
Summer:I was honored to be offered a position on the Los Angeles County Alliance board. Our focus is to provide financial support for programming in the Boys and Girls Club within the Los Angeles County network. It has been awesome! My favorite part is engaging with the kids, inspiring and empowering them.
Capp: You are the Co Founder of The Wayans Girls Foundation, how does this organization help the community? What inspired you to create the foundation?
Summer: My mother and I started our foundation not too long ago. The organization is going to be a place where people can go to be connected to existing resources. One day, we hope to have a facility where we can also provide additional services.
Capp: Summer, what are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?
Summer:I am a homebody. I enjoy cooking, reading, and my new found love is for fitness. I’ve been pushing myself to try new things and go beyond my own personal limits. It’s a lot of fun and my dog can join in on some of the activity!
Capp: What is your favorite food
Summer: My mom’s food. Pretty much anything she makes. Especially her Mac and Cheese!!! Other than that, I am always good to eat Mexican food or pizza.
Capp: Where is your ideal vacation destination?
Summer: I love the  beach, so anywhere with a nice beach and good weather. I also enjoy seeing and learning new things; so places with a rich history and great sights to see are also on the list.
Capp: Where can someone donate to your foundation
Summer: People can donate to the foundation by going to our Go Fund Me page. They can also, find the link on
Capp: Any closing thoughts?
Summer:I hope everyone is having a beautiful day while reading this interview! Sending you all positive vibes and energy

Rapper Thirstin Howl The 3rd & Capp The GodMother “Chop It Up” –

Click Here For Audio Thirstin Howl Interview


lo life_9_nr4lj9.jpg

Oh yeah…the holiday season in NYC is upon us, this time of year, in my opinion is the best, ok… it’s freezing, so what.. Fuggetaboutit! Cold, clean, crisp air, decorations, hustle and bustle, but most of all.. presents. I was fortunate to unwrap one of my “presents” early! I was able to chop it up with one of my hip hop favorite artist, (on my top 20 dope rapper list) The BK native that has been on my interview “wish list” for a minute…


From Queens N.Y. to Miami, FL – Without Booking A Flight

Enter, Mr Polo down to the socks, Victor “Thirstin Howl The 3rd” DeJesus aka The Polorican aka Skillionaire aka Chef Survival Kit and to many b/k/a’s … anyway let’s continue. Right now Thirstin is enjoying the sweet Miami sunshine, and I am in NYC ,but moves still had to be made. I am ecstatic  we were still able to connect and make this interview happen. For all that don’t know o maybe have been living under a rock…Thirstin Howl is a pioneer, mega talented rapper, businessman, super producer, Polo enthusiast, movie actor, screen writer, clothing line developer , author, mentor , Lo Life member,  father, friend and trust me,  he is “that dude”. The titles for this man can go on and on believe me I had the pleasure of chopping it up with Thirstin . He does have an intimidating look, I guess all of us thorough native New Yorkers do! But seriously,  I must say that his demeanor is inviting, you feel a sense of comfort, humbleness, professionalism, he is down to earth but  don’t get it twisted he is also a man that has a no nonsense, alpha attitude with street smarts, qualities that only a true O.G. would possess. He is admired by many.






A rose that grew from the concrete …

Thirstin Howl aka Victor Dejesus is a native New Yorker with a Puerto Rican heritage that hails from Brownsville Brooklyn by way of Marcus Garvey Village. Thirstin grew up in a time in NYC when it wasn’t all glitz, glamour and gentrified. There were not any warm and fuzzy feelings back then, It was definitely survival of the fittest. He grew up in an era where any day could be your last and you had to literally fight to survive, fight to live. Times were tough. As a native New Yorker myself, I can attest to the climate in NYC back in the 80s and 90s. One common thread that was able to bind a lot of the inner city youth was clothing. Clothing was not just something that you wore on your back, it was an achievement, it was a status symbol. Your clothes pretty much dictated how you were treated and viewed by your peers. Thirstin Howl and his friends had Polo. Back then, wearing Polo was the upper echelon of clothing, if you had Polo gear, you were everything! The more Polo, the better! Just be careful that you don’t stuck up and get it taken from you. You have to pay the cost to be the boss. Unfortunately,  at a trivial point in his life Thirstin was incarcerated, after his release he started working a MTV for 10 years were he was able to perfect his movie making craft. Thirstin has taken his negative life experiences and has made a great positive mark in our culture.



Thirstin Howl aka Polorican has an extensive music catalog. He was songs with various artists such as Eminem, Sadat X from Brand Nubian, Tha Liknuts, Sean Price, Hurricane G, Rack Lo, Big Boo, Shabam Sahdeeq the list goes on and on. Thistin has so many albums, too may to list but here is a few:  *Skillionaire (1999)  *Skillosopher (2000)  *Serial Skiller (2001) *Skilligan’s Island  (2002)  *Licensed to Skill (2003)  *Skillitary (2004) * Skilluminaty” (2005) * La Cura (2006)  *Chuletas Con Tostones (2009)  *Natural Born Skiller (2011)  *Survival of the Skillest (2013)

Thirstin also has a series call Jail Recipes with Chef Survival Kit. Bayyyybeee, let Cap The GodMother  tell you these skits is super entertaining. At the end of each show, he reads a letter from a “jail inmate” that is watching the cooking show, which is super hilarious. He makes food that he used to make while he was incarcerated. Everything from octopus and rice, tostones, vanilla wafer pies, and tuna noodle pies. Believe me honey, the food oddly enough looks very tasty. I wish he had more episodes, but he assures me he will  be continuing the series, without the “jail” aspect that will be coming in 2017


Rapper Positive K … Ready To “Make It Happen” –





Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Let me take y’all back to The Golden Era. The Era where all the music was original, a time when you couldn’t “bite” off someone else’s style and having someone writing your raps were not “cool”. Originality and uniqueness was key. Dookie Rope chains, bangles, herring bones, 8 ball jackets, Shearlings, Triple Fat , Lumberjacks and Clarks… Are you smiling yet?



On November 3rd , 1992 the album “The Skills Dat Pay Da The Bills” was released. The man we all know and love Positive K was born Darryl Gibson on August 8th 1967 in NYC. Positive grew up in The Bronx in the inception of Hip Hop. He was had front seat to the origins of our culture. I would imagine growing up in the melting pot of NYC and being exposed to rap was surely a  great component of making him a dope MC. You can’t deny when you hear the name Positive K , the first thing that comes to your mind is his 1992 hit ” I Gotta Man”  Positive K is back and he is in Full Effect.That joint had  the streets buzzing, parties jumping and people would sing the song word for word with passion. It was a song that many guys related to, getting shut down by a female when she tells you that she has a man. But if y’all remember in the video, Positive K finally bagged a whole new chick and left the party lol!




I had the pleasure of speaking with Positive K and we discussed his current movements. Right know the airwaves are buzzing with his official single called “Make It Happen” ft Mr. Cheeks and Greg Nice. This single is currently being co-signed but all the popular industry DJ’s old and new.

Continued Success Positive K!



I’m With Her: Capp The GodMother Interviews Rapper Briki … Louisiana’s Finest



“Briki Fa President”  Catchy slogan right? WelI, it sure is.. Briki is about to “Trump” “this thing of ours”  that we call Hip Hop.


Louisiana Rapper Briki is making major moves. She is definitely bring heat into that game..Y’all better sit up and take notice.
I have been following Briki’s music for some time. I must say that she brings much needed quality bars the game been missing. In my opinion there are several components needed to be a smokin’ artist. Quality lyrics, originality, creativity and “something” that sets you apart from the rest. Trust me, Briki has that “something”. When the Queen spits bars …its like a semi automatic, firing at the intended target,  with no mercy.. her music.. it is authentic, you feel the true grit, passion and raw talent
Briki has not only managed to penetrate this male dominated industry. She empowers! Briki has broken the cookie cutter mold of the size 2 model type rapper.  Briki puts plus size women at the forefront, celebrates and uplifts them, Briki has definitely found her niche.
Capp the GodMother:
Briki, thank you for taking time out to grant me this this interview. Much Appreciated. Tell me about yourself ? What influenced begin rapping?
I was influenced by my pain to do music growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends And wasn’t to good with explaining myself. At the age of 9 I started writing poetry noticing I was good with rhyming I decided to try it on a beat and I succeeded I recorded my first song ever with today’s beat producer for no limits own m=Master p  , DJ  Blaq N Mild at the age of 13 an from there I was ready!!
Capp The GodMother:
Everyone knows you for your awesome Fat Girls song ft Ninene . When heard this song I was like Yasssss… tell it Sis !  What inspired you to write this song?
What inspired me to do the Fat Girl song was seeing how confident I am and comfortable I am with who the hell I am and pretty much wanting to share that with the world! You know it’s ok to be bigger than the average woman we all are made up different so I wanted to be bold and step out and show people who I am an that I can rap about being fat and beautiful and you still will love me
Capp The GodMother:
What are the biggest misconceptions that people have about plus size women in your opinion?
I think the biggest misconception people have about plus size women is seeing our inner beauty forgetting that your body size doesn’t define the size of your heart and who u are as a person
Capp The GodMother:
 Ok.. so the song “Watch Mi Now” ft Son Diesel is all of that ..I love it! It had a thumping, pulsating beat that had me winding my waist. What Reggae artists are you feeling? (old or new)
I definitely love me some Spice and of course bob Marley!! Doing that reggae song was hella fun changing the tone of my voice twirling my hips to the beat recording hella fun!!!
Capp The GodMother:
You came though crazy hard on that “Back to Back” joint. Any time I hear that song, I feel like I’m ready to set it off! What other bangers can we look out for?
 I have plenty other bangers like B !@&h really , Just Sex feat. Supa , Fat Girl Formation, Young & Nasty feat C Perkins and plenty more that can be found on iTunes hell I even did bounce songs lol I am from New Orleans the city of bounce I just had to lol !
Capp The GodMother:
 I see that you are amazing with your make up skills? I would love for you to do mine! Are you self taught? Maybe you need to look into a make up line!
Girl! Whenever you visit the Big Apple I want you to do my makeup!
I think doing make up is like coloring and I am an amazing “colorer” (if that’s a word lol) and t’s all about what goes where staying inside the lines and yes I would love to do your make up honey lol
Capp The GodMother:
I always like to throw in a wild card question. What is your favorite foods? And can you throw down in the kitchen? What is your specialty?
What ? Can I throw  down? Are u pulling my leg now??? Helllll yasssss honey I didn’t get this chunky from mother boo boo! I love cooking seafood pasta with stuffed bell peppers I recently came up with a stuff macaroni!!! You have to follow me on ig I’m always posting my Cooking (@briki_fa_president)
Capp The GodMother:
For all the men who would like to know…Is there a Mr Briki in the picture?
No Comment lmaooooo
Capp The GodMother:
Any tour dates, new music, new endeavors you lined up?
I don’t have any tour dates yet I’ve only been doing shows in different cities I’m booked in at the moment, I just recently dropped a song called Just Sex with my best friend Supa! I have a new song called life that will be dropping soon as well on iTunes!! I’m trying to brand my Fat Girl Formation movement,  so I have shirts available for anyone supporting me .
Capp the GodMother:
Any Closing thoughts?
I would just like to say thanks to everyone that supports me holding me down buying my music and everything it is a struggle trying to jump into the music industry but I believe God is up to something major in my life right now I hope that you all continue noticing my hard work andI will continue giving y’all the best of me thank you all .I love you .