New Jersey’s Finest: Meet King Apollo


New Jersey Stand Up!

King Apollo is representing  “The Garden State” and he is coming through with an important message. Apollo’s “different” background i what makes him unique. His music brings through a message that should be heard by everyone. Pushing through adversity, King Apollo is here for the win.

Click below to listen to “Voicemail”





King Apollo had a date with death & that’s when his music career came to life! Apollo was born in Atlantic City, NJ. At the age of 16 King Apollo attempted to commit suicide after years of suffering from what is now diagnosed as depression, personality disorder, mood disorder, & years of self harm. On top of the other obstacles he also dealt with being diagnosed as epileptic at the tender age of 12. Always being viewed as “ different “, King Apollo decided “ different “ will be the direction of his music. Living life to its fullest, facing metal, physical, and emotional health issues, giving hope to the hopeless, & being somebody that makes everybody feel like somebody. These things are the foundation to King Apollo’s music.


King Apollo can be found on social media:

Instagram: @King.Apollo

Facebook: @King Apollo

Twitter: @Apollo_Of_Rac

Snapchat: @Yung-Casanova