NBA Legend Charles Barkley Talks About The Lakers


The 2018/2019 NBA Season just started, NBA Hall of Famer/TNT NBA Analyst Sir Charles Barkley shares his thoughts on The NBA Western Conference, really he was talking junk about The LA Lakers.

Sir Charles Barkley made an appearence on the Wednesday October 17 episode of The Dan Patrick Show. He shared he thoughts on The La Lakers and basically he feels that even with NBA Mega Superstar The King better known as Lebron James, The Lakers will not be contenders in The West. Barkley questioned the make up of the team. The team is a mix up of youngsters and old guys and who will get the play time Barkley was basically saying.

Will The King be able to lead The Lakers to another championship and knock Stephan Curry and The Golden State Warriors off their pedestal on top of the Western Conference. Well we will find out soon.


Odell Beckham Jr Headbutts And Fights A Fan And It’s Not What you Think


NY Giants Super Star Widereciever Odell Beckham Jr is back it again with another sideline feud.

The New York Giants should consider keeping the sidelines free of objects and I am talking any and all objects. During Thursday Night’s loss to The Philadelphia Eagles the camera caught Beckham in a one sided fight and no matter what happened Odell Beckham Jr comes out looking like a loser. He got a into a fight with a fan, let me clarify (this not make it any better) Odell Beckham Jr was punching and kicking a cooling fan. This reminds me of his feud he had with a certain kicking net. Beckham earlier in the night left the field while his team was still on the field before half time.

Right now things make seem like a mess with Beckham and the rest of The NY Giants but hopefully this has a happy ending. Odell Beckham Jr did end up marrying that kicking net that he had problems with earlier in his career. Hopefully he and the cooling fan can become good friends.

NY Jets Running Back Isaiah Crowell Signs Deal With Dude Wipes


Who would have thought after a loss, a questionable touchdown celebration, and a $13,000 dollar fine for said incident you would be #winning. No one including NFL running back Isaiah Crowell when he got an endorsement from Dude Wipe.

Usually when one gets an endorsement deal those closest to them are proud and happy for them not this time. Isaiah Crowell just signed on with Dude Wipe and company that makes male butt wipes. NY Jets head coach Todd Bowles stated on EPSN Radio’s Michael Kay Show that he was not happy with that Crowell signed this endorsement. Even Debbie Crowell’s mother was not happy either she actually seemed embarrassed.

The endorsement comes on the heels on a very crude touchdown celebration. After a touchdown Crowell used the football to wipe his butt. Crowell’s stated that she had a crowd of people over her house to watch the game and she was suprised that he would behave in such a way.

In other news Crowell was named AFC Offensive Player of The Week for Week 5 of The NFL’s 2018 season.

Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown Throws Furniture Off His Balcony… WHAT!?!



Yes you read the headline right, that is no misprint.   Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown who many believe is the best Wide Receiver in the NFLgot him self into some hot water after an apparent melt down.



Court documents released today shows that Antonio Brown is the subject of 3 lawsuits which steams an incident that occurred last April at a multi million dollar condo Brown was leasing in Miami.  Two of the lawsuits deal with damage that was done to the apartment and the grounds during Brown’s outburst.  The apartment was a wreck when police arrived, there were broken mirrors, tables, chairs and even magic marker marks on the walls.   There was also damage to the pool area more on that in a moment.  Damages are estimated around $100,000 dollars.

The most alarming part of this outburst arises from the damage done to the pool area.  Video footage shows large furniture and other objects being thrown yes thrown off his 14th floor balcony.  A 2 year was nearly hit the vases, ottoman and other objects that was recklessly thrown.  The child’s Grandfather filed a lawsuit again Antonio Brown because the child has been traumatized by this incident that nearly killed him.  Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl Winning Head coach Mike Tomlin stated he had no knowledge of the situation.  The team also as of now has not made an official comment.

Odell Beckham Jr’s Bad Choice of Words


od1During The New York Giants 31 to 33 loss to The Carolina Panthers Superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr thew a touchdown pass to Rookie Sensation Runningback Saquon Barkley.  Does Beckham think he is a better Quarterback than 2 time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning.  Lil Wayne may think so, WHAT LIL WAYNE!?! What does Lil Wayne have to do with this ,well keep reading to find out.


Odell Beckham Jr earlier in NFL Week 5 was quoted saying “So a lot of it has to do with the energy that we (NY Giants) don’t have that we don’t bring every single day. And you know me. I’m a passionate, energetic person. I always have to have that. If I don’t, it’s gonna be a problem for me. And just playing with some heart. We (NY Giants) just need to play with some heart.” one can understand if his teammates and coaches would not be happy with those comments, but like any true team winning and unity is more than words that could have been misspoken.  Well some times but in Odell’s case can we be sure, well that is where Lil Wayne comes in.  Well Odell Beckham Jr did a one on one interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Sunday NFL Countdown, oh yeah did I mention Lil Wayne was there.  Let me quickly summarize the  interview,  what’s holding you back in struggling NY offense Odell “everything” is Eli the main problem Odell “I don’t know” are you happy with your current team Odell “that’s a tough question”.  Wait a minute Odell you just signed the biggest contract for a receiver in NFL history let me tell me you exactly what that is if your not in the know.

The contract that the ink is still wet signed at the end of August worth $95,000,000 dollars over 5 years, he will make $21.4 million dollars this year.  Its time to get together with the rest of the team and scapegoating Eli and stop doing interviews with Lil Wayne.  By the way Lil Wayne added nothing useful to the interview.  The season is still young and there is plenty of time to try to get things right and Odell Beckham Jr is a very important part. But Odell has to really want to do that and not tear down his team.

Just one last thing that was a very nice touch down pass that Odell threw in that game.

Floyd Mayweather: Let’s Go! Undisputed 50-0 ..TKO

FM1As if we were surprised…. C’mon Son!!!!

Let’s just call this the “Fight Of The Century”.  This fight was highly anticipated and we waited on the edge of our seat. Floyd Mayweather never disappoints.The undisputed Mayweather 40, has shown and proved once again. This man is dynamic, he is a powerhouse. At his ripe 40 years of age, he was able to defeat Conor McGregor in a TKO in Round 10. FM3


There was money on the line. I knew that Floyd had it “in the bag”. Mayweather won his  50th undefeated match and made off with $100 million for his hand skills. Floyd said that this would be his last fight, he is retiring. He is going out on top, like a champ! What a legacy. Mayweather swore it would be his last fight ever as the 40-year-old made off with the coveted ‘Money Belt’ and at least $100million for his night’s work.


Floyd said: ‘Conor you are a hell of a champion. A win is a win, no matter how you get it. Rocky Marciano is a legend and I look forward to going into the Hall of Fame one day.’

Great sportsmanship, Congrats Floyd!

Sports: Money Mayweather vs McGregor, Are Y’all Ready?


It’s almost that time y’all!

Are we excited or naw? Our favorite and undisputed Money Mayweather and Irishman McGregor showed up and showed out at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas yesterday for their final press conference before they “get it on and popping”  McGregor promises he will follow boxing’s guidelines and not use any if his MMA moves.


This final meeting between the two was very respectful. They behaved like fine gentlemen. There were no trading of insults or any of the “in your face disses”.

Super excited to see how all of this goes down. Stay Tuned!

Slam Dunk! Stephen Curry Will Be Signing A Contract For $201M

2015 State Farm Saturday Night Portraits

The 8 year NBA veteran Stephen Curry will be the first in NBA history to put his “John Hancock”  on a supermax contract.  Curry has been the star for the Warriors, who recently won their second NBA championship in three years. People we are talking about a sum of  $201 million. This is phenomenal news! Golden State general manager Bob Myers said Friday that the Warriors will finalize the contract once the free-agency moratorium ends Thursday.



Sad News: Dwyane Wade’s Cousin Fatally Shot Pushing Baby Stroller in Chicago


The first cousin of Dwyane Wade star , Nykea Aldridge, 32, was shot and killed in Chicago Friday afternoon, the Wade family has confirmed.

Authorities say Nykea Aldridge was killed when two men walked up and fired shots at a third man at about 3:30 p.m. Friday. Police say the woman was not the intended target.

“My cousin was killed today in Chicago. Another act of senseless gun violence. 4 kids lost their mom for NO REASON. Unreal. #EnoughIsEnough,” the NBA star tweeted Friday evening.



Darryl Strawberry leading fight to help Doc Gooden save his life

darryldoc14s-4-web.jpgStrawberry told The New York Daily News on Sunday night that Gooden was in “horrible” condition as a decades-long battle against cocaine addiction has left Gooden “a complete junkie-addict.” Strawberry added that Gooden’s son called and asked for his assistance.

“I have to try something before he’s dead,” Strawberry told The Daily News.

The well-being of Gooden, who was forced to sit out the entire 1996 MLB season due to cocaine abuse and has been arrested multiple times on drug-related charges, has been a topic of conversation since the he failed to appear on a New York radio show on Thursday.

“I’m worried. A lot,” Strawberry said in Thursday’s appearance on WFAM-AM. “It’s a real struggle.

“My fear is that — and I know addiction — and my fear is people that don’t change, they die. They die this way. I just hope the light comes on soon before it’s too late.”

Gooden, 51, texted The Daily News and seemingly dismissed Strawberry’s concerns, calling them “unreal.” He told the newspaper that he missed Thursday’s appearance due to a minor heath issue.

Strawberry, however, said there is indeed cause to be worried.

“The condition Doc is in, it’s bad, it’s horrible,” Strawberry told the newspaper. “It’s like cocaine poison. I feel like I’ve got to get it out there because nobody else is doing anything to help him, and it might be the only way to stop him.”doc_darryl.png